In this blog, we will take look at why student re-engagement is important and the steps you can take to re-engage students.

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The last thing you probably want once you have gone through all the work of successfully acquiring students for your online course is to lose them. 

As per reports, more than 110 million people in the world have enrolled in online courses so far. But the real question is how many of them made it till the end?

A lot of students often drop out right after registering for an online course or finishing off the first chapter.

When working with students and developing course content, online creators often emphasize reeling in new students, rather than maintaining a satisfactory standard of course content for the existing ones, which may result negatively and cause problems to sell courses online.

Stick through this post as I guide you to understand why it is vital to re-engage students who don’t complete your course and get some useful tips that you can incorporate to enhance the e-Learning experience for your students and hold their attention till the end.

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Why is it important to re-engage students?

Even if a student has discontinued learning, it is very crucial to re-engage the “lapsed” or “inactive” students.

Students often lapse from continuing their online courses for various reasons which may force them to become frustrated and drop out eventually. Reasons like:

  • Difficult to adapt to the new environment of e-Learning
  • Wrong expectations from course related to difficulty level or duration of the course
  • Technical issues i.e bugs and slowdowns on the e-Learning platform
  • Unclear course outcomes, and so on

Even though there are a lot of issues preventing students from completing courses in full, one has to be ready to provide them with the best learning experience to make them stick with the course as it costs more to acquire a new student than to continue with an existing one.

Keep reading to know how you can re-engage students who don’t complete your course and never let them slip away through the cracks.

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The key to re-engaging students who don’t complete your course

You need to note that you can re-engage lapsed students better and in a much easier way when you are rightly collecting students’ contact information.

Students’ contact information is very important when it comes to deciding on re-engagement plans. Without an email address or phone number, it’s difficult to reach your past students.

You need to make sure to always maintain a proper student record that mentions their personal information like name, mobile number, email address, etc, and course-related information like enrollment date, payment status, etc.

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Ways to re-engage students who don’t complete your course

#1 Find out their reason to desist

Did the price of your course turn your students away?

Do they feel dissatisfied? If yes, why so?

Before you dive into coming up with strategies to re-engage your students, you first need to figure out the reason that made them abandon your online course.

If they choose to learn from your competitor, then you need to find out the reason that made them feel dissatisfied with your course and satisfied with theirs.

It’s time you take a close look at why your course business is losing potential students and strategize a plan to re-engage them by resolving those issues.

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#2 Invite students to fill out an email survey

One of the best ways to get the answers to your questions is by surveying your students. Their feedback on your course is like gold for your e-Learning business. However, it’s not easy to get. Thus, you need to know how to dig for it.

Instead of posting a re-engagement survey on social media, you can prepare an email list of your students and send them a link to participate in your survey based on the time that they have been away.

Keep in mind to target only the students who have been away from your online class for months or years and have never returned.

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#3 Make use of an email newsletter

Don’t let your students drift away in the first place itself. Send them weekly or monthly newsletters to draw their attention and keep getting in front of them.

It is a tried and tested format that provides online educators to remain in their students’ minds and prevent them from abandoning their courses.

#4 Send students win-back emails

A win-back email is a message you send to your students who have previously engaged with your online course, but for some reason or another have now discontinued.

Usually, you can check your student’s enrollment date, and if any of them is inactive for six months or more, you can timeframe win-back emails for them.

You can send your inactive students check-in emails to strike their memory, or testimonials emails to show lapsed students what they could be getting if they join your course again.

It’s important to set dedicated win-back email campaigns for your inactive students so you don’t miss out on sales. You also need to be precise about segregating your students based on inactivity to avoid any negative results.

Re-engaging your students today

Existing students who have already chosen to learn from you in the past are extremely valuable. Put effort into providing them with a satisfactory course online, and don’t let them fall to the wayside. 

In the end, you need to remember that no matter how you choose to tackle the challenge to re-engage students who don’t complete your course, you need to remain focused on existing students’ satisfaction with your online course.

Don’t think that because your sales numbers are good, you won’t be having anything to worry about. If a high percentage of your students learn from you and discontinue due to poor service, you’ll inevitably see your numbers collapse.

You need to become a proactive educator who is actively participating in speaking to students and addressing students’ weaknesses before it starts to damage your online business and cause difficulty to sell courses online.

But remember that re-engagement strategies for your students can only be implemented when you have the right tools at your disposal.

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