In this blog, you will learn about the solution for the most common barriers to selling courses online. You will also learn why it is important to sell online courses. 
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To sell courses online, you need to develop niche-specified content. You can build a community and market your course on an all-in-one platform. Determine your target audience. Craft awareness, consideration, and decision-making content to encourage people to enroll in your course.

Before jumping to the solution let’s understand why it is important to learn how to sell online!

Why is it important to learn how to sell online?

Imagine for a minute a life without the internet in today’s era. No emails, no social media, no shopping, no online music, and many more. 

Hard to live right! 

That is why the e-learning industry is enjoying its golden age. Everyone is online and cocooned in their little online bubble. That is why people have no intention of going back to their old ways. Online courses and e-learning hold tremendous opportunities because:

  • The worldwide e-learning industry has been estimated at $101 billion in 2019.
  • The global e-learning market is nearly expected to rise massively by 2026, hitting over $370 billion.
  • During pandemic online courses and learning consumption has increased rapidly. It is now even expected to grow further in the coming years.

Yet, it’s not an easy task to create courses online, that is why many creators face issues selling their courses.

So now let’s address the issues along with the solutions.

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Solution for the most common barriers to selling courses online

The following are a few reasons that make it hard to sell courses online:

barriers to selling courses online

Now you will fairly get an idea of how to overcome your challenges during the course journey.

Let’s deep dive into the issues and the solutions. 

Not evaluating your course concept. 

Before starting any journey, proper market research plays a huge role. As an individual, you have to be sure as to what you are selling. 

When an entrepreneur starts a business he studies everything. Starting from funding to building a business plan and launching a company. He makes sure that he has a market for his type of business. In the same way, before you start investing your time and resources, it is vital to evaluate your concept. 


You can evaluate your course concept by estimating search volumes for primary keywords. You can also do it by monitoring social media, and forum discussions. You should also analyze your competition and survey potential students.

Another great idea would be to opt for a pre-sell course concept. This will help you to avoid wasting your time in case you see that it’s not fruitful. 

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If you don’t provide a course with good quality and a promised result, then it will be a challenge for you to sell that course for a longer run. 

Your online course is not only about the videos or texts. This is a well-organized learning journey that leads your students from where they are now to where they want to be in the future. In other words, your course is the engine that drives your students’ transformation. 


  • So, how do you assess your learners’ progress with quizzes and assignments? 
  • Do your folks feel like they’re a part of a community or a membership group? 
  • Do you provide a certificate to encourage students to finish your course? 
  • Are you willing to guide your students if they get stuck at any point? 
  • Are you making changes to your course depending on the learner’s input and completion rates? 

Graphy allows you to create customized courses, develop gorgeous no-code websites, and even start your own app. On the Graphy platform, you can conduct customized live tests, quizzes. You can also provide personalized certificates post-completion of the course.

You should keep in mind that you are no less than a tool, so make sure that you provide high-quality and the right tech.

barriers to selling courses online
Not marketing effectively and selling courses online.

Sadly, the creator thinks that publishing the course on the website is the end of the task. Here, exactly you go wrong. 

You keep on posting the courses without even realizing whether it is reaching your audience or not. How will your audience know your existence? That’s when marketing comes into the picture. Weaving courses onto your website or putting them in an online store isn’t enough. You must promote them to people who are interested in investing.  Solution

You should start promoting your online content through your website. Apart from the website, you should start posting your course link on other social media handles. You can start with paid marketing on different platforms and also target SEO. This practice will drive a lot of traffic to your website. Have a proper marketing funnel. The most effective way of promoting your course is email marketing. Through email marketing, you can reach numerous interested learners.

To relax with it, Graphy provides an in-built email marketing feature. You can shoot your email content to hundreds of people at one go. Apart from that Graphy provides the in-built marketing tools and features that will help you in reaching a larger audience.

barriers to selling courses online
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To sell their courses, creators often overlook the fact that they need an audience. As a result, they develop course content without really thinking about who the course is for or how to reach out to them. 

When they’re having trouble selling their courses, they start focusing on things like email list creation. They’ve already squandered a lot of time at that point. 


When you select what you’re going to teach, it’s a good idea to start establishing an audience for your course. So that when it’s ready, you’ll have a list of interested students. 

You can create a specific lead magnet and advertise it through social media and paid advertising. You can also publish it on your blog or in podcast programs. Create a curriculum sample page as an alternative. Some of the subjects that your course will cover can be highlighted on your sample page.

barriers to selling courses online Making a mistake with your course pricing scheme. 

So it is understandable that figuring out the right price scheme is tricky. 

You can’t keep the price too low because you may receive a judgment like lessons are not that worth it. If you keep it too high then you might scare your customer. You need to have authority and recognition if you are charging premium prices. 


So, the best option is to do market research on your competitor and then match up the market price level. Once you gain the trust of your market audience, you can gradually play with your price.

In this context Graphy again comes to your rescue. You just have to fix your online course price and rest from how to take payment to which currency is the responsibility of Graphy. Graphy provides you the option of multiple payments gateways. Graphy not just stuck to domestic currency but also extended its arms towards the international currency. You can take country-specific payments. 

Isn’t that great? 

So what are you waiting for, create your online course right away with Graphy just like other creators? 

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Selling online courses is a bit of a difficult task. But it’s not something that you can’t overcome. Creators may get into a disappointment zone if their online courses do not sell. 

However, by making a few tweaks, you may build lessons that people will enjoy and desire to buy. Create your online course with a branded website and mobile app with multiple security layers. On Graphy, you can start creating your online courses right away with full in-built marketing tools & engagement features.