“In this blog, we will introduce you to the best YouTube tools for creators in 2023.”

It’s the year 2023 and YouTube is more popular than ever. Youtube has over 2.24 billion global users, and this number is ever-increasing. It’s home to content creators of all kinds and often becomes their road to success. A Youtuber with a million subscribers makes around $5000 per month. But the question is, how do you get there?

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If you are here, that means you are an aspiring online content creator who aims to make it big as a YouTuber. The competition is fierce, but you don’t have to worry because, with the right talent and tools, you can always succeed. However, with a sea of tools out there, how do you pick the best ones? 

That is exactly where we at Graphy come into the picture. We are here with a list of the most effective YouTube tools for creators in 2022. Go through this list, identify the ones that will work best for you, and use them effectively. 

So, let’s get into the list without further ado. 

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Best tools for YouTube creators in 2023

Here is a list of the most effective tools that can assist you in your journey as a YouTube creator.

TubeBuddy: YouTube management tool

Youtube tools for creators

Looking for a tool to grow your YouTube subscriber list quickly? If so, TubeBuddy is the right tool for you. TubeBuddy is a browser extension that you can use across all browsers, like Opera, Chrome, etc., to optimize your content and get more views quickly. 

TubeBuddy is a management tool that guides users through the best YouTube practices and helps promote their content across different platforms. It will track the performance of your Youtube channel and help find scope for improvisation. So, TubeBuddy can be used as both a management tool and a YouTube content creator planner

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The Key Features of TubeBuddy

TubeBuddy offers over 60+ features to its users. Let’s have a look at some of the features that make it one of the best YouTube tools for creators.

Bulk card processing

The bulk processing feature simplifies the process of adding cards to your videos. With TubeBuddy, you can conveniently copy cards across all your videos in one go. 

Run improvement tests

You can use TubeBuddy to test the tags, titles, thumbnails, and descriptions of your content and find scope for improvement. 

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Auto translator

Translating the titles and meta descriptions of your YouTube videos will no longer be a hassle with Tube Buddy. You can use its video SEO feature to translate your descriptions and titles into any language of your choice and increase your global viewership. 

User engagement data

Publish your content when your users are most active using TubeBuddy. TubeBuddy examines your user’s engagement graph and determines the best time for uploading your content on YouTube. 

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TubeBuddy offers a free plan to its users, but the features are limited. To have access to them all, you can upgrade to any of these versions. 

Youtube tools for creators

Pros and cons of TubeBuddy

Certified by YouTube
Limited A/B testing across all plans
User-friendly and time-saving
The MagicLink option can be accessed only by YouTubers who have 10,000 subscribers
A free plan with 3 suggested tags
You have to switch to paid plans to access all the useful features. 
Multiple customer support options
It has PayPal as its online affiliate payment option
You can easily generate data for channels, videos, etc.

Camtasia: YouTube video tool

Youtube tools for creators

Adding videos to your YouTube channel is the easiest way to earn 100 or even 1000 free YouTube subscribers. But creating videos is not that easy. That is where Camtasia comes into the picture. Camtasia is one of the most widely used YouTube video maker tools for easily recording, editing, and sharing your videos. 

Create professional videos, including tutorials, training videos, online lessons, etc., on the go on both Windows and Mac in a hassle-free manner. 

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Features of Camtasia


  • With PowerPoint integration, you can turn all your presentations into videos. 
  • Upload video straight from your webcam using web camera capture.
  • Record your entire screen using the screen recording options. 
  • Use the iOS capture feature to record directly from your iPhone screen. 


  • Simple drag and drop editing.
  • New video templates to enhance your videos.
  • Over 100 transitions to choose from. 
  • Highlight key segments of your video using annotations like arrows and shapes. 
  • Use CursorFX for customizing your cursor.
  • Reduce background noise and change audio levels with audio FX.
  • Add a table of contents to your video for better navigability. 

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  • Drag and drop video, images, and audio files directly from your computer or mobile to the recording section of Camtasia. 
  • Instantly upload edited videos to your YouTube channel or online course platform. 


Even though it offers a free trial, Camtasia is not a free YouTube video maker tool. 

