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Introducing the Graphy Player, tailor-made for instructors, perfect for classes with students of 5 to 5000. Online teaching is your new playground.

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Bring your students into the classroom with “Stage”

Enrich your classroom by breaking the monologue. The new “Stage” feature allows you to Invite students to address the group by accepting a hand raise invite. Implement this in a variety of scenarios, including reinforcing content and answering questions.

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Build an active community that supports itself

Your students can freely engage in discussions with each other, using the chat feature that comes with our player. You can also pose questions to the group and create quizzes to keep sessions fresh.

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Convey content clearly, and keep learners engaged

Translate concepts with the whiteboarding tool, and freely annotate and draw over pre-loaded documents and PDFs in real-time while you conduct a live session.

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Get feedback from your students after every session

Graphy lets your learners give their feedback on each of your live sessions. Act on the most relevant suggestions to ensure students get the most out of your classes.

Tailor-made for online tutors
Invite students into the classroom to address the group
Host sessions of larger sizes with more people at the same time
Get session feedback from students and edit courses accordingly
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