The mission of Genius Zone Digital Studio by Yasaf Burshan is to empower creators and enable them to unleash their full potential, aka find their “Zone of Genius”. They help you do that by seamlessly integrating technology into your online teaching business so that you can focus on what matters most ie, course creation.

Reach out to Yasaf for: 

  • Custom solution and integrations
  •  Web development
  • Automations using Zapier and all other platforms too
  • WordPress support and integrations
  •  Marketing and business consultation

Services Offered

Genius Zone Digital Studio has helped many entrepreneurs in setting up their online teaching businesses. Their services range from customer solutions to integrations to automation. In short, they can help you connect the dots between your course website and third-party applications. In fact, even more than that. 

Brands Yasaf has worked with: 

  • Gateway+ 
  • Paretolabs.com
  • Attitude Advantage & many others



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