Sukin Shetty

Sukin is an engineer turned entrepreneur. He is a content creator as well. He assists people in finding out their passion and setting up their online teaching businesses. 

Sukin helps people set up their online teaching businesses and assists them from scratch, i.e., finding their online course niche, audience, course idea, etc. Many of his mentees either have built their side hustles or have become full-time course creators.

Reach out to Sukin for:

  • Finding your Niche
  • Niche Validation
  • Finding your audience
  • Course topics
  • Designing your curriculum
  • Setting up your course on Graphy 
  • Tools required to build your online course
  • Roadmap for your Online course business

Services Offered

Sukin believes that people who are planning to launch their online courses get stuck in various areas like deciding the course topic, validating their course idea, video recording, establishing themselves as a brand, etc. 

He figured out that he wanted to help such creators to establish their successful online teaching businesses. Hence, his services range from niche clarity to course idea validation to setting up an online course website and curriculum.


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