In this blog, we will be sharing some of the best ways to teach marketing that you can use to grow your teaching business.

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After the lockdown of 2020, the way to impart education has changed completely. We no longer are dependent on the traditional ways of learning and teaching new skills. Now, education is not limited to the four walls of the physical classroom.

Today, if we want to learn a new skill irrespective of it being an academic skill or a creative skill, we simply search for online courses which are created to teach that particular topic. That’s where our perception of education has changed. 

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So, without further ado, let’s dive in! 

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Top 4 ways to teach marketing in 2022

Teach marketing by conducting frequent online workshops

One of the easiest ways to teach online is to conduct frequent workshops. The best part about online workshops is that they are not like a typical online course which takes two-three months and sometimes even years to complete. On average, workshops are conducted for two-three hours to a whole day for 2 or 3 days. 

Let’s suppose, you want to teach Instagram marketing. So you can conduct a workshop for the next 3 days in which your learners have to invest 2 hours each day. 

Pros of conducting online workshops: 

  • You can deliver more within a limited time 
  • Your learners don’t have to be present in your physical classroom 
  • Saves money and time 
  • You can reach more learners globally.

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Cons of conducting online workshops:

  • Everyone attending the workshop should have a decent internet connection
  • If you are conducting a workshop on a global scale, different time zones may cause issues like latency
  • If the topic is complicated, you have to put in the extra effort. Otherwise, your learners might get carried away
  • You cannot teach an in-depth topic in a limited time. 

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Teach marketing on YouTube 

All of us love to watch those cute vlogs and pet videos, but, we cannot deny the fact that almost all of us have used YouTube to learn a new hack or a new skill. Isn’t it? 

Aren’t you nodding your head? 

You are, right? Because it’s true that we all use or have used YouTube to learn new things. In fact, the data shows that half of the people on YouTube are there for education. 

Hence, we can conclude that one of the best and easiest ways to begin your journey as an online educator is to start teaching on YouTube.

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How can you teach on YouTube?

  • Create your YouTube channel 
  • Give an unforgettable name to your YouTube channel 
  • Upload high-quality videos consistently with an SEO-optimized title for each
  • Write long SEO-optimized video descriptions
  • Make use of proper lighting and sound quality
  • Have a good background. 

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Pros of teaching on YouTube:

  • You can create and upload videos for free
  • YouTube has a very large user base. Hence, you don’t have to build an audience 
  • You can teach live on YouTube
  • You get detailed insight statistics. You can analyze whether your audience is liking your content or not.
  • You can reply to your user in the comment section. You can make them feel valued by reverting to their replies or queries.

Cons of teaching on YouTube: 

  • Since the content is free, many people find it worthless 
  • Frequent advertisements may hinder the learning process
  • YouTube has thousands of creators who are teaching the same thing. Hence, the competition is very high
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Teach marketing in your physical classroom 

You can also teach marketing offline in your physical classroom.

Many people want to learn offline because they feel that face-to-face interaction is a prerequisite when it comes to learning. In fact, many people also feel that offline learning has a direct impact on productivity. Moreover, it also helps in the social development of learners because they all study in the same space.  

But, if you are someone who doesn’t want to settle for a limited amount of income, teaching offline is not going to be the right choice for you. 

During the pandemic, we have seen that many educational institutions and educators have shifted to the online mode of teaching. Undoubtedly, it was not easy for them but, teaching online has introduced them to a lot of new opportunities in terms of growth and scalability. 

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Pros of teaching offline: 

  • Conducting extracurricular activities is very easy 
  • Since you will be there in the class, you learners will act in a more disciplined way 
  • You can easily explain complicated topics by continuously clearing the doubts of your learners

Cons of teaching offline:

  • It increases the traveling costs for you and your learners 
  • You will have to be bound to a fixed schedule 
  • It is difficult for employed learners to attend the classes regularly 
  • Offline teaching involves a lot of fixed expenses.
  • The number of students gets restricted. You can teach online limited students because you may not have enough space to fit in your learners.
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Teach marketing on an online course platform 

If you are planning to teach online, then one of the best ways is to teach by using an online course platform. You could easily launch your online courses on an online course platform and attain your income goals.

What is an online course platform? 

An online course platform is a virtual space where everything related to your institute would be managed online. 

Whether it is the report card, certificates, attendance, live classes, or payments – An online course platform equips you with the tools that help you in managing all the tasks of your online institute. 

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Therefore, if this is something you dream about, you should choose a knowledge commerce platform like Graphy which will help you to create, market, and sell your online courses. 

Why should you choose Graphy to launch your online course? 

Graphy is an all-in-one online course platform that has helped around 30000+ creators globally to launch and establish their online education empire.

With our fully functional learning management system, integrated payment gateways, and effective marketing and sales tools, creators have managed to create an impact globally through their online courses. 

Moreover, we have also helped our creators to achieve their income goals by providing them with tools to market their digital products globally. 

Pros of teaching on the Graphy: 

  • Branded website and mobile app.
  • Multi-layer security to protect your content from piracy and unauthorized accessibility.
  • Prompt support by dedicated account managers 
  • Integrated multiple payment gateways 
  • Country-specific pricing.
  • No restrictions on enrollment. Up to you whether you want to enroll 1000 or 100000. Nobody is going to stop you.
  • Establish your own brand through your branded course website and mobile application 
  • Set your course prices as per your wish and don’t even have to share your revenue. 
  • Entire control lies with you.
  • No transaction fees.

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Cons of teaching on Graphy: 

  • If you do not put in the required efforts, you may not get the desired results 
  • You will have to build your audience on your own


Now, you are aware of the top 4 ways to teach marketing in 2022. No matter what your niche is, always try to give your learners the very best of ‘yourself’. 

We understand that it is not easy to incorporate all the ways that we have shared to teach marketing and that’s why we recommend you to pick any two of the above-mentioned ways at a time. 

But, yes, we want to emphasize that if you want to establish your brand and create an impact on a global scale while earning a decent amount of money, choosing an all-in-one course hosting platform like Graphy would be the best choice for you!

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