Knowing how to teach guitar online gives you the opportunity to be flexible about the course module & geographical location. The fact that you can serve an unlimited number of students is just icing on the cake.  

And as long as you’ve got an internet connection with you, the process would be a pleasant ride!

Imagine waking up every single day to teach students from all around the globe. Or, even better, getting online lessons delivered to hundreds of students on autopilot mode. 

This has become the reality for many guitarists who are using course platforms like Graphy. For both veteran guitarists & the ones starting out, leveraging the online audience is 10x times more scalable than tapping them offline.

At Graphy, we are empowering teachers with the highest quality, affordable and scalable education technologies.

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How to teach guitar online

Step 1: Choose your guitar audience type and positioning

Step 2: Create your course outline & teaching methodologies

Step 3: Get your tools and equipment for teaching online

Step 4: Create & publish your first online lesson

Step 5: Market your online course

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Monetize your knowledge


Choose your guitar audience type and positioning

First thing first, determine exactly who and what you will teach. This will help you out in creating better quality content focused on your target audience. Over & above, it will help you market your course with a clear perspective.  

As an instance, do you want to teach beginners from scratch? Or just focus on Intermediate or advanced guitarists? 

While getting started with online courses, it would be best to target a specific group and build from there. 

Here are a few questions you can ask yourself to determine your course positioning:

  1. Who is your ideal student? Where do they put up, what are their interests & their favorite musicians?
  2. What level of guitar skill are you most comfortable teaching? 
  3. What sets you apart from other guitar teachers of your domain? 

If you already have a set of learners with you, ask them what they enjoy most about training with you, or what challenges you’ve helped them overcome.  

7 reasons to Sell Online Courses.

Monetize your knowledge


Decide your course format and teaching methodologies

When it comes to devising a course outline, you can take up the right mix of multimedia course content. 

You can create a mix of video lectures, live sessions, PDF, audio & other content types. If you want to enjoy face time with students, schedule online live classes at regular intervals. 

Let’s look at a couple of ways by which you can teach guitar online:

Option 1: Self-serving online guitar lessons

This approach is about creating the whole online course material & publishing it. It allows the learners to work through the course at their own pace without hand-holding from your side. 

Option 2: A combination of online courses and live coaching

It’s common to see online guitar teachers selling a package of online courses & live coaching. This way you maintain a point of connection with your learners while charging premium rates. 

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Choose the best online course platform

The next step is about selecting the right course platform to host your online guitar courses.  

Choosing an online course platform gives you the freedom to focus on just the creation & marketing of your course content. From building your course website to payment gateway & in-built marketing tools, it’s all taken care of.   

Here are a few of reasons guitarists love to host courses with Graphy: 

  1. Deliver your lessons on autopilot. 
  2. Easy to navigate UI.  
  3. Full control and customization available.
  4. Indian payment gateway support.
  5. Fabulous support team. 

Monetize your knowledge


Create your first online guitar course

A good first step is to enter your course information on Graphy and create a customized landing page through the website builder.

Consider it as a sales page and focus your efforts on determining your value proposition. Don’t be afraid or hesitant to spread the word even before publishing your course.

Create your online course: Step-by-step guide.

In order to create a course outline, take an instance say fingerstyle guitar. Now, you will want to identify the following:

  1. What stage your student should be at before enrolling in your course?
  2. What should be their expectations once they are finished with your course?
  3. The pool of skills they’d help them move from point 1 to point 2.

Once you got a rough outline of this, it becomes an easy way out.

Record Videos For Online Course at home.

Market your online guitar course

Last but not least, you need a comprehensive plan to get your learners to discover your course.

Your foremost goal has to create visibility among your target community. That would automatically happen when you will establish your authority, and foster goodwill by providing consistent, actionable value.

There is an infinite number of ways you can market your online courses. But, when it comes to art like playing the guitar, nothing beats Youtube. Build your presence on YouTube, if you haven’t already. It’s most probably the number 1 platform people turn to when they want guitar lessons.

You can leverage other social media platforms as well. However, analyze your goals before jumping onto every other platform out there.

I have all the resources you ever need to understand the whole course creation journey:

  1. Figure out the profitable course topic idea
  2. Follow these steps while creating your online course
  3. Launch your online course within 10 minutes
  4. Promote your online course

Monetize your knowledge