The e-learning market is soaring to new heights. Higher education and other forms of training are shifting from physical lectures to virtual classrooms. By building one of the best online course websites, you can build your brand and outgrow your rivals.

Hosted platforms are designed especially for solo edupreneurs and online education institutes who want to create their own branded site to sell online courses. Unlike Udemy, these platforms allow you full liberty to drive the website and access users’ data.

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Standalone Platform to Create the best online course websites

While there are many hosted course platforms operating, they differ in the value they bring to the table. The basic set of features offered by these platforms are more or less similar. However, they are very different in their “look and feel” as well as in terms of offering advanced features which help course entrepreneurs succeed.

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This ultimate guide gives a glimpse of the top course platform Graphy which is used by Indian course creators.


Graphy helps savvy course creators build an online course platform which helps them create, sell & market their multimedia course content. To begin with, the platform has a website builder tool with drag & drop. Since it’s a while-labeled course platform, you can build a website that reflects your brand.

Even when pricing your course, Graphy offers you flexibility. You can offer individual courses as well as course bundles/course packages. You can keep the different payment plans as well as the subscriptions for your learners.

Once your course is launched, create referral codes to see a quick boost in course sales. To elevate your sales, use the platform’s in-built affiliate marketing feature. And you can do all of this without any third-party integration.

There is just so much the platform has to offer.

However, below-mentioned are some of the reasons why course creators love Graphy more than any other course platform:

Virtual Classroom

While launching online courses is extremely convenient from a learners’ point of view, conducting live online classes gives them a sense of direction. Course platforms like Teachable or Kajabi do not support virtual classrooms. On the other hand, Graphy does.

Multi-layer content security

A lot of hard work goes into creating killer course content. If learners find a way to access your course content without getting to pay for it, they would take that route. Graphy provides content security at multiple levels. Hence, even if something fails to protect your content at one level, you would still have multiple shots at it.

Indian Payment Gateway

If you are selling to Indian learners, accepting payments through PayPal becomes tedious. Graphy provides the support of integrating an Indian payment gateway. Not just that, you can have multiple payment support for multiple locations.

Branded Mobile Apps

Having a full-fledged app dedicated to your online institute makes it extremely easy for your learners to access your course anytime. Unlike other platforms, Graphy gives the liberty to launch your institutes’ app in the google play store.

Prompt Support Team

Graphy doesn’t hide behind several E-mails & a chatbox. It is pretty easy to reach out to the support team through an e-mail or call. They provide audio or video support, depending on what would resolve your query faster.

How to create your online courses step by step.

Ready, Set, Teach

Whether teaching is just your passion, you want to promote your brand through selling courses, or just want to earn an income, Graphy would help you achieve all your goals.

However, if you want to explore other course platforms, you can check out platforms like Teachable, Thinkific, or Kajabi.

Before finalizing a course platform, consider your budget, the features offered, the earning potential. Steer clear of any hidden charges imposed by these platforms. If possible, try their free trial to find out if you have found your perfect course platform.

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