In this blog, we will share some effective tips for content creators to improve productivity.

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As humans, our struggle with productivity is real. How many times have you gone to bed regretting how you were not productive enough? And lost your sleep in the wake of another wasted day? 

The same is the story for us all and content creators are no different. No matter how passionate you are about your work, at some point you face a creative block or an inability to achieve your goals. You see yourself falling behind on your schedule, tension starts to build up, and that further takes a toll on your creativity. 

That is when we need a push in the right direction. Rather than letting regrets ruin your sleep, what you need to do is adopt the right tactics to improve productivity

Now the question is: what exactly are those tactics?

To help you out on this front, from our experts at Graphy, we have curated a list of 5 tips for content creators to improve productivity. 

Have a look at these tips and begin your productive journey as a content creator. 

Let’s get started. 

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Got Your Content Ready? GRAPHY is all you need to get started!

Tips on how to improve productivity: For content creators

Engage in time management

If productivity is your aim, time management is the key. Your level of productivity depends upon how you spend your day. If you keep procrastinating throughout the day while postponing your work, you would never be able to achieve the desired level of productivity. 

As we said before, the key to improving productivity is efficient time management. 

So, how does one make way for the efficient management of their time? 

The simple answer is: by making use of time management tools. Several thinkers have come up with certain time management techniques that people like us who are struggling to optimally utilise their time can adopt to enhance their productivity level. 

So, let’s have a look at a few of these techniques. 

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1-3-5 rule: By Alex Cavoulacos

According to this technique, in a day you can only achieve:

  • 1 big thing
  • 3 medium things
  • 5 small things 

So, rather than being overwhelmed by what you cannot possibly achieve, stick to this rule, divide your work into such chunks and work on them. That way you won’t juggle too many things simultaneously, cutting down your productivity. 

For instance, if you are a content creator then,

  • Your one big thing could be writing a draft for the content you have in mind. 
  • 3 medium things could be curating a list of potential topics, doing market research, etc. 
  • 5 small things could be anything related to your work like promoting your product on social media through posts, replying to work-related queries, communicating with your team members, etc. 

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Pomodoro Technique: By Francesco Cirillo

The Pomodoro technique emphasizes the importance of giving yourself a break in between to improve productivity

Under this technique, you divide your work into smaller units and designate some time for each of them. As a content creator, your work will involve several major and minor activities, all equally important. But that doesn’t mean that you have to manage it all on a stretch. A workable and efficient plan would be to divide the work into smaller tasks and take a break once you finish one task. 

  • Select the most important task at hand.
  • Set a timer and work on it for that entire duration without any distractions. To begin with, let this duration be not more than 30 minutes. 
  • Once the timer goes off, take a break for 5 minutes. You can simply step out onto your balcony or have a cup of coffee. Anything that helps you relax. 
  • Repeat this process. 
  • Once you get used to this technique, you can work for a longer duration and take larger breaks. 

This technique allows you to finish your work without feeling drained out. And when there is a balance of work and break in your life, you are sure to improve your productivity.  

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Create an actionable plan

Having too much on your plate could cut down your productivity by a significant amount. So, an important tip to improve productivity is to always do what is achievable. By setting goals that are beyond your limits, you don’t challenge yourself to do better but bring unnecessary pressure into your life. 

Rather than being happy at one finished task, you would be worried about the pile of work that awaits you. So, rather than focusing on quality, you would be just inclined towards finishing it all. And as a content creator, if your work is not up to the mark, it is simply a waste of your time and efforts. 

  • You can create a content calendar. 
  • Strictly follow a to-do list.
  • Set achievable goals.
  • Reward yourself with a break when you complete a task. 

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Engage in outsourcing

When it comes to creating an actionable plan, outsourcing could be quite helpful. As a content creator, there would be a lot of tasks that you would need to finish, and you might or might not be proficient in them all. So, rather than engaging in work that is beyond your skillset, you can dedicate your time to the task that you perform best. 

So, what about the tasks that you are not skilled at? 

That’s where outsourcing comes in. You can professionally engage with credible platforms or individuals and have them work on your behalf. The tasks that you can outsource include: 

  • Marketing your content. 
  • Research.
  • Search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Web Development
  • Content writing

Select the field of your niche and then hire individuals or companies who are skilled enough to take care of the rest. That way you would be able to improve productivity and ensure that the entire project is always on track. 

In case you are in search of such experts, you can contact us at Graphy and have our team help you with your marketing campaigns, content writing and SEO. 

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Choose the right platform 

When you have experts guiding you in the right direction, you can easily work towards improving your overall productivity level. If you are an online course creator,  you would need a platform where you can launch and sell your course. The better this platform is, the smoother the flow of work would be. 

This is where Graphy comes into the picture.

  • Create your course
  • Get in-built marketing features 
  • Engage in data analysis to track performance. 
  • Design and customize your website. 

Know your audience 

As a content creator, knowing the needs, likes, and dislikes of your audience are what determines how well your content would do in the market. If your content doesn’t resonate with your audience, then all your hard work would be nothing more than a wasted effort. 

The moment you have a set audience in mind, you can focus on creating the kind of content that will appeal to them. This would limit the scope of your work and can help improve productivity to a significant level. 

  • You can limit your content research to a niche that interests them rather than going for a time-consuming holistic approach. 
  • All your marketing campaigns would be developed while keeping them in mind.
  • You can be more constructive in the kind of language that you use. 

Productivity is not just about doing as much as you can but also about putting your efforts in the right and needful direction. So, know your audience and make sure each effort that you make as a content creator is a meaningful one. 

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 Keep a track of your ideas

A major part of a content creator’s work is brainstorming ideas. If you have a lot of appealing ideas up your sleeves, then you are halfway there to making an impact with your content. 

And ideas can strike you anytime, even while going through your everyday routine. So, to keep track of them, what you can do is note them down in your phone/notebook or write them down on a sticky note and place it on your workstation.  

Your productivity would simply take a downwards curve if you come up with content ideas, forget to note them down, and have to begin the brainstorming process anew. So, don’t risk it and note them all down immediately to remove any possible roadblock on your path to improve productivity. 

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