In this blog, you will get to know the meaning of an online course platform and which platform is the best, and why.

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Do you want to take your online institute towards the next threshold? Have you been lecturing virtually on platforms like YouTube but want to take things to a whole new scale?

And someone who hopes to establish an online course as a side job to monetize their expertise?

Or merely someone who wants to explore the abilities that the Divine has bestowed upon them?

So, whoever you are, if you want to develop an online education army, this site is for you!

When people thought about integrating technology into the classroom before the outbreak of covid-19, YouTube was their diversion, and if they decided to teach more professionally, they would design and offer their courses on eLearning marketplaces such as Udemy.

If we consider virtual education before 2020, platforms like Udemy and YouTube were clearly the finest!

But now it’s 2022, and things have altered dramatically in the last two years. As the way we purchase, communicate, consume material, and teaching has evolved, so has the method we teach.

In a sense, we can conclude that our lifestyles have taken a complete 180-degree turn.

Whenever we think of teaching online today, the first thing that comes to mind is an online course platform, sometimes known as an LMS. So when the 2020 lockdown was implemented, all schools, universities, and coaching institutes were forced to choose an all-in-one platform to assist them in handling their day-to-day activities.

Well well, let’s understand the meaning of an online course platform.

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What does an online course platform mean? 

An online environment where a teacher or a group of instructors can oversee and track real-time views of their learner’s progress is known as an all-in-one online course platform. It’s a place where students may access all of their learning materials and tools neatly organized.

You can use an online course platform to:

  • Construct multimedia classes that are both entertaining and engaging.
  • Carry out live assessments and sessions.
  • Delegate work to your students.
  • Give your student’s course completion certificates.
  • Your online institute should be promoted all over the world.
  • Collect money from your students.

In a word, it can assist you in performing all of the tasks that you may perform in an offline classroom setting.

In fact, there’s a lot more!

Prior to proceeding, we’d want to ask you if YouTube or Udemy can assist you in doing all of these activities without difficulty.

Clearly, the response is a resounding NO!

As these platforms are only useful for teaching via pre-recorded videos. Once it comes to real-time instruction, these platforms fall short.

An online course platform like Graphy, on the other hand, can enable you to go far beyond pre-recorded sessions in your online learning. It can assist you in establishing your own online teaching empire.

Your own branded online course website, mobile app, fully comprehensive learning management system, integrated payment channels, and much more.

Thus, are you prepared to build your online education business?

Let’s take a closer look at how Graphy can assist you in making your goals a real situation.

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Graphy- the best online course platform to sell online courses.

Now that we have an answer to which is the best online course platform, let’s understand why Graphy is being labeled as the best platform.

Graphy offers the following features which made other creators trust us and join us.

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Branded website and mobile application

Come on! Who doesn’t want to shine with his/her own brand and recognition? This feature is legendary and also makes Graphy stand out from other platforms. 

Whenever it comes to offering online courses, a stunning course website is a must. It will function as a secure online location where your students can access all of the online services you make.

Graphy will assist you in creating a magnificent, no-code website such that you don’t have to bash your head on the table while developing the website.

Not only will Graphy assist you in creating a website, but it will also assist you in creating an Android and iOS mobile application.

Yes, you read that correctly.

Your very own custom-branded mobile app.

We appreciate your enthusiasm, but it is precisely this that distinguishes Graphy as the greatest online course platform.

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Payment gateways

It would be financially unviable to broadcast your lesson on an international online course site if the Indian population is your target audience. Because most international marketplaces only take payment through Paypal and Stripe.

But there’s a reason Graphy is recognized as a fully-featured course platform. You’ll be able to incorporate several Indian and international online payments with your Graphy course platform.

As a result, you may provide your online courses to your students no matter where they are in the world and accept secure payments.

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Course builder with a user-friendly interface

Graphy assists its creators in developing dynamic and compelling multimedia courses. Your online course could include videos, audio, PDF, SCORM, text files, and a variety of other elements.

Graphy’s capabilities earned it the most popular and in-demand online learning platform.

However, if we tell you that once you’ve finished creating your course online, you can have it set to go live in just a few minutes?

Aren’t you in awe of what you’ve seen?

You do not really have to be because Graphy can assist you with that. In just a few minutes, you’ll be able to submit your whole course material to the LMS. As a result, if you use Graphy, be prepared to spend more time counting your revenue and less time establishing your empire.

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Community & participation

Whenever it concerns merely teaching, a robust community is what you need. Whether you like it or not, the community you create will be extremely important. As a result of your community, you will be able to raise brand recognition and drive more course sales.

Because connecting with each of your students on social media or Whatsapp is difficult, you’ll need an interface that enables you to cultivate your learners and potential leads.

The platform is Graphy because it provides you with a different category where you can interact with your community and establish great ties with them.

A further benefit of Graphy is that it makes it possible to create separate communities for paid and unpaid students. If you devote a good chunk of time to fostering your unpaid students, you may be capable of converting them to paid learners.

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Do you know for selling an online course how much marketing is required? The answer to it is infinite. 

For establishing your existence you have to start building your presence and visibility only then the sale can take place.

People should know you and your product as well as your services. For marketing, you may have a thought process that you may need multiple software on multiple platforms. Well, that’s a myth.

There is a reason why Graphy is being called an all-in-one platform. Graphy itself provides inbuilt marketing features. You don’t have to keep switching tabs now.

Now probably you are worried about how you can market the course with zero knowledge. Well, that’s the charm that Graphy has. With user-friendly features, Graphy makes it easier for any person to take control and promote the course.

In-built features that Graphy provides are:

  • Affiliate marketing
  • Paid marketing included Google ads and more
  • Blog posting 
  • Email marketing through Mailchimp integration
  • Refer and earn ( Referral marketing)
  • Promo and discount codes, and many more

Do you really think that after this kind of feature Graphy is even leaving any loose ends?

Well, you know the answer by now!

Moving on, how about offering a certificate right after completion of the course. Don’t you think it will improve your credibility in the market which will result in higher conversion? That’s exactly our next step.

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Certificates of completion

Graphy can assist you in rewarding your students with course completion certificates to allow them to feel acknowledged and valued.

You don’t have to waste time using services like Canva to create certificates, and nor do you have to spend your designer excess cash to do so. On Graphy, you can choose any pre-designed template and tweak it to your liking.

The best thing is that you will be able to instantly share your certificates on your Linkedin pages.

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Customer service that is second to none

If Graphy‘s outstanding attributes were to be voted on, Customer Support would receive the most votes.

Graphy, unlike other platforms, will not hide from you when it pertains to responding to your calls and emails. Graphy recognizes the concept of time value and feels that when it comes to supporting you, you must be highlighted in this section.

As a result, Graphy makes every effort to give timely assistance to its customers. Once you become a user, you will be allocated a personal account manager. Your account manager will always be there to assist you, regardless of where you get stranded.

You can contact Graphy’s customer service at:

  • Email
  • 24*7 live chat support
  • Personal dedicated manager
  • Knowledge base

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It’s time to take a decision 

If you enjoy educating or merely would like to generate a respectable living by sharing your knowledge and abilities, Graphy is the appropriate fit for you!

You can still educate on video hosting platforms or online learning marketplaces. But if you want an all-in-one solution that is also economical, an online course platform would be a great choice.

There are several other course hosting platforms to select from besides Graphy, but just before coming to a decision, ensure you evaluate all of them on crucial criteria such as 

  • Affordability, 
  • Course builder, 
  • Payment gateways, 
  • Sales & marketing tools, and 
  • Third-party integrations, among others.
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