Youtube tools for creators

Pros and cons of Camtasia

High-resolution video recording
Lack of proper keyword command
Audio-video synchronization issue
Multiple video editing tools
No auto-record feature
Supports multiple audio/video/image formats
Not too handy for professional creators
Free version and a one-time purchase fee

OBS Studio: Free YouTube tool for live streaming

Youtube tools for creators

Livestreams are quite a trend these days and an effective way to gain YouTube subscribers. OBS is a free video recording and live streaming software that works perfectly on Windows, Mac, and Linux. 

While there are several such tools out there, being free software, OBS studio definitely stands out and is counted amongst the best YouTube tools for creators. With custom transitions, hotkeys, and scene previews, you can create high-resolution videos. And with the live streaming feature, you can stream across multiple platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Huya, Douyu, etc. 

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Features of OBS studio

Real-time audio/video capturing

With OBS Studio, you can use multiple sources like images, webcam footage, screen recordings, etc., and create your own custom videos. 

Screen capture

With OBS Studio, you can capture all your Windows, Mac, and Linux screens in HD and stream them live. For instance, you can live stream your games on your Youtube channel for your subscribers. 

Video Broadcasting

Stream videos in real-time using OBS Studio. You can easily switch between scenes of your choice and create an impactful live stream. 

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Intuitive audio mixer

OBS Studio offers an audio mixer with several features like multilanguage, noise cancellation, noise gate, and noise gain. The audio mixer is quite handy if you wish to broadcast your videos in multiple languages or enable live translation.  

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Personalization options

Your live stream and the videos you create using OBS Studio will be branded without any watermarks. Also, you can add texts and images of your choice to give your videos and broadcasts a personal touch. 

Pros and cons of OBS studio

It’s completely free and offers unlimited recording
There is no undo option to revoke changes
Makes live streaming easier than ever
It doesn’t function well on devices with low RAM storage. 
Control every aspect of your recording or live stream with a streamlined settings panel

Commendable video quality

Pixlr: Photo editor and animation tool for YouTube

Youtube tools for creators

Pixlr is a top-ranked photo editor and animation tool that you can use to create high-quality visuals for your YouTube videos. As YouTube creators, you must be aware of the role that thumbnails play in attracting the desired traffic. So, create eye-catching and inviting thumbnails with Pixlr. 

With Pixlr, you can create custom images, merge them to create personalized and appealing videos, and win 100 or 1000 free YouTube subscribers easily. 

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Features of Pixlr

Attractive template designs

Use Pixlr’s wide collection of template designs to create custom thumbnails and banners for your YouTube channels

Create high-quality animations

Don’t restrict your content creation to images but create eye-catching graphics with Pixlr. All the animations created using Pixlr are high resolution and won’t bring down the quality of your videos. 

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Customize your videos 

With stylish and professional overlays, stickers and icons, decorative text, and filters, you can customize your videos in whichever way you like. 

AI-powered background removal

With Pixlr, you can automatically remove the backgrounds from any image, including portraits, screenshots, and profile pictures, in mere seconds. 


A free version of Pixlr is available, but for access to unlimited templates and decorative text, you have to switch to the free version.  

Youtube tools for creators

Pros and cons of Pixlr

Offer quick photo editing solution
A bit difficult to navigate
You can save all your work history as a separate file
The free version has limited features
You can use decorative texts in multiple languages

Timely upgrades

Social Blade: Tracking and analytics tool for YouTube

Youtube tools for creators

Uploading content to your YouTube channel is not enough. You have to constantly track your progress and find scope for improvement. That is why a social media statistics and analytics tool like Social Media is one of the best YouTube tools for creators.  

With Social Blade, you can track usage statistics for not just YouTube but other social media applications like Twitter and Instagram. Understand your audience, and their usage cycle, adopt the most effective strategies and gain over 1000 free YouTube subscribers organically. 

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Features of Social Blade

Track user statistics

With Social Blade, you can track your personal user statistics and those of your competitors. You can then use this information to improve your performance. It gives you certain value estimates, like the number of subscribers gained, video views, and estimated earnings. 

Compare different YouTube channels

You can compare the user statistics of your YouTube channel with those of your competitors with Social Blade. It allows you to compare up to three channels at once, and you can then use this data to curate popular content. 

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Paid consultation

With Social Blade, you can schedule a one-to-one consultation session with an expert and seek advice on how to make the most of YouTube or other such platforms. This feature is available only to paid members. 


Youtube tools for creators

Pros and cons of Social Blade

Allows effective user tracking
Limited features
Premium data charts
Privacy concerns
Top 250-5000 lists 

Per month report cards

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