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In 2022 rolling yourself into the virtual world is an effective way to create a successful online business. Let’s start over to understand how you can sell online courses from your website in 2022. 

But, before that let’s start with a few common questions.Bt before that let’s address some common questions.

Is it profitable to sell online courses?

Do you all know that the e-learning industry has received a tremendous boost since the pandemic? The revenue of the global e-learning market is forecast to grow from $144 billion in 2019 to $374.3 billion by 2026. So how much you can make selling online courses, you can predict now.

The good part about online content is that you can build it just once and can sell it infinitely. Furthermore, online courses do not have rising marginal costs when they are sold more.

There will be costs involved while creating a course. When you are calculating your profit margin does include the following costs:

  • Software costs
  • Marketing/advertising costs
  • Of course your time as well

However, selling online courses is still profitable for most entrepreneurs. Now that you know about the profit, you must be wondering where you can sell online courses?

Where can you sell online courses?

So basically there are two major paths of selling courses online:

  1. From the online course marketplace
  2. From your website

Let’s understand both the prospects.

Online course marketplace

An online course marketplace is a third-party website where creators can just create and publish their courses. As the name implies it’s the market for all the creators. A place where visitors can find thousands of content created by other entrepreneurs.

Marketplace holds the benefit that it already has existing potential customers. However, it also has downsides like:

  • For publishing your content you have to adhere to the third party terms and conditions.
  • It asks for a larger cut from your revenue.
  • You will not be holding your branding. It just disappears in the pool of other creators.
  • You have restrictions on your online course pricing, discounting, and many more. The control of your course doesn’t lie with you.

Now before jumping into how to sell let’s understand why you should sell on your website.

Own website

There are four main advantages of selling online courses on your website:

  • Like above, you don’t have to share the cut from your revenue. You can retain all of the money which you earn from selling your course.
  • Own website helps you become your brand. You can build up your branded website and mobile app.
  • Holding your website makes you more powerful. The entire control lies in your hand. Right from fixing the price to promoting your course, you will be in charge of all.
  • You can even ensure the security of your content delivery.

For example, Graphy provides you with a platform where you can build your branded website and mobile app. It’s you who takes charge of your website, right from pricing to promoting. 

how to sell online course from your website

How to sell online courses from your website in 2022?

For selling online courses from your website, first, you have to create online content. Once you have made content and done all the necessary things, it’s time for you to sell it. 

Now let’s get into the details of how to sell online from your website.

STEP#1: Idea for a successful course.

Launching an online course is not a major concern nowadays. However, launching a quality course is what matters.

Many people launch an online course, but they struggle to sustain themselves. The online reason for that is they couldn’t find the right idea.

Look, online courses are meant for resolving problems. Your content should address the area of need. Be it parenting, health issues, business growth, yoga, etc.

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • What am I excellent at? What do my friends and relatives seek help from me?
  • What is my passion? What’s that one thing that drives me?
  • What’s that one topic in which I excel? 
  • What’s the one thing that I know better than a Google search?

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STEP#2: Create a course

Publishing excellent material will help you retain your learners’ attention. It will also increase your course referral as well. So, at this point, turn your age away from the cash. Your main goal should be to provide value to your students.

Ascertain that your training yields precise outcomes for specific individuals.

Make sure that you design the course modules wise. Before every module, provide them with the prospect of each course. 

You can split your modules into several lessons. You can have your module in the form of videos, texts, podcasts, PowerPoint, etc. 

For creating video content you will be requiring:

  • A camera
  • Screen recorder
  • Microphone
  • Good quality light
  • A tripod
how to sell online courses from your website

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Step#3: To sell your course, use the online course market.

See we all know that introducing an online business is not an easy task. A lot of online stages instigate you to use a lot of plugins and costly tools. Because of this lot of fantastic creators give up and never again think of starting the online journey.

But what exactly requires is a pocket-friendly platform with easy-to-use tools. So that you can start selling online courses immediately.

That is when the LMS i.e. learning management system plays the lead role. LMS gives you an easy-to-use and set-up platform with complete self-control. 

A learning management system provides you with the following features:

  • Branded website and mobile app
  • In-built payment system
  • Drag and drop features for creating effective sales pages
  • Incorporation of interactive elements like live quizzes, surveys, etc.
  • Dedicated account managers and instant chat & call support.
  • Multi-layer content-security.
  • Admin account restrictions and many more.

To add the icing on the top Graphy platform provides all the above features. It is an all-in-one platform with a lot of features and integrations. It also provides an advanced level of marketing and sales tools. You build the website, promote, and run the website on one platform. 

Step#4: Pricing

There’s a simple question you need to answer before you expose your course to the public and start making money. What will be the fee for my course?

Remember the price of your course has a direct impact on almost every area of your online business. Right from marketing to the types of students you attract. How much-individualized care and concern you can provide.

The price is always determined by the quality and not quantity. Your learners will always look for the value of your course. They will be paying you based on your course promise and value. Look for the outcome your learner will receive and how much they are willing to pay.

