In this blog, you’ll unfold a few must-have qualities of a good teacher, which will eventually help you in improving your teaching skills.

The role that a teacher plays in the overall development of a child is undeniable. They are the ones who shape the children’s minds and equip them with the skills and knowledge to face the world. Therefore, having a good teacher is key to any child’s growth. 

But the question here is, what is the basic definition of a good teacher? What are the basic qualities of a good teacher

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Being knowledgeable is not enough when you are a teacher. You have to be the one who connects with the students and creates for them a safe learning environment. You need to have the right presentation skills and the mobility to mold your teaching methodology as per the needs of the students. 

If you are an aspiring teacher or an online educator and wish to be the one your students admire and look up to, there are some qualities you need to have. So, we at Graphy are here to help you on your journey to becoming a good teacher. Here is a list of 15 qualities of a good teacher. Go through this list, inculcate these qualities, and become the best teacher out there. 

Let’s get started. 

15 must-have qualities of a good teacher


First and foremost, a teacher should be empathetic. Why? Because by being empathetic, you can create a safe space where students can be themselves without the fear of being judged. They would know that their teacher would understand, help identify their flaws and find scope for improvement rather than ridicule or scold them. 


A teacher has to be creative to hook the students and make learning fun. Rather than being one of those teachers whose lectures no one wants to attend, you must want to be the one whose classes nobody misses. For that, you need to be creative. You need to bring in something new to the classroom every day and keep the students entertained and wanting to know more. So, creativity is a key quality of a good teacher

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Communication skills

Any great classroom is interactive in nature, and for any classroom to be interactive, the teacher needs to have good communication skills. If you are unable to convey the lessons in an interesting and easy-to-understand manner, the students will never be willing to participate. So, as a teacher, you should communicate in a way that is respectful. You should have a way with words and create an open forum for discussion. 

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We always preach the importance of consistency, and this quality is equally important within a classroom. Students learn a lot from their teachers. If the teacher is consistent in their approach and shows up every day with the same zeal, students are sure to feel inspired and follow suit. So, if you wish for your students to consistently pursue their goals, you have to be their role models first. And this is why consistency is one key quality of a good teacher.

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Another must-have quality of a good teacher is kindness. A teacher will be put through numerous tough situations within a classroom, but they need to behave kindly through it all. A rude teacher would impact the students negatively and might inculcate habits that should be avoided. So, in a classroom, kindness reaches millions. It makes the students feel loved and cared for and also helps them shape their behavioral skills in a positive manner. 


Imagine a teacher with a dull and negative demeanor entering the classroom. It is definitely going to bring down the overall vibe of any classroom. So, another quality of a good teacher is positivity. A good teacher radiates positivity in the way they interact with the students, and they should also remain positive in the face of criticism or failure. For instance, if your teaching methodology is not working and you cannot see the desired progress, you should thrive rather than give up. That’s why positivity matters. 

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A good sense of humor can never hurt. Who says that teachers have to be all serious and rigid? They can be funny and humorous and create a fun learning environment. Imagine for yourself, a humorous statement in the middle of a complex lecture could be a breath of fresh air. It is the easiest way to regain the attention of students and facilitate effective learning.


If students are afraid of asking questions within the classroom and sharing their feedback, effective learning can never happen. So, another key quality of a good teacher is that they should be approachable. They should be someone the students can freely contact for guidance help and doubt resolution without any fear of rebuke. 

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A teacher should always be fair and treat all students equally. They need to be unbiased and give every student equal attention and recognition. A teacher who is partial and favors some students over others can never create a positive learning environment. This hinders the overall learning process and brings down the productivity level of a classroom. 


A teacher should always be passionate, and it should show in the way they impart lessons and interact with the students. If a teacher is passionate about teaching and their field of study, it would motivate the students and make them want to learn more. On the other hand, if it seems like teaching is mere work for them, the students would be disinterested. So, another quality that every teacher should have is a passion for teaching. 

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Students spend a significant part of their day within their classroom, and if they don’t feel inspired there, it would be hard for them to cope with the world around them. Even in the wake of a failure, the students should be motivated or inspired to do better next time. So, a teacher should always inspire their students to do better. They should be an inspiring presence that motivates the students to chase their goals. 


Another quality of a good teacher is adaptability. A teacher should quickly adapt to the needs of their students and plan an effective teaching methodology. Not every student has the same IQ and not all students have the same learning potential. So, you have to observe and adapt your way of teaching to best meet the needs of the entire classroom. This is important so no student feels left out. 

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Good listener

A teacher should be a good speaker but also a good listener. They should listen to the needs, queries, and doubts of their students and address them well. A good teacher is always attentive to the needs of their students, listens to their worries, and works towards improving the overall learning environment. 


In a classroom set-up, both students and teachers need to be punctual. If the students are supposed to report at 8:30 sharp and the teacher is always late, it would set a bad example and also seem unfair to the students. So, punctuality is one essential quality of a good teacher, and it always motivates students to be punctual themselves. 

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If students think of their teacher as someone that they can’t rely on, creating a positive learning set-up would be impossible. Once you prove your reliability by showing your empathetic nature or in-depth knowledge of the concerned field, the students will place their trust in you and look up to you. So, through everyday activities, the teacher should build trust and emerge as a reliable presence.

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