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Stream live, launch courses, or message on channels.

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Power up your live sessions with in-built monetization tools.

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Create your content and grow your community, all on your own terms.

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Collect payments with just one-click. We charge only a 5% platform fee.

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We’ll never ask you to pay rent on your own content. If you don’t charge your audience, we don’t charge you. If you do, we charge a flat 5% platform fee.

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We exist to help you unlock revenue streams that didn’t exist before. Leverage your audience and start monetizing with live sessions, courses and more. Sign up and explore all the available tools.

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Everything you build with Graphy is yours — your website, your audience, your mailing list, your community and your brand.

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Say goodbye to WhatsApp groups

Every course you launch comes with community features such as chat groups, threads, and very soon — audio spaces.

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Own your communications

Build a mailing list and reach out to your audience directly. Send, schedule, and automate emails without switching tabs!

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Track your growth

Our in-depth analytics and daily reports help you visualise whats working for you, and what could be better. Graphy also works perfectly with Google Analytics and Google Optimise.

We invest in your success. Literally.

When we say Graphy will help you succeed, we mean it. Join our accelerator — Graphy Select or apply for our $14M creator-grant program.

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Quills - From your fans, with love

If someone asks why you're a creator, you're most likely going to think of your community first.

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Introducing Graphy Select

The creator economy is booming. In 2020, more than 50 million people globally identified themselves as creators. This is huge, considering the creator movement is only a decade old.

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Announcing Live Sessions on Graphy

If you're here, chances are that you've tinkered with the idea of sharing your learnings, making money, and meeting interesting people along the way.

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