In this blog, you will have an idea about what is a video embed and should you embed your YouTube videos.

In this article, we will see whether you should embed your Youtube videos on your site. Embedding YouTube videos is better than uploading a video or giving a link to it. There are several benefits of embedding videos on-site—from improved user experience to SEO, increased time on site, and boosted click-through rates.

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What is a video embed?

Embedding video means pulling a video from its source and displaying it on your website. For example, you have uploaded a video on YouTube, and you want to share the same with your visitors. You can embed that video on your website so your visitors can interact with it. 

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It’s critical to comprehend the main component of a video embed – the embedded code. An embed code is a section of HTML code that allows you to include video and other material forms on your website. As the video is taken from a different website, you do not need to worry about a video slowing down your website’s load speed. In addition, it means you may choose different video hosting options.

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Why can’t I just upload a video instead of embedding it?

We consume 90% of our information visually, yet visuals move 60,000 times quicker than words! Several studies have previously emphasized the importance of visual content in this new digital environment. Therefore videos are beneficial when used on websites, but why can’t I just upload a video on my website instead of embedding it? 

Videos, according to Google, contribute a substantial amount of time to the load time of a website. As videos are large file types, they slow down the website, degrade the user experience, and negatively influence SEO. As a result, you may lose traffic, rankings, and so on. Not to mention overburdened servers and additional fees. Most of these concerns may be avoided by embedding movies on a website.

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What are the advantages of embedding a Youtube video on your site?

Video is an effective marketing tool that may increase traffic, lead generation, and income. Seventy-eight percent of video marketers believe that video directly impacts sales. Simply put, the digital media business is dominated by video, yet popularity isn’t enough to encourage universal adoption. In actuality, you can embed 

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YouTube videos offer many advantages to your website, including:

Time spent on a website

Video content has been a prominent marketing strategy in recent years, and consumers are watching and engaging with video in more significant numbers than ever before. When you include video content on your site, the time visitors spend interacting with it doubles. So video content is a great way to keep visitors on your website for longer. And this visiting time directly impacts the SEO of your site and helps in higher search engine ranking. 

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Pleasant user experience

Users are unlikely to remain longer if they have to navigate through walls of text merely to locate the essentials of your brand or comprehend your value proposition. As soon as users enter, You can embed your YouTube videos to give them a brief tour of your site as soon as they enter.

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Avoid storage limit

Your site’s hosting comes with a storage restriction, so by uploading a video, you’re eating up storage on your server by uploading a video. In addition, uploading several videos may take up too much space, and if multiple visitors see the videos simultaneously, your site’s page speeds may be significantly slowed.

There’s also the issue of file size limitations regarding video uploading. Because the video format and file sizes are likely to be restricted by your site’s hosting platform, you’ll likely end up compressing the video to the point where it’s useless. You won’t be able to get around these limitations by embedding videos.

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No effect on page speed

You want to add a video on your website as it is a good SEO technique, but uploading a video on-site may make your website load slow. Slower load time implies lower ranks, fewer visitors, and fewer conversions. In addition, visitors may see delayed video loading, unexpected stops, and a general refusal to play. And not to mention that site loading may take ages. Embedding videos can help you keep your site’s performance in check while having no detrimental impact on the user experience.

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You can embed your YouTube videos to your site without affecting the loading time. Instead, it will help you with SEO. The video will increase the time visitors spend on your site, and the video itself may appear on Google’s first page, resulting in more traffic. As a result, it’s simply a matter of doing things correctly and selecting the embed option instead of the upload one.

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No video size restrictions

When posting videos to a website, video quality and size are a big issue. If you want a high-quality video, keeping it on a third-party site assures you to stay below your hosting account’s inode limit. As a result, you won’t have to worry about converting your video files into various formats so that others may watch them in high definition.

How to embed your YouTube videos on your website?

If you have a WordPress, Wix, or Webflow site, it is super easy to embed your YouTube videos. Simply copy the video’s link and paste it to the place you want it to display. The approach is slightly different if you wish to embed the video on an HTML page.

  1. Navigate to the YouTube video you want to embed. Then, click on the share button.
  1. There will be a pop-up window. Select ’embed.’ You may edit and choose whether the YouTube player appears on the website with or without controls, and you can also set it to start at a specific time when a visitor clicks on it. When you’re finished, click COPY.
  2. Go to your site and paste the code. You may manage the location of the embedded video and size. 

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