Graphy is the best way to monetize your live sessions

Bringing a community together and providing value every day can be difficult to manage. We've built a full creator stack especially for you.

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Live sessions are where communities engage
You can host your sessions for unlimited time and invite as many people.
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Host live sessions to engage with your community and build your audience for free.
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Explore and double down on content your audience will pay for.
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Unlimited Participants

There's no 100 participants cap. Bring as many members as you can.

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Unlimited Time

Be live for as long as you want. We don't cut you off after 40 minutes.

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Meaningful Insights

Receive insights about your sessions and feedback from participants.

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We've got you covered with payments enabled through Razorpay and Stripe.

Best in class interactions with robust video platform.

Curated specially for large audiences, our player has hosted unlimited participants for major Instructors on Unacademy.

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Flexible Pricing

Host unlimited sessions. We charge only a 5% platform fee on sessions you monetize.

At Graphy, all the ownership is yours. Come host a session with us, your audience is waiting for you!

Abhi and Niyu, Vishwanathan Anand and Vidit Gujrathi all create on Graphy because they believe we can help them grow their communities.

No credit-card required.
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