Consider the following cost of your learners’ alternatives:

  1. How else does someone learn how to accomplish the achievements that your online course content empowers them to obtain if they didn’t take your course?
  2. How many years or months of trial & error would it take?
  3. What will be the cost of a consultant or a coach if you hire them for your help?

 Make sure that the price of your course is not too less or not too high.

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Step#5: Promote your course content on various platforms

It is imperative to get a 360-degree exposure to your online content. You can make use of both paid and freeways of promoting your content. Try to fetch both organic and paid target audiences. 

It is obvious that if people don’t know about your existence, then the chance of a sale is near zero. People should know about your existence as a brand and your content. Only then it is possible for you to earn money online.

Remember your course first needs to be widely discovered. Post that expects your audience to enroll in it.

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Step#6: Make your content engaging and unique.

Your online program requires a blog content plan, which is an important part of digital marketing. To have this right, you have to generate unique and compelling content. Ensure that the content is relevant to your course subject.

It’s content you can use throughout your site and course, whether it:

  • Text- articles
  • Presentation
  • Quotes
  • Photographs
  • Figures & tables
  • Infographics
  • Videos

Make sure that your content is engaging. Nowadays people don’t have patience and time. Long videos have become monotonous and boring. Try to make bite-sized videos. Make your online training interactive and unique.

Step#7: Create a YouTube channel

Starting a YouTube channel will help you reach a mass audience. It is one of the most effective ways to create your online presence. 

Not just instructional or educational videos, you can also create:

  • Training videos
  • Tutorial videos
  • DIY video content
  • Presentation videos
  • Screencasts
  • Your product videos to guide them on how to use your online course
  • You can even share business or industry news

It is one of the most efficient ways of attracting a tech-savvy audience.

how to sell online courses from your website

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Step#8: Be active on Quora

Look for your industry-related audience and questions. Answer their questions and try to direct them to your sales page. Link your relevant content to their questions, so that they land on your course sales page. 

What makes quora attractive is that the more you contribute to the site the more clicks you will receive. Always provide a good quality answer that receives upvotes and more likes.

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Step#9: Connect your social media profiles.

A good internet presence draws the right kind of customers. As a result, keeping a proactive and constant presence on social media is crucial.

To establish your credibility and trust, start enhancing your profile bio on your online networks.

Eventually, start sharing your views and ideas across all social media platforms. Make sure to link all your accounts to your website. On your social media platform, attach a link that directs the users to the course sales page.

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Three most important things you need to sell online courses from your website

We are sure you are itching to start selling your course content online by now. However, three things you must have to launch successfully:

  1. Landing page experience

Do you know that 9.7% is the average conversion rate of the landing pages? This simply implies that out of 100 visitors 90 will leave the platform without purchasing.

That is why it is vital to ensure that the landing page works for you and not against you. That is only possible by converting as many visitors as possible. 

So, let’s look at some pointers to help you develop effective landing pages that will boost your conversion:

  • Make use of strong CTA
  • Polish and groom your copywriting skills
  • Add testimonials and social proof
  • Keep it crisp, simple, and to the point
  • Make use of quality media

Luckily, you do not have to have professional designers and copywriter experience to make a high-converting landing page. Graphy has ready-made landing page templates. Isn’t great that you can customize according to your brand. In case you desire to make everything from scratch, you can do that even with our landing page builder feature.

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  1. Email Marketing platform

You need an email marketing platform on various occasions, like:

  • To deliver you online course content
  • Staying connected with your learners
  • Helps in increasing conversion rate with time.

Don’t you think you should target people who came to your website who signed up but didn’t enroll in the course? For that reason, you have to stay connected with them. You can attract those learners by showing them what you are offering and what they are missing out on.

You can also offer them discount coupons. Through email, you can create FOMO in them. It is not mandated that all will come back but few will definitely. People who are not buying now will buy later.

On the other hand, Graphy made it easier for you to shoot emails to 300 people together. Graphy has an integration known as Mailchimp. It enables you to target people who are present in your email list. 

how to sell online courses from your website
  1. Payment processor

When you sell your course online you expect that you get paid. To receive payment, you will need a payment processor.  

Do you know 42% of online shoppers swipe their credit cards? 28% of people make use of debit cards. It is critical to choose a processor which allows both payment modes. You don’t want to turn down a client due to a lack of payment alternatives.

What is the ramification of refusing to accept a variety of payment modes? 16% of customers claim to have abandoned their carts because of the non-availability of desired payment options. Give options to keep customers and sales intact.

Thank God, Graphy made the payment process much smoother. It already has an in-built payment gateway. You do not have to integrate it specifically. 

Graphy not just allows you to take domestic transactions, but also international. It holds the country-wise currency flexibility. Graphy offers you multiple payment options under a single payment gateway. Isn’t it amazing?

how to sell online courses from your website

It’s a wrap

Some people could benefit from understanding the topic you teach. Look possibilities are that others may also teach topics like yours. But what makes you stand out will be your unique perspective.

By reading this blog, you must have started the initial steps of online teaching. Starting with it is not that difficult but completing the task with dedication is a struggle.

Now it’s upon you to decide. Will you complete the task? Or will you give up on it, robbing the world of your knowledge?