Jean Pak

Jean Pak’s expertise lies in enhancing learner experiences (both online and offline) to improve learner retention and boost sales. Jean helps entrepreneurs with developing course curricula, websites, and mobile apps to better assess and serve learners with clear outcomes and interactive, engaging, and memorable learning experiences.

Reach out to Jean for: 

  • Online course creation and setup
  • Landing page customization 
  • Curriculum development
  • Setting up mobile apps
  • Website design and development

Services Offered

According to Jean, specialized skills, passion, and experience is a pre-requisite for creating successful online courses. And, that’s exactly what she can help you with.

Whether you are a teacher, digital entrepreneur, or tech startup, Jean can help you maximize your reach and growth

Therefore, if you want to create profitable and scalable digital products that allow you to reach your target audience and grow it exponentially, Jean Pak is the right person for you!

Brands Jean has worked with: 

  • Substantial Classrooms 
  • Spiritual Competency Academy 
  • Ethical Solutions LLC and many others

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