In this blog, we share some of the best research tools that every online learner must know about. 

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Doing extensive research and having your own content is the best way to stand out. However, the process of conducting research is a daunting task. Despite being in any discipline at work or at any stage of your career, research is something that is needed at every stage, and it is a time-consuming task.  

There is also an online application to help you organize your thoughts, cite your resources, identify key publications, interact with peers, and much more, regardless of your topic of study. 

Nevertheless, with so many possibilities accessible at the push of a button, it might be tough to choose the ideal tool. We will describe the characteristics of the 10 most suggested web-based tools for researchers in all phases of academic life, as the hunt for dependable information can be tedious at times.

So straight away, let’s get into the online research tools that every learner should know.

Best online course platform

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The top 6 online research tools

The following are the five sorts of online tools for researchers that are necessary at various phases of study:

Project management tools

Project management combines the skill of handling people with a series of established methodologies for designing, planning, implementing, supervising, and evaluating projects. Those tools are being used to track project progress, apply for resources, and collaborate. It includes making a structured task list, tracking task completion, establishing deadlines, defining a course of action, and allocating resources.

Trello and Wrike are two of the most famous project management applications in academia.

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Trello is an online research tools and is a straightforward project management app. Trello, which is famed for its iconic cards, functions similarly to boosted sticky notes.

And, like sticky notes, they’re fun to look at and useful in a hurry, but if you need something a little more thorough, you should look elsewhere.

6 online research tools every online learner should know


Here are some of its highlights:

  • Straightforward task management tool

Each task in Trello is assigned to a “board.” Through their dashboard, a project manager may browse these boards and make any modifications they desire. With a single click, they may add tags, custom fields, and preferences.

  • Drag & Drop Capabilities

Trello allows you to move tasks across your dashboard by dragging and dropping them. This makes it simple to reschedule and update assignments and projects.

  • Power-Ups

Trello’s spin on features, and they seem like something Mario would enjoy.

Based on the circumstances, each project can be given a power-up. The majority of these power-ups are free, with premium enhancements available for increased functionality. 

The user interface is simple and intuitive.
Other than Kanban views, there are none.
Task management and planning are simple.
No reporting capabilities.
Power-ups that provide extra capabilities.
Cannot handle difficult projects.

External integration is required for functioning.

There are no advanced features such as mind maps, docs, or Gantt charts.

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Wrike is award-winning project management web-based application. Unlike the majority of the project management tools in this category, this collaborative tool is primarily used by the major leagues. As a result, it’s ideal for large groups and businesses.

But, as with anything designed for the top leagues, it can lose perspective of what it takes to assist the underdogs!

6 online research tools every online learner should know


Some of the information that will enable you to succeed in all of your projects:

  • Three-Pane Perspective

Wrike has a three-paned intuitive interface that is designed for productivity and usability. Here’s what’s inside:

  • The project hierarchy can be edited and adjusted in the left pane.
  • The middle pane displays all of your current project task lists.
  • The right pane is where you’ll find specific information about your tasks.

Everything can be managed from a single workspace with this interface. You can easily keep track of all task dependencies, communication processes, and project status reports.

  • Analytics

Wrike’s robust analytics provide project managers with detailed information on their projects and team. Two of their other renowned analytics reports are as follows:

  • The global report examines task data from your projects across eight types. It can be used to track expenses and calculate prospective resource management.
  • A graph of performance: A graphical representation of the development of your work over time.

Wrike makes it easy to get specific information. It’s the pinnacle of visual project management.

  • Requests and forms

Do hundreds of email messages and DM (Direct Messaging) alerts make you feel overwhelmed?

You don’t have to turn them off because Wrike takes care of that for you. You may effortlessly delegate jobs and share helpful info using their forms and requests function.

The form itself contains all of the information you require. You won’t require any additional follow-up.

There are numerous built-in functions, including time tracking and easy file sharing. 
Mobile apps are ineffective.
To determine deliverables, detailed information and insights are required.
Not user-friendly, particularly for novices.

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Grammar checker

Grammar checkers yet another amazing online research tools that are used to identify grammatical, spelling, punctuation, and phrase-building mistakes, among other things. Its goal is to improve the language in a given work. Considering the urgent necessity, various grammar checker applications that recommend corrections and describe the nature of the recommended changes abound on the internet. It is critical that the literature be written appropriately in order for learning to be transmitted without ambiguity. Grammar checker tools are essential, particularly for non-native scholars.

Ginger and Grammarly are two of the best grammar checker programs for researchers.


Ginger is a free online grammar checker that fixes “all forms of grammatical errors, covering punctuation, sentence construction, and aesthetic.” It also offers translation services in over 40 languages. You can compose it in German, for instance, and afterward, convert it into English.

The free tool has a character restriction of 350 characters. In case you sign up for the Ginger grammar checker, though, you can acquire a much more powerful Google Chrome extension for free. This will open the Ginger Writer software, which will allow you to cut/paste your content to check for problems.

