In this blog, we will cover how you can deal with and get rid of imposter syndrome as a creator.

Sell online courses in 2022

Course creation isn’t as simple as it may seem. It takes a lot of resources, time, and energy to create, market, and sell courses online.

Creators spend endless hours crafting drafts, recording videos, collecting data, and much more to offer learners high-quality courses that are easily accessible. 

However, with such a responsibility towards shaping others’ careers, you cannot miss the chance of going wrong with your content online.

Sometimes, this puts a lot of pressure on creators to maintain consistency and strategic momentum in the kind of work they are doing.

And at times when things don’t go well as planned, the imposter syndrome kicks in.

The imposter syndrome wears away a creator’s ability to take a risk, dampens innovation, and makes them ineffective and incompetent. Such a sense of feeling requires immediate attention.

The imposter syndrome has the power to severely affect the creator’s well-being and long-term career development.

This is why to handle the imposter syndrome as a creator, in this post, we will be understanding the imposter syndrome better and share a few practical ways to kick any blocker you may potentially face due to it.

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What really is imposter syndrome?

The impostor syndrome is a sickening feeling of self-doubt related to work accomplishments that can be found at any minute and affect people of all levels.

It has been observed that someone who experiences the imposter syndrome as a creator, often finds it difficult to internalize their success properly.

Their mental health to remain relevant as an online creator may also get hampered by work burnout. 

In such a possible scenario, creators begin to question their worth and start comparing their journey with other creators.

They begin to mentally beat themselves up, and become defeated ultimately at something that they once truly enjoyed doing.

In case, you are feeling the same burnout, you need to remember that you are not the only one in this entire world who is feeling this way.

To state facts, it is estimated that up to 70% of the population will experience imposter syndrome at some point in their career.

Even the former first lady of the United States – Michelle Obama has gone through feeling imposter syndrome in the past.

Nevertheless, this just provides you an added advantage to treat the situation of lack of confidence and self-worth with the utmost attention.

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Kick away the imposter syndrome as a creator

We have observed in the past how the impostor syndrome can paralyze talented creators’ potential and make them feel deserted and undeserving.

Thus, we have come up with a list of tricks you can follow to handle critical thoughts like a winner, and overcome any blockers your way.

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The big power of small wins

A lot of people with imposter syndrome often feel that they aren’t doing much and that they should be working harder.

To maintain a sustainable momentum of success you can pick up more tasks if you want because in case you succeed to complete your tasks, you will experience the satisfaction of achievement.

Even better because such small wins will give you a spritz of dopamine, the feel-good brain chemical that drives motivation.

Chances are higher the feeling will drive you to put forth better work as a creator online.

But online content creation isn’t an easy business!

As an online course creator, each day is a competition to remain relevant. Every day you need to put forth your best effort to sell courses online.

sell courses online

So how do you avoid feeling the imposter syndrome even more for not completing your tasks?

You start by making progress as a daily event in your life and seize small wins to set off a chain reaction of more and better changes.

Celebrating small wins is incredibly important when you run an online course business.

It plays a key role in getting rid of the imposter syndrome you may face as a creator and allows you to make actionable differences in your work.

Set success reminders for yourself

We all fall hard on our faces at times. Sometimes, we even struggle to get back to our equilibrium to get through each day.

With an imposter syndrome as a creator, it is likely that you may feel low, down in the dumps, or just plain stressed.

But you can use writing therapy as a great remedy to overcome this barrier.

You can journal out things that make you feel good, achievements that you are proud of, things you are grateful for, and more for therapeutic benefits. 

List down praises you receive from your learners or people from your online community.

take a step towards your success

Write about the time your student complimented your teaching style or the time you finished off a particular topic ahead of time.

When dealing with imposter syndrome, you must gather success reminders for yourself that chucks away any doubt that you may possibly have.

Keep going! Don’t forget why you started

Sometimes the only way to make inroads through imposter syndrome is to just push through it.

When doubts hit you, you need to remind yourself why you started in the first place.

It can be that you chose this part to share your expertise with others who want to excel in a particular domain, or perhaps you want to make a profitable business for yourself.

Be it any, you need to remember the reason that made you choose this path of becoming an online educator/creator.

In recent years, with more people having access to advanced technology and the internet, the concept of education has changed dramatically.

With this advancement in education and technology, the global market of e-learning is skyrocketing, making online courses a highly profitable venture.

To state facts, one of the world’s largest newswire distribution networks – GlobeNewswire, estimates the e-learning market to be valued at $457.8 billion by 2026.

make your dream come true, launch online course

If you get double thoughts to continue with your online course business because of the imposter syndrome, you should consider the long-term value it potentially may generate for you.

Successful course creators on Graphy use our robust platform to deal with imposter syndrome.

They are focused on creating an online community of their own to assert long-term value for themselves.

They target the right audience using our marketing superpowers without wasting any resources, time, or energy to conduct real-time analysis and track sales to reach learners globally.

Remember you are unique

Initially, creators may feel discouraged to start off with an online course of their own.

With so many existing creators out there in the market creating successful online courses may get you doubtful about your ability to do the same.

As the imposter syndrome hits in, you may think if you are good enough to create online courses.

But you need to consider the brighter side of this scenario i.e there is a bigger market to consume your online course.

You need to realize that you are at an advantage to put forth information that is high in demand through your online course with your unique teaching style.

Puma won’t stop selling the latest collections of sports shoes and accessories just because Nike is leading the market.

Similarly, other existing courses should not be a treat for you to not follow your passion to become an online creator.

Final takeaway

The current digital revolution due to COVID-19 has provided creators from all over the world to sell courses online as a great source of income.

As a course creator in today’s world, you will have the best opportunity to impact people’s lives in a very meaningful way.

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Happy course-crafting!