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Graphy helps you grow your audience, monetize your skills, and host live cohort-based courses.

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Everything in one place.
Set up a beautiful website on a custom subdomain with just a few clicks.
Grow your community with free live sessions and email newsletters.
Launch your school and run as many courses as you’d like.

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Build a community

Engage with your audience through free live sessions and email newsletters. Bring like-minded people together through your cohort-based courses.

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Beautiful websites. No code.

Grow your personal brand by showcasing yourself, courses, and community events at zero cost.

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Teach online with no limits

Do away with multiple tools and simplify your setup. Run and manage all your courses and events from a single dashboard. The best part? It’s all under your own brand.

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The new standard for online classrooms

With a player experience optimized for interactive live sessions, you can focus on what actually matters – teaching.

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Active learning, not passive watching.
Invite members to the stage and interact with them for better learning outcomes.
Annotate slides and highlight what is important while teaching live.
10, 100 or 1000. No number is too big for your classroom. Host as many as you can teach.

We make money only when you do

Be carefree through transparent and direct payments with Stripe. We charge a flat 10% platform fee only on successful enrolments in your courses.

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