The most strenuous part of selling online courses is NOT the phase of content creation, marketing, or even ideas. Heck, as entrepreneurs we can muster enough ideas. Many times, we end up wading our way through so many of available options out there.  Here is a quick guide on how to build an online course platform in the lesser time possible and get the online course income flowing. Each step is simple to operate and essential for your success.

The best platform to sell your online courses

The ideal set up:

Many course creators want to sell courses through marketplaces like Udemy. They end up losing a major part of the revenue to Udemy. There are many more cons out there. If you haven’t gone through it already, I suggest you read types of platforms available to sell online courses.

Now, coming to the point.

An ideal course platform is a comprehensive set of online tools that provide you with tech support throughout the lifetime of your courses. The platform gives you a fair opportunity to build your online education empire.

You don’t need to do website development, maintenance, or designing.

Graphy allows you to build your branded online course website & teaching apps instantly. Especially when your target audience is sitting in India, Graphy is the perfect choice for you!

You just need to head over here & sign up.

Sing up for FREE

The signup process is so smooth. You don’t need to fill up long forms. Just a few basic information & your online course platform would get ready with your choice of payment gateway integration.

You can name your institute anything as per your preference after buying the domain name. Which means, no one will know you are selling courses through Graphy. Your brand will be reflected everywhere.

Sign up with Graphy

After signing up with the Graphy platform, you need to choose the most suitable payment plan and you are good to go!

You can now upload course content and set up the whole course website as per your preference.

  • Here is a list of few things you should be looking at, which makes Graphy the most ideal course platform:
  1. Payment gateway integration of your choice, including the Indian payment gateway.
  2. Track your sales dashboard. Get the comprehensive analytics of the course sales you made in your specified time period.
  3. You can create & upload multimedia course content including video lectures, live classes & quiz.
  4. There is third-party email marketing tools integration like Mailchimp.
  5. Your institutes’ mobile app so that your students can access your course content on your app. The app would be available on google play store.
  6. Graphy comes with a pretty amazing affiliate program features to escalate your sales.
  7. Most importantly, the price is economical and is on par with the market price.

The best part of Selling Your Course On A Course Creation Platform is that it’s very professional and simple to use – anyone can use it. With absolutely zero tech know-how, anyone is good to go.

  • Unlimited video Unlimited courses & Unlimited students
  • Unlimited hosting
  • Student Discussion forums
  • No Hidden Charges.

Ready to build an online course platform? We Can Help!

Just reach out to us here. Graphy’s support team is super active & always ready to help!

Feel free to leave your comments below to share your ideas on how to create awesome online courses.