In this blog, we have brought you a list of things that you should know before launching your first course.

Create, market, and sell online course

Are you an online creator? Do you have any e-learning courses? If you have, then you should know a few things before launching your first course. Today online courses have evolved the digital market and have given chances to teachers to teach innovatively.

All thanks to this pandemic situation that online courses suddenly boomed on the market. Creating and launching may look very simple, but indeed setting up an online course takes a lot of time and effort.

Here, we will discuss the tips about launching your first course and how to make it successful. 

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8 things to know before launching your first course

By teaching your topic, you are saying to the world that you are good at what you do, and you are an expert in your field. Today the online course is an essential tool for an Edu-entrepreneur as their course acts as their business card. It is one of the quickest and most impactful ways to get your knowledge out to the market, make a more significant influence, and make money. Let’s understand each step in-depth, and we hope you have a successful launch.


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1) Get clarity before launching your first course

It is necessary to answer your – who-what-why-how. If you can’t answer those questions, you’re not ready to launch your course. However, before taking the next step, make sure you have a clear idea.

Who – Who is your course is for?

Defining your target audience is so essential.

Why – Why that person needs your course?

If you can efficiently explain, why that future student needs your lecture, you are ready for the launch. Understand your Why.

What – What can that person expect to learn from the course?

Once you’ve explained who your classes are for, you are ready for the launch.

How – How their lives will improve once they complete the course?

Define this point and have a clear thought on how the students will improve in their life after completion of the classes. Make sure that your lesson gives 100% output to the students from your course.

2) Have a clear mindset

Are you ready for the rollercoaster ride of online business? No, we are not scaring you. We can help you develop a clear mindset that will help you stay focused and determined. Having a positive and clear perspective will give to new ideas, help you stay calm, and give you peace. If you have never established an online course or program before, it means you have never encountered the wave of emotions.

Well, the fear of launching your first online course will likely dissolve when you hear your teachings are positively impacting your students. Your worries will soon be overshadowed by the excitement you have. Be Kind, understand your audience, give love, support and solve their problems. Take one step at a time and train yourself mentally for all the feelings.

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3) Strengthen your team and support system

Along with preparing yourself emotionally for the launch, you also need to have a strong team. A team can help you at every step you take. Find a team who understands you and can support you. A friend can help you shoot your videos or set up your Facebook Ads but not for a long time. Be transparent about your needs and expectations and be willing to ask for a little extra support. A lot of hard work is a must before launching a course. You and your team working together can help you overcome every step. Setting expectations will reduce discontentment and will help to strengthen your connections during this vital phase of your business.

4) Focus on your community and not on tools

As an online course creator, you should understand your audience’s needs and accordingly prepare yourself. Focus on your people and find out their pain point areas. Work closely and observe them. It is necessary to solve and give hope to your community. But, don’t get lost with the fancy tools for your online course. In the beginning, use primary tools and gears.

It is the online entrepreneur’s favorite part. Therefore, focus on your community. Understand how your program can serve your community. You should communicate with your people and help them in the best possible way.

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5) Have an active email list

Your email subscribers are your most desirable leads. One must nurture it. Your leads, like you, know you, trust you, and they’re ready to buy from you. Course launches without email campaigns may be a blunder may be a gamble. Put in the efforts to grow and promote your list before your launch. A great starting point is building a lead magnet. Your lead magnet should be centered around one of the major hooks of your course so you can attract future students.

For example, if you are a  website copywriter, probably launch a freebie about how to write the best about us page. That way, you could get people signing up for an email list. If your audiences understand you, they will be interested in your freebie. Then surely, they will take up your freebie. It is your lead magnet.

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6) Have a high-converting sales page

It is the most meaningful item on your list and should be on your sales page. Your approach isn’t getting anywhere without this one. This is where you’ll speak to your prospective student and answer all their questions. We’ll discuss what precisely you should include on a sales page & how to craft the perfect one. Every sales page explains what the course is about and what is included in the course.

Make sure you address all of their complaints and predict the questions they’ll likely have & answer them.  Your sales page must have your payment options and your refund policy. We also suggest including call-to-action points throughout the page, so the upcoming student has the option to opt-in wherever feels suitable for them.

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7) The name of your course is vital as your content

The name of the course has a direct impact on you as a leader in the industry. Well, people generally make a decision about your online course based on the name. Decide a name that is quick to remember. Don’t give any cheesy name that doesn’t suit your personality. Spending hours and days deciding the name is very common. Do not rush with the naming process. Perhaps you can go back to your community and ask them for their input. Maybe even do a poll of your top three names on the social media platform. The power of words is powerful. Connecting with your audience and understanding them will help you on deciding the name.

8) Add extra offers

If you wish to make your course good and impactful, we suggest adding extra course materials. Because what’s a good course launch without including some extra offers? Including perks in your launch strategy gives excitement. Pitch some extras related to your course’s topic. This will help students to understand your course and help them in convincing them to sign up.

Ideas for extras are:

  •  Industry-related topic
  •  Mentorship course
  •  Social media importance

We suggest doing some market research. Understand your future students and think about their prospects and how your extra course material can help them. 

We hope you are now ready before launching your first course

Founding an online course can be compelling and confusing at the same time. Your online course launch will either set you up for victory or leave you struggling. Before considering how to launch an online course, you should keep these points in mind and do your research intensively.

The biggest secret to marketing your course is to sell changeover to your potential students without risk. The best way to do this is by marketing the benefits and the transformation your course has provided to your students. The combination of such tactics will help to market your course and boost your sales in your first launch.

things to know before launching your first course

Along with strategies a course platform is also essential, use a customer-friendly course creation platform like Graphy. We have well-known creators who are using this platform hassle-free.

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We hope you found this post valuable and impactful in launching your first course. Tackling a course is such an exhilarating step for any business. Implementing all the above features into your strategy will ensure a successful launch.