In this blog, you will have an in-depth analysis of how to create an online course that generates $1000 a month. 

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When you plan to enter into the E-learning world, your mind gets bombarded with questions and an ‘n’ a number of queries. No matter how hard you try to overcome your queries but something or the other remains unsolved because of a lack of information. So if that’s the case then let us tell you that you are on the right platform just like other creators. 

You must ponder with following questions:

  • How to create an online course and sell it?
  • How much can you earn from an online course?
  • The best platform to sell an online course
  • How to create an online course for free?
  • How to sell online courses from your own website?

Well well don’t you worry. If you are facing this challenge then you are reading a writing blog. So keep reading.

So before understanding how to create an online course that generates $1000 a month, let’s figure out first why to create an online course.

Things to do before launching your first online course

I want to earn $1000 a month

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Why do you have to create an online course?

Is creating an online course worth your time and money?

The answer to this is YES. (As per our research and experience)

Due to COVID-19 education, the world has seen tremendous and new growth as well as vision. Currently, physical education has been transformed into virtual learning. People are saying bye to the conventional form of teaching.

As per the research, the global e-learning market is expected to reach $370 billion in 2026. Not only private tuition but also schools and universities are preferring to offer online learning resources. 

Since everything is going online then why do you have to stay behind? 

If you have to grow in this generation, you have to adopt a new methodology and teaching form. You have to compete and shine in the present as well as in the future.

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Disclaimer: Online courses are just not restricted to teaching academic stuff. The virtual world has opened opportunities for everything.
For instance: 
Online cooking class
Teaching fitness online
Teaching music online 
Teaching arts
Conducting skill development classes

And the list goes on and on. Why not go online when you get an opportunity to reach out to a massive audience worldwide!

Now that you know why, let’s dive into the main content.

I want to earn $1000 a month

Got Your Content Ready? GRAPHY is all you need to get started!

How to Create an online course that generates $1000 a month

Choose a niche and do market research

The key to success in the online world is to pick a unique and competitive niche. Create a list of things that you are passionate about and hold expertise about. See what your friends, family, and peers seek for your help and suggestions. Are you holding any hobbies and interested in teaching and taking ahead to earn money out of it? 

It is quite obvious that you don’t want to invest your time in something in which your market audience is least interested. Even if you don’t want to create an online course that no one is ready to buy. 

Remember that people might be interested in your niche or product. But, are they willing to pay for the product, is a matter of concern. That is why proper market research needs to be done. What you can do in spotting opportunities is:

  • Roll out a survey: In case you have email lists of your perspectives, you can shoot emails to know their response. On other social media platforms, you can run polls, questionnaires, live voting, etc.
  • Go to Quora: So to see what your audience is discussing, go to platforms like Quora, Reddit, and Stack Overflow. 
  • Is there a topic that’s attracting a lot of interest? 
  • Do you detect any recurring themes or patterns in the queries? 
  • Is there anything in particular that people are constantly requesting?

I want to earn $1000 a month

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Create an online course

After you’ve decided on a niche you’ll need to put together:

  • A rough framework, 
  • Write a curriculum, 
  • Gather images and media, 
  • Record, and modify your course. 

You may either use the selling platform’s native editing capabilities to develop your course or use a course authoring tool kit like Graphy to put together the content you already have.

Course development necessitates specialized knowledge. There are numerous suggestions available on the Internet to assist you in fully comprehending the process. At this level, you should concentrate on the following important components of course creation:

  • Make certain that your course concept is in high demand.
  • To make your course engaging and informative, identify your target audience and learn about their profile.
  • Focus on the advantage of your course to develop quality and interesting learning outcomes.
  • Construct your course’s written content & visual material.
  • The course’s theme, content, and learning objectives must all be in sync. Make sure there isn’t any form of deviance.
  • When creating a course, make sure to use the right tools and materials.

I want to earn $1000 a month

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Choose the best LMS to sell courses

A course selling platform allows you to easily create, publish, and sell your course to your target audience. It takes care of everything from course creation to promoting and payment processing. 

So the best LMS to sell courses is Graphy! You must be wondering how and why. So keep reading.

Graphy is ideal for people who wish to immediately begin offering courses online while maintaining entire authority over design, promotion, and sales. It offers a branded mobile app and website with multilayer content security. It also offers a simple, user-friendly dashboard that allows you to set up your marketplace and sell your online learning in minutes. 

You can either submit pre-recorded courses or develop your own by placing together content on the platform. It can handle any type of content (video, audio, text, graphics, and so on), even pure eLearning SCORM.

Create an online course that generates $1000 a month 

Graphy includes robust analytics that allows you to measure sales, engagement, and customer happiness, as well as a high-conversion sales funnel that can be linked to your email marketing tool and other apps.

I want to earn $1000 a month

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Market your course

It’s possible that simply putting your course on a selling platform will not result in sales. You must vigorously market it. Below are among the most effective strategies to sell your course so that you can start making money right away.

Make a blog for yourself

Start a blog if you don’t already have one — for instance, using the WordPress platform. It aids in the generation of large amounts of targeted quality traffic as well as the enhancement of your credibility.

Keep publishing SEO-optimized posts pertaining to your course topic once your website is up and going. Google will soon start sending organic visitors to your blog. Promoting your courses will be a cakewalk once you start getting visitors — everyone who sees your blog is a prospective learner.

The most critical aspect here is that you must produce extremely useful information and post on a frequent basis.

I want to earn $1000 a month

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Create a mailing list

Since it is highly targeted and non-intrusive, email marketing has the greatest Return of all the promotional strategies.

The most major element of sales is your email audience. To communicate and create a relationship with your users, you’ll need to acquire their email addresses. You can do this in a variety of ways, including through your blog, social media sites, and any other form of media.

One of the easiest approaches is to make your course available for free for a limited time. It will generate buzz, and word-of-mouth marketing will be extremely beneficial to you.

I want to earn $1000 a month

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Use social media to your advantage

Since there are around 3.81 billion active social media users, social media is the most important source of traffic. Popular social networking platforms make it simple to connect with your target market like 

  • Facebook
  • Youtube
  • Instagram 
  • Twitter 
  • LinkedIn 

Simply set up profiles, write on a regular basis, share your most recent blog posts, and interact with your followers.

It’s also a good idea to use social ads to generate targeted visitors to your online learning. You may market your course on Facebook & Instagram for as little as $5 per day.

Remember earning $1000 is not a difficult task but initially, you have to start with the least. However, if you follow all the steps one-be-one of these blogs then trust me $1000 per month will become a piece of cake for you.

I want to earn $1000 a month

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Automate the process

When you start making sales, you’ll undoubtedly want to expand your business and generate more money by creating new courses. As a result, it’s critical to automate course sales and marketing so you can focus on what really matters: creating new courses. Certain solutions help you to automate these operations.

For example, Graphy includes a Zapier connector that allows you to link your marketplace to a variety of different apps, enabling you to streamline your entire operation. For example, 

  • You may add learners to your marketing campaign effortlessly, 
  • Enroll new purchasers in your course automatically, and 
  • Monitor users to offer them tailored email messages depending on their behavior.

I want to earn $1000 a month

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If you can give excellent material and access your target market, creating and selling courses online can be very profitable. Furthermore, you may establish your course and begin earning money right immediately using existing modern platforms.

Create an online course that generates $1000 a month 

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I want to earn $1000 a month

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