In this blog, you’ll unfold six of the most important principles of teaching, which will help you in your teaching career.

Are you someone who thinks that teaching is a boring profession? 

Well, if you still think the same way, you need to get out of your shell and see all the GraphySuperCoaches blooming and enjoying their lives while creating an impact on a global level. 

Yes, we understand that there was a time when teaching was considered a boring profession, but not anymore. Because with an all-in-one online teaching platform like Graphy, teaching has become a fun and enjoyable profession. 

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So, if you are serious about teaching online, you need to understand the 7 most important principles of teaching. That’s exactly what we are going to cover in this blog. 

Hence, without further ado, let’s get started!

Important principles of teaching

Create an effective learning environment 

As an edupreneur, the most important thing that you need to do is to provide an amazing learning environment to your learners. Make them feel comfortable so that they can easily ask questions and solve their doubts. 

Maintaining an effective learning environment becomes 10x difficult in the case of online classes. Hence, to create a good learning environment, use techniques that will help you build engagement in your online classes

Take out some time to conduct fun activities in your classes. It will help you to connect with your learners at a deeper level, and they will also get to know the fun side of their teacher.

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Establish strong relationships with your learners 

One of the most important principles of teaching is that a teacher should be a good listener and problem solver. Listen to the problems and queries of your learners. If your learners need your advice on something that is related to their personal lives, then give them a solution if you can, and if you cannot, politely say no.

Make them feel comfortable so that learners can reach out to you easily. 

As we know, learning new and complicated topics is hard. So, if you teach any complicated subject, don’t be too strict. Because if you behave like a strict teacher, your learners will hesitate to ask questions. But, at the same time, don’t be over-friendly because it will make it hard for you to maintain discipline in the class. 

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Feedback and communication 

Excellent teaching and learning begins with effective communication. It’s hard to discuss teaching concepts without mentioning the value of communication and feedback. Without getting feedback, how would you know if your learners have grasped a concept or not? There is a distinction between evaluations and assessments. 

This includes a variety of other factors, such as learning ability, capacity, and so on. Teachers must speak with their learners frequently to ensure that their teaching methods are effective and their approaches are suitable. This is only possible if the first two principles are followed.

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If you teach school-going learners, you must understand that kids of this age group get hurt easily and they keep things within them which later make them feel underconfident or less competent. 

Hence, as a teacher, you have to take care of every learner. Treat all of your learners equally. Never make them feel as if they are less than other students. Keep an eye on every learner and notice those children who speak less or are inactive in the class; encourage them to participate in the class activities. 

Ask them to switch on their cameras and give them tasks like reading and, during the fun activities, ask them to tell you about themselves or maybe you can also ask them to sing their favorite song. Inclusivity is one of the most important principles of teaching. Hence, make sure that you are following it. 

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Help learners manage their time and studies 

Assignments, tests, notes, homework, examinations, assessments, and attendance are just a few of the responsibilities that learners face, and they are not limited to one topic. While all of this is for the benefit of the learners, teachers must remember that the day is only 24 hours long. Hence, teach your learners about the importance of time management and how they can increase their productivity. 

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Teachers frequently use phrases like “we were also students and we managed to complete all of this.” Avoid making such statements because it makes kids believe that everything they do is insignificant. Instead of saying such statements, you can say “I understand it may be difficult, but why don’t you try it this way?”

See, through both statements, you are trying to tell your learners to work hard. But, your sentences are entirely different. The first one will leave a negative impact, whereas the second statement will leave a positive impact. Hence, use your words wisely.

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Motivation and inspiration

Learners are frequently dissatisfied with their academic performance. Hence, they don’t want to study or do their homework. As a teacher, it becomes your responsibility to motivate your learners and build confidence in them that they can perform better. This is yet another one of the most important principles of teaching. 

When it comes to teaching principles, motivating and inspiring learners is at the top of the list because shaping the future generation is one of the key concerns of teachers. Teachers must be concerned about motivating kids even when they fail and fall down.

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