In this blog, you will dive down into the exact steps to becoming an online life coach.

Earn money as a life coach

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People widely misunderstand life coaching, some relate it to therapy, and others interpret it as counseling. But, the truth isn’t in any of these terms. A life coach gives an environment where you can talk about life situations without any judgments and take suggestions from your coach. 

And, if you have the enthusiasm to help people reach their full potential, then becoming a life coach will be quite rewarding. In the coming times, you will see a significant increase in demand for life coaches since we are overwhelmed with our goals and would need help in achieving them. 

In the modern era, when everything has gone digital, you too can leverage the digital space to become an online life coach. You can reach thousands of people online looking for services you might be offering. 

This article will dive down into the exact steps to becoming an online life coach. 

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Who is a life coach? 

A life coach is a trained professional that helps clients achieve their goals. These can be personal and professional, like improving your relationships, fitness goals, careers or day-to-day lives. Your life coach identifies the obstacles that are holding you back and then develops strategies for overcoming each objection. 

Let’s see what the qualities you need to become a life coach are- 

  • Active listener- A life coach has to be an exceptional listener. Before you can give any advice to your client, you will need first to understand their situation, analyze the possibilities of actions and only then will you be of any help. 
  • Non-judgmental- Undoubtedly, you will meet a lot of people in this professional journey, with some you do not relate to at all. So, as a life coach, you have to guide them on their future actions and not judge them on what they did and why they did it. You must be approachable, empathetic and compassionate. 
  • Skilled questionnaire- As a life coach, you should be clear about the questions that you want to ask. These questions had to be skillfully asked that didn’t hurt your client’s sentiment, and you got the most accurate answer. 

A life coach doesn’t tell you what you should do; instead, it filters the unnecessary chaos and helps you achieve your goals. Also, life coaches aren’t trained to handle mental illness or past traumas; they work as partners with clients to strengthen thinking capabilities. 

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How to become an online life coach? 

Let’s get started with the fun part. These steps will help you become an online coach and scale your business tremendously. 

Find your niche 

A life coach is a broad term that gives only a general view of what you do. However, in the online space or even industry market, you have to be specific in your expertise to grab that attention. Instead of promoting yourself as a jack of all trades, try to specialize in only specific areas. Some different types of life coaches are-

  • Career coaching
  • Family life coaching
  • Sports coaching
  • Spirituality coaching
  • Mental health coaching
  • Dating and relationship coaching
  • Family life coaching
  • Health and wellness coaching
  • Life skills coaching
  • Divorce coaching and others 

And to learn more about these niches, you can do additional certifications in Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP), Mindfulness, and Hypnotherapy. Make sure you choose a niche that you are the most comfortable with based on experiences, skill, and strength. For instance, if you have experience in Human resources (HR), you can help people find their dream job. 

Earn money as a life coach

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Get started and plan your life coach services and plan

Before starting your journey on any digital platform, you must have your service plan ready. So, when people ask you for your charges, you aren’t stumbling or undercharging. There are three typical ways to charge for your service: per session (hourly), month or package( $XXX for 3 months or 6 months).

Charging clients per month or package always lets you predict the future better and is an excellent way to remove instability in your income. Your charges should depend on the niche, amount of experience, target market, income goals, and credentials. As you grow in experience, your income will gradually increase too. 

On average-

  • You can charge between $75 and-200 per hour for your service. 
  • You can charge between $250-750 under your monthly package
  • And, anywhere between $350-1950 for three-six months

These are not standard rates, and you can make changes according to what you think your time is worth. In the coming points, we will suggest ways in which you can scale your live coaching service without having to overwork. 

Establish your digital presence as an online life coach

Here, you have to focus on two major things, your website, and social media presence. 

Build an Extraordinary website-

Your life coaching website builds the ultimate credibility for your services. It should have all the information that your potential customer needs to know. Since you are the face of this business, your coaching website needs to be personalized and curated with love. This way, people would get to know you as a person and will increase your chances of them becoming your paying customer. 

Here are some points that you need to take care of when creating your website-

  • Your website needs a photo of ‘you’ and not just stock images. People need to see who they are working with and can put a face to your name. 
  • Your coaching website needs to reflect exactly what you do. If anyone goes through your website, they will know what you are and how you can help them.
  • Always include a personal story to gain the trust of your reader.
  • Add details of your offers, payment method, and how you work with your clients.
  • Include a lot of testimonials. People would only believe your words when they have similar results to other people.
  • Integrate a contact form or a calendly link to help people reach out to you fast. 

If you want to create an amazing branded website with no coding knowledge, you should definitely try Graphy. Here, you can choose from pre-designed templates, add elements and CTA, and create various categories with SEO optimization to rank you on top of your search results. 

Build your website as a life coach

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Use social media to reach more people-

To become an online life coach, you need to be active on at least one social media platform. It provides an excellent opportunity for word-of-mouth marketing and to build a following. Most life coaches prefer Facebook and Instagram over other platforms; however, there is no standard rule. For instance, if you help working professionals, LinkedIn would be a better platform than Facebook or Instagram. 

Now that you have chosen your top social media platform, here are some tips that will help you grow on it-

  • Create value-integrated content that helps build credibility and reach more users.
  • Leverage various media options like stories, live, reels, and videos to create mini-coaching lessons for your followers.
  • Join relevant groups and engage with them to gain those initial followers. 
  • Collaborate with other life coaches in your niche and explore new audiences. 
  • Share your blogs on your social media page to drive more traffic to your website 
  • Establish yourself as a valuable asset and slowly start to monetize it

Social media is an excellent way in which you get to interact with people that you didn’t even think existed. When leveraged to its maximum, it can give you returns that you might never have thought of. 

Earn money as a life coach

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Scale your business by launching an online course 

After establishing yourself as an online life coach, you will see a significant increase in people reaching out to you. At first, this might feel great, but when there are too many people, you either have to cut down on your personal hours or limit your interactions. And both of them aren’t very fruitful.

Here is your chance of scaling your business easily by launching your online course. Make sure that you are doing this after you have worked with paid clients and seen significant results. This is crucial in validating your idea and collecting testimonials for your launch. 

An online course is your way to create passive income. You can create various modules that talk about different problems of your target audience and how they can achieve their goals. Compared to one-to-one interaction, online courses are much more cost-friendly and solve user problems. 

Graphy is the best online course creation platform with jam-packed tools helpful in creating, marketing, and securing your online course. Coaches can host live classes or pre-upload classes. And, you can do all this without any coding knowledge required. 

Earn money as a life coach

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Why choose Graphy for creating your online course? 

  • Multi-layer security to prevent your content from unauthorized accessibility and piracy.
  • Integrate multiple-payment gateways
  • No transaction fees
  • Market your course by creating promos or discounts 
  • Create an extraordinary website and mobile app without any coding required
  • SEO optimized landing pages to rank better on search engine
  • Excellent customer support through dedicated account managers

become an online life coach

Earn money as a life coach

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