Howtocbc was co-founded by Aruna and Gautham in October 2021 to help Teacher Creators build premium Cohort Based Courses.

Gautham has been a serial entrepreneur in the ed-tech domain for over 8 years. Over 5000 students have been trained by his first venture Pupilfirst across 16 cohorts to date. Aruna worked as a lecturer at Harvard with more than 7 years of experience teaching STEM courses. She currently helps creators structure their knowledge into CBCs using advanced pedagogical techniques.

Reach out to HowtoCBC for:

  • Course Design 
  • Curriculum Design
  • Landing Page Design
  • Syllabus Creation
  • Design of Live Sessions
  • Arriving at Market Course Teacher Fit

Services Offered

Howtocbc will help you apply proven CBC tactics to improve and design courses that your students love, ensure student outcomes are achieved and scale your business. They will help you design your course, its curriculum, and syllabus into modules using the principles of pedagogy.

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