In this blog, we will suggest ways to help you teach sales online and build a community of paying students. 

Sales is one such skill that will help you regardless of whichever field you work in. It develops the ability to evaluate possibilities, listen to others, deal with objections and still find a way to prove your point. 

After the pandemic hit, learners jumped to digital ways to learn such skills. The last few years have been revolutionizing the online tuition market. There are several ways through which you can impart your knowledge, build a community and make them your paying customers. 

This blog will help you with just that; here, we will suggest methods to help you teach sales online. 

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Teach sales online in 2022

Social media 

To monetize any skill, you need to make your audience understand that you are capable of it. As a sales coach, your target audience comprises college students and working professionals who want to learn the art of selling. So, you can reach them on social sites like Facebook, Instagram, or Linkedin, where they are the most active. 

Each social media platform offers different ways to use it as your classroom; from sharing information to holding live lectures, you can do it all. You just have to use the right techniques, and once you build a significant following, you can charge fees for your classes or scale it up to creating an online course. 

You can teach sales online through social media in a number of ways-

  • Post-value-based content consistently- If you want to build a brand for yourself, posting on social media should be your first step. It helps you stay on top of the mind of your target audience and increases your chances of getting paying students. You can post new insights, burst myths, provide quality tips and tricks, and help your audience learn more about selling. 
  • Use live streams to host discussions and live lectures- You can easily do live streams on Instagram, Facebook, and Linkedin, where you can have a detailed live conversation on any topic. Your audience can also ask questions in the comment box to keep the discussion two-way. This is an excellent way to teach sales online and build credibility. 
  • Share blogs for in-depth information on a topic- As a sales coach, blogs should be your ultimate option if you want to share detailed insights on any topic. For your blogs to rank on Google, you can use keywords that best describe your topic, solve user intent, and are unique. You can search other competitors’ blogs to identify content gaps and come up with better quality posts than the ones already there on the internet. 

And, if you aren’t tech-savvy, but want to build an extraordinary website to publish your blogs, then you can choose Graphy to provide you with all the support you need. With Graphy, you can create beautiful websites with no coding. The platform provides you with many pre-designed templates to convert your target learners into paying customers. 

Teach sales online

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Online workshops 

Another way you can teach sales online is by conducting workshops. These are short educational programs designed to help audiences hone practical skills like sales. A workshop can range from 45 minutes to over 2-3 days depending upon the topic and how detailed you want the discussion to be. Online workshops are a perfect balance between live sessions that last only a few minutes to an online course that might take your students days to complete. 

You can market your online workshop to your audience on social media, Youtube, podcasts, or email subscribers. Make sure that your offer is exciting and that people feel it is worth their time. Online workshops can be both paid and unpaid. You can charge a minimum amount to classify your buyers and onboard your most engaged audience. 

Teach sales online

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Tips to keep in mind when taking online workshops

  • Have a good internet connection so you can smoothly take your classes
  • Record your lectures to repurpose them into blogs, social media posts, or upload them as mini-training on your website
  • Make sure to test out slides on both desktop and mobile to ensure your text is readable. 
  • Your workshop should be interesting and interactive. As your audience questions and gives the chance to speak, there is a two-way conversation. 
  • Don’t keep the length of the workshop too long; otherwise, people might opt-out even before it ends. You can either cut out the length or increase the number of days to ensure good attendance. 
  • Include a CTA, so you tell your audience exactly what to do next, and they aren’t clueless. You can either encourage them to book a consultation call or sign up for your online course. 

Teach sales online

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Youtube is another great place to teach sales online. Since its video-based platform, it allows you to showcase your personality and build credibility in your niche. Youtube is the second most visited site worldwide, right after its parent company Google. According to Statista, over 694000 hours of video are every minute of Youtube

As a sales coach, you can create an in-depth content on your subject matter to build a significant subscriber count. Google also promotes videos relevant to user search intent; thus, you can expand your reach tremendously. And, once you create a significant following, there is no turning back. You can easily convert them into paying customers. 

Tips on how to grow your youtube channel 

  • Create more videos around a single keyword or topic, so Youtube picks it up and ranks on top of search results. 
  • Most successful videos on Youtube are typically between 1-and 5 minutes, so there is no pressure of creating long-form content. However, doing that gives you time to cover up more information on the topic. 
  • Engage with your audience in comments, answer their questions on your video or give shoutouts to make them feel special. 
  • Collaborate with more people in your niche and get a chance to reach a new audience. 
  • Promote your videos on other social media channels to attract more traffic. This is important when you are just starting and don’t really get enough traffic. 
  • Create the best thumbnails since that’s the first thing that makes users click on your video. 
  • Always have a CTA asking users to like, comment, and subscribe to your channel either at the beginning, end, or both.

Teach sales online

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Podcasts are what you can hop on for people who don’t have much time to watch videos or are comfortable learning through audio. Compared to 2018, Podcast listeners have grown by over 29.5% in three years. So, there is a huge demand for podcasts, and in the future, you might see them as equally popular as Youtube. 

Creating podcasts is much easier compared to Youtube since you don’t really have to worry about your camera angles or whether you look flattering or not. Creating a podcast is minimal or no start-up cost; you only need a good mike, headphones, mic stand, and a laptop. Like Youtube, you can create in-depth, long-form content on your subject matter, aka sales. With time, when you build a significant following, you can also monetize to earn a passive income. 

Tips on how to grow your Podcast

  • Always listen to your audience and create content that they want to listen to. Your content should always balance your ideas for your channel and what your audience is referring to. 
  • Collaborate with other podcasters in your niche. Be a guest podcaster on other podcasts to discover new audiences. 
  • You can also pitch ideas to other podcasters and invite them to participate in the discussion.
  • Transcribe your Podcast to improve your ranking on the SEO page. When you transcribe, you make it easier for Google to find you. 
  • Promote your Podcast on social media to gain additional engagements. 

Teach sales online

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Launch an online course 

If you are passionate about teaching sales online and want to create an income through it, you should definitely launch your online course. Here, you can include everything related to sales, from topics and assignments to tests. All of the other points that we mentioned before can be used as a platform to bring the audience to your online course. 

There is no limit to how much you can earn when creating an online course. If you are confident of the value you provide to your students, then earning thousands of dollars shouldn’t be much of a task. And if you are looking for a platform to create and launch your online course, then Graphy should be your ultimate option. 

Graphy is the best online course creation platform with jam-packed tools helpful in creating, marketing, and securing your online course. Teachers can host live classes or pre-upload classes. And, you can do all this without any coding knowledge required. 

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Why choose Graphy for creating your online course

  • Launch your online course website & branded mobile apps
  • Multi-layer security to prevent your content from unauthorized accessibility and piracy.
  • Integrate multiple-payment gateways
  • No transaction fees
  • Market your course by creating promos or discounts 
  • Create an extraordinary website and mobile app without any coding required
  • SEO optimized landing pages to rank better on search engine
  • Excellent customer support through dedicated account managers
teach sales online

Teach sales online

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