6 online research tools every online learner should know


  • Applying for a Chrome extension, or indeed any browser extension, is the fastest option to start. Advanced technologies, such as Slack, are also supported. It has applications for Windows and iOS. 
  • For Android, you could use a keyboard. You can also insert text excerpts into their online app. In fact, you may use it to repair your content in Gmail as a punctuation checker.
  • Ginger shows you the number of characters, words, and sentences in your work. The application also assists you in locating and correcting synonyms for commonly misused words, such as make. Ginger highlights grammatical and spelling problems in blue to help you spot them.

Ginger grammar checker software’s a free edition is rather capable.
Self-editing is slowed by lingering over grammatical errors.
A virtual writing teacher & translation services are helpful for non-native English speakers.
There are some inaccuracies.
The personal dictionary is an excellent feature.
The Mac app is really basic.

Google Docs is not supported.

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To keep your work professional, you should spend hours proofreading and correcting typos.

Grammarly, a writing-enhancing tool, will help you save a lot of time and effort when it comes to this unpleasant duty! Grammarly features a grammar checker, a punctuation evaluator, a vocabulary booster, and even a plagiarism detection tool, in addition to simple spellchecking and fixes.

This fantastic program checks your work for over 250 different sorts of grammar errors in six different writing genres, resulting in error-free writing. With detailed instructions for all of your mistakes, as well as weekly progress updates.

For researchers, Grammarly should be a must-have tool. It comes as a browser extension, a desktop application, a web-based application, and a Microsoft insert.

6 online research tools every online learner should know

Grammarly’s Best Features:

  • Compatible with most online apps, including Word, Slack, and others.
  • Plagiarism detection software.
  • Detector of tones.

With a sleek and straightforward user interface, this grammar checker is simple to use.
The free version of the tool provides a limited amount of features as compared to the premium version. To enjoy the premium version, you will be required to pay some amount.
Grammarly Premium includes unlimited plagiarism detection.
Connectivity with Google Docs is in testing. To get the most out of your premium subscription, you’ll have to copy and paste the content into the app.
The versatility of many formats. It’s accessible as a:
Web-based online grammar checker application. A web browser extension, A desktop program A Microsoft Word add-on, or A mobile keyboard.
When it comes to recommending errors, the Grammarly app might be a little overbearing. Grammarly, for example, adores commas, even though they disrupt the flow of a text.

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Reference management tool

Reference management software assists researchers in organizing the material utilized in study growth, providing a time-saving option to a time-consuming process. These tools enable you to organize publications and their references, communicate with other scholars, spot duplicate records, arrange the reference list, search for and modify any reference, and so on. It also enables researchers to accurately link and reference the works cited in their papers.

Mendeley and Zotero are particularly popular reference management applications available online.


Mendeley is a program that assists researchers in keeping track of their citations. It lets people connect with other researchers as well as build bibliographies and references. Mendeley is accessible for both Windows and Mac customers and may be used online or offline.

Mendeley’s citation manager helps you to organize, find, and keep all of your citations in one place. It makes adding citations and bibliographies to Google Docs a breeze. Mendeley is a reference manager that lets you read, highlight, and annotate PDFs while storing all of your concepts in one place over multiple pages.

6 online research tools every online learner should know


  1. There are multiple methods to import and design citations.
  2. Different ways to arrange and annotate PDFs.
  3. Word, OpenOffice, and BibTeX are all supported.
  4. Options for syncing and collaborating with numerous machines and individuals.
  5. Mendeley’s online platform allows you to connect with other people and find new research.

Increased collaboration by allowing you to access the same paper with your colleagues who have Mendeley.
You won’t be able to change the title’s subscript and superscript characters. For example, the number 2 in H2O must be written in a short subscript, which is impossible to do with it.
The software can be loaded on multiple devices at the same time, making mobility simpler.

It comes with a browser extension that functions with Firefox and Google Chrome. All you’d have to do is bookmark the pages you want to save to your Mendeley collection.

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Zotero is another online research tool and is a reference management program for learners and researchers of various skill levels. It’s a fantastic way to monitor your sources and write citations and bibliographies quickly. Zotero can be extremely useful for Ph.D. students in the following ways:

Zotero keeps you organized by enabling you to gather and save data regarding your sources in one location.

It may quickly generate citation information and bibliographies, allowing you to focus on your research rather than paperwork.

Zotero interfaces with a variety of common word processing tools, allowing you to utilise it as a citation management program while writing your papers.

6 online research tools every online learner should know


  • Zotero seems to be the only research instrument that detects information in your web browser and adds it to your home library with just a single tap.
  • Zotero groups your research into groups, which work similarly to iTunes playlists. Research topics can be placed into as many specified collections and subcollections as you want, and then structured in any way you want.
  • If you really need to write footnotes, endnotes, in-text references, or bibliographies, Zotero will take care of everything so you can concentrate on your writing.
  • Zotero allows you to synchronize your notes across multiple devices. Organize your collections on your home laptop and add items to your research library on your office computer.

It is a free and open-source reference management program.

The only flaw is that it doesn’t function with WordPress. However, a WordPress plugin for Zotero exists, but it is in need of improvement.
It operates as a plugin for your web browser, enabling you to import references with a single click.

It also offers social aspects (shared bibliographies), as well as the ability to trade BibTeX and export to a variety of word-editing programs (MS Word, Latex, etc.).

Your reference library is saved locally on your computer, but Zotero syncs with several machines so you can operate from anywhere.

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