In this blog, we will discover the top 5 best ways to sell more online courses which will aid you in building your online learning empire.

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Creating an online course is definitely a difficult task but it’s just the first hurdle that you will be crossing. The next biggest hurdle is to sell an online course. Don’t expect that after creation the selling will automatically happen. To sell more online courses deserves and requires utmost attention and knowledge.


You have created your dream course. You are confident about the success of your course and so are your folks. You have identified the market demand and discovered the market problem solution. However, the market isn’t aware of your course and is still juggling the solution. 

Now think about the importance of visibility and selling your product.

Today, there are countless online course creators across the world. Without a question, they all strive to offer their students by giving them all.

However, do you believe they’re all together in the same spot in terms of income and expansion?

Do you believe they’ve already been capable of making an effect with their online courses?

Clearly, the response is a resounding NO!

In reality, a large number of them have been educating online for several decades. Still somehow, when we contrast their progress to that of their fellow creators (including beginners), we can see that many are far behind.

Let’s dig deeper and get into the different ways to sell more online courses effectively and efficiently.

Launch your online course

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5 most effective ways to sell more online courses

Be aware of your target market.

Whenever it pertains to producing an effective online course, it’s critical not to endeavor to please everyone. Determine who your target audience is and tailor your message to them. Become an expert in your field.

It is indeed time to finally get to understand customer needs and wants once you’ve identified them. Gain knowledge about their objectives, inspirations, motivators, and key points. Recognize the information, abilities, and behaviors that they value. Determine how they prefer to study – this will enable you to adapt your topic and distribution approach properly.

Furthermore, you will be able to develop more successful and realistic marketing plans as a result of this. Consider the following questions as you create your target consumer:

  • For whom am I developing this course?
  • What should be the age criteria for your course?
  • Which are my target customers’ pain points?
  • What should their ultimate objectives be?

Let’s say you’re producing an online course about how to lose excess fat that’s only for ladies between the ages of 16 and 45. This implies that everyone else on the web will not be your perfect consumer.

As a result, you’d be targeting all ladies between the ages of 16 and 45 who want to reduce weight.

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Investigate your rivals

Examine the courses that your competitors are offering and consider how yours will vary.

When you’re not certain who your rivals are, a fast Google search of your keywords (for example, “Online digital marketing course”) will show you what else is available. Deem using a keyword planner like Google keyword planner or Semrush for a more thorough outcome.

Construct a spreadsheet with a description of your opponents, their courses, rates, and the services they provide. It’s also crucial to observe what they don’t provide, as this is where you’ll find the most opportunities.

Evaluate your course’s USP i.e. unique selling points – significant advantages that your rivals don’t provide.

  • Do you have an online forum where students can interact with one another? 
  • Do you have a large library of resources? 
  • Are you a certified professional in your field? 
  • Do you provide direct contact to your professors in order to get answers to difficult questions? 
  • Is there a follow-up course available to help them expand their skills and experience?

When you’ve discovered your unique selling point, build your content around it and reinforce it throughout your website, email messages, and marketing initiatives.

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Robust marketing strategy.

In order to build your business, you want to have as many eyes on your program as possible for the least amount of money.

If you have such an email address database, this is the ideal way to begin. Mailchimp, Campaign Monitor, and Hubspot are three email campaign solutions that are both inexpensive and simple to use. Give out frequent emails to your audience to market forthcoming courses, but make them as personalized as needed. 

Get yourself a website that will provide all the marketing tools and features for you. Google will simply find an excellent training provider website, putting you higher in search outcomes for your keywords. It ought to be on-brand and simple to explore, with a course catalog that can be filtered. It has been proven that the online registration process, checkout, and payments transform more customers than email and invoice methods

Are you up for a challenge? Here are some other ways to promote your courses:

  • Make social media and update with relevant hashtags on a regular basis.
  • Paid ads
  • Use social media to promote your business.
  • Google Ads can help you improve your SEO.
  • Create a marketplace for your courses 
  • Promote relevant industry journals or contribute material to them.
  • Collaborate with appropriate membership organizations.
  • Make use of referral marketing.
  • Offer discount or promo codes.

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Apply the best pricing strategy possible to sell more online courses

Regardless of how fantastic your online course is, the ‘price’ will always be one of the most crucial aspects influencing the purchaser’s final choice.

Decide on a growth strategy and price your online course accordingly. So during the planning stage, consider whether the course you are developing –

  • Is it going to be effective as a lead magnet?
  • Is this likely to be your major source of income?
  • Is this going to be a side hustle?
  • Is this something you’ll include in your subscription system?

This particular decision will have far-reaching consequences. The course structure, landing sites, and funnels will all be built based on your ultimate selection, just like the marketing methods.

As a result, make sure you understand how your course will benefit you and how this will affect your online course.

Furthermore, do extensive research before deciding on a fee for your online course. Examine the prices at which your rivals sell their courses, as well as the additional perks that they provide to their students.

Take into account that selling your course at a competitive rate is preferable to selling it at a poor price. Several producers set their profits modest in the hopes that their audience will buy the course. But, regrettably, this isn’t the case. Several individuals mistakenly believe that low prices imply low-quality material. As a result, never undervalue your product by selling it for less.

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Spend on the right online learning platform

If you’re mainly interested in delivering your online course as an on-demand live stream, a learning management system is a must-have software program. You can use this type of technology to generate, manage, and, in most cases, broadcast your on-demand course. 

You may also keep track of and evaluate your students’ progress. Additional eLearning courses that can be used in conjunction with your on-demand video are normally available through learning management systems. 

  • SCORM packages, 
  • Live classes
  • Live test and quizzes, 
  • Polls, 
  • Communities, 
  • Assignments and more are among them.

So let us tell you Graphy is the platform that provides everything along with:

  • Advanced marketing as well as sale features and tool
  • Branded website and mobile app
  • Multi-layer security 
  • Country specific pricing 
  • Personal dedicated manager 
  • Excellent customer support and many more.

That is why Graphy is the creator’s choice and is also being termed as an all-in-one platform

Launch your online course

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To wrap it up

We applaud you if you have designed an online course because we realize how much work goes into it.

If you haven’t included these best 5 tips to sell more online courses while designing your online course, you may feel overwhelmed after reading this blog.

However, there is no need to be concerned until you have rendered it visible to your audience. Implement these steps to the letter and your online course will sell like flames on Graphy, a branded online course hosting platform.

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