In this blog, we will cover the 5 most popular employee training methods for workplace training.

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Employees are the building blocks of any successful business. If you have a credible, talented and efficient workforce, nothing can stop your company from reaching the heights that you have dreamt of. 

Today, every organization understands this and therefore is directly investing in helping their employees improve their existing skillsets or develop new relevant ones. They don’t just remunerate their employees for the services offered by them but consider them as an asset and invest in their overall growth and development. That explains the current popularity of workspace training programs. 

These programs are specifically meant to enhance the quality of their workforce by helping them develop: 

  • Technical proficiency
  • Leadership qualities
  • Communication skills
  • Time management
  • Critical thinking skills 
  • Interpersonal skills

So, if you are an organization trying to build an efficient and skilled team, you need to engage with the best employee training methods and offer workplace training to all chosen candidates. 

To verse you in these methods and help you pick the best one, from Graphy, here is a list of 5 popular and acclaimed employee training methods for workplace training. Incorporate these methods into your training program and build a team that will efficiently carry forward the vision of your business. 

So, let’s begin!

Train your employees online

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Classroom learning 

Classroom learning is a traditional method of learning where knowledge is imparted by an educator or facilitator in a classroom set-up. If your organisation engages in bulk-hiring with campus drives, then this method could help you train a large and inexperienced workforce in one go. 

Most multi-national organisations prefer this training method as it allows them to create a stimulating environment where each employee or trainee would be pushed to learn from both their educators and peers. 

Benefits of Classroom Learning 

  • It promotes collaborative learning where employees could learn from each other. 
  • Helps create a learning environment where employees could learn, free of any distractions. 
  • Provides opportunities for social and personal growth. 
  • Brings in the scope for one-on-one learning. 
  • Makes way for immediate clarification of doubts or other queries. 

But cost that a company incurs while imparting knowledge through this mode cannot be ignored. In terms of:

  • Hiring educators or assigning your senior workforce to the training program, cutting down their productivity. 
  • Booking venues
  • Providing accommodation 
  • Catering

Classroom learning is definitely a huge investment. What you need to do is conduct a cost-benefit analysis and see if the returns of this employee training method outdo the cost. 

On-the-job training 

If there is an employee training method that best follows the learning by doing methodology then that is on-the-job training. This training method tends to get a little too intensive and stressful but is nevertheless quite effective in terms of increasing productivity. 

It significantly brings down the cost of training and brings in the possibility of employees contributing to the growth of the company in the training period itself. 

In on-the-job training, employees don’t learn through lectures or tests but by directly engaging with the work that they are supposed to do in the future. Here, they will always have someone to guide them in the right direction but all-in-all they will be the ones fulfilling their everyday tasks. 

Benefits of on-the-job training

  • Triggers a faster learning process and it adds to the work experience of employees. 
  • Makes space for faster onboarding and the new joiners get to absorb the work culture of the company while learning. 
  • This training method is both economic and cost-effective as you don’t need to prepare lengthy preparations or fix a venue for the training. 
  • Helps the employer measure the potential of the prospective employees. 
  • Facilitates team building. 

Train your employees online

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E-learning/online training

The next employee training method is a byproduct of the digital wave that we all are a part of today: e-learning or online training. From online courses and webinars to video lectures, all form a part of e-learning and offer a convenient way of training employees. 

It is basically self-paced training where trainees are given a timeframe to finish a particular course or lecture series. At the end of this period, they are tested on the basis of what they have learnt and their score determines their proficiency and how well they have completed the training. Several organisations use this training method to give their existing employees a chance at promotion and increment. Also, new recruitments are allocated to specific teams based on their performance. 

Benefits of e-learning 

  • It is the most flexible method of training. Your employees can learn anytime and from anywhere. 
  • It’s pocket-friendly as apart from the initial management cost there is not much investment needed for online training or e-learning. 
  • The scope of online learning is immense. You can make world-class courses a part of your training programme with ease. 
  • The online mode makes taking assessments and marking them a lot easier. 

So, if you have been looking for an employee training method that is convenient, effective and caters to a large workforce, then e-learning could be your best pick. One thing you need to note is that this learning method demands a lot of management. You have to invest in a reliable Learning Management System (LMS) to keep everything on track. 

In case you wish to build a course of your own and make it a part of your online training curriculum, you can conveniently build one with us. With Graphy, make use of all our customization options, add videos, PDFs, tests, online lectures and quizzes of your choice and build an impactful online course for training your employees.

Train your employees online

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Interactive learning 

As the name suggests, interactive learning is the kind that takes place through interaction. It is basically a real-life approach to education where your employees would participate in guided social interactions and through them develop their skills. 

In interactive learning, all your employees come together in a virtual or real space and engage in different activities. From role-plays, quizzes, debates, and group discussions, everything forms a part of interactive learning. Interactive learning gives the employees space to practice their everyday responsibilities in a guided setup. And as skills are developed through interactions, they tend to get inscribed deeper into the minds of the employees. 

Benefits of interactive learning

  • Better attention span
  • Information retention
  • An effective tool for team building
  • Improves the problems solving skills of your employees
  • Develops their communication skills

So if you wish to choose an employee training method which is low-key but impactful then interactive learning could be your best shot. 

Train your employees online

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Mentorship training

When you are learning something new, one cannot stress enough the importance of having a mentor who could guide you through. And that is exactly why mentorship training is quite a in trend these days. 

In this employee training method, new employees are paired with senior-level employees with whom they can learn everything about the working of the company. Under the guidance of a mentor, all their mistakes would be immediately identified and, therefore, this employee training method brings in a lot of scope for improvement

Mentorship training is an active tool in building relationships within the company and is also helpful in making the new employees feel welcomed in a completely new environment. 

Benefits of mentorship training 

  • Simplifies the onboarding process and makes the employees feel welcomed throughout. 
  • Benefits both the mentors and mentees. As this kind of collaboration makes way for both their skill enhancement including communication skills and leadership qualities. 
  • Mentorship training often becomes a two-way learning process where both parties learn from one another. 
  • If anything this is a cost-effective employee training method as there are no additional costs and the returns are quite evident. 

Train your employees online

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Tips to choose the right employee training method 

While each of the employee training methods we discussed is equally beneficial, there is no one method that works for all. You have to pick the ones that will add value to your workforce without hampering their growth. 

To help you out here, are some questions curated by us at Graphy that you need to consider to pick the right employee training method

  • What is the objective of the training?

Always have a clear goal in mind regarding the outcome of your training programme. For instance, if you wish to develop soft skills in your employees or interpersonal relationships within the company, interactive learning could be the best employee training method you can adopt. 

  • What is the nature of your workforce?

Choose a method which best caters to the needs of your target employees. For instance, if your employees belong to the older generation, they would be more comfortable with traditional methods of learning. So, for them, on-the-job training or classroom learning could be the best employee training method and not e-learning.

  • Will the method hamper your productivity? 

These employee training methods are definitely useful but shouldn’t hamper the productivity of your employees. For instance, if a weekly webinar is enough to train your employees there is no need to engage with the everyday classroom learning methods. Also, if your employees follow the WFH model, you can enrol them for e-learning models. 

Once you consider all these points you can easily come up with an employee training method that best aligns with the needs of your organisation. So, make sure to identify your needs and goals before making the final choice. 

Train your employees online

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5 popular employee training methods for workplace training

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Train your employees online

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