In this blog, you will learn all the techniques which are required for creating an online dance course.

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Do you know that post-pandemic the online world has taken on a new vision? Did you ever imagine that a physical classroom is going to get transformed into virtual reality? People are taking various kinds of online courses, like:

  • Yoga 
  • Painting
  • Fitness (gym, Zumba, etc. classes)
  • Music classes
  • Cooking classes, and many more.

Therefore dance is also one of those demanded courses. People don’t want to travel or attend physical classes anymore. In their own comfort zone, they like to pursue their desired courses. 

Henceforth, it is imperative to cope with the generation, and being a dance instructor you should know how to create an online dance course.

So let’s catch up with the new gen and straight away dive into the details step-by-step.

How to create an online dance course

As mentioned above it’s time to walk you through the steps in a comprehensive form. Stay attentive and let’s walk together.

Step 1: Decide on your expertise, style, and audience

The dance itself is a broader category. You need to decide which specific form you want to pick. Figure out your expertise and the style you want to take it ahead for teaching online. See what your audience is looking for. It’s critical to pick a niche in which you can provide value and get a market edge. Your specialty could be:

  • Classes in tap dancing
  • Introductory Beginner dance lessons
  • Dance courses in ballet
  • Dance lessons for preschoolers
  • And the form goes on and on

Though if you believe you are qualified to teach a variety of dance styles, it is critical to begin by cultivating an audience that accepts your guidance in one and then broadens from there.

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Step 2: Begin planning your dance lessons.

Organizing dance courses requires a lot of creativity as well as the correct equipment. The appropriate mix will make it easy to offer your classes in the market. A Graphy platform is the greatest spot to start building your dancing class. 

Platforms like Graphy make it simple to get started with your lesson. It allows you to record and create both live and recorded sessions. You can send push or email reminders to your learners about when the next session is or if a lesson has been canceled or postponed straight from an LMS. 

Step 3: Obtaining the necessary equipment for online teaching

For your online lesson following are the mandated equipment:

  • A video camera
  • Microphone
  • Laptop

Besides this, additional tools differ depending on the nature of the class. Some dancing forms, for example, may necessitate the use of hula hoops, while others may necessitate the use of specific footwear. Make a list of all the equipment you’ll need depending on the type of dance you’ll be teaching your learners. Purchase them far ahead of time before your first class.

Placing up the video equipment is arguably one of the more difficult aspects of training dance online. But once you get the feel of it, you’ll be capable of doing it fast and efficiently. In case you don’t have a professional camera don’t necessarily buy it. Nowadays even smartphones have high definition camera quality. So first check whether the smartphone can fulfill your requirement or not. 

Note: If you’re new to developing online courses or videos, Graphy covers you up. Graphy lets you conduct the live sessions as well lets you record the training course

Once you have figured out the equipment requirement, it’s time to decide the price for your online dance course. That’s exactly is our next step.

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Step 4: Pricing scheme

In any profession, pricing is critical. Folks will not come to learn from you no matter how amazing your lesson is if it is not priced correctly. It is a common misconception that keeping your costs low will attract the largest possible audience. This may be true, but your classes will become obsolete. Joining your classes will no longer be a source of pride for people. You should therefore come up with a price that is neither too high nor too low.

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Step 5: Select a Payment Gateway and LMS for Streaming.

Usually learning management software includes payment solutions, so you should be able to easily link a Paypal or Stripe account when creating your online courses or membership. The money from sales will be directly paid into your accounts. Usually, a processing fee may get deducted from your course sales by some learning management software. 

However, Graphy doesn’t take any processing or transaction fees. Moreover, Graphy is just not restricted to two payment gateways. It offers multiple payment options so that payments should never become your hindrance. Graphy offers both domestic and international gateways:

  • Instamojo, 
  • Razorpay, 
  • PayU, 
  • CCAvenue, 
  • Paytm, 
  • TraknPay,
  • eSewa, 
  • Paystack, etc. 

Because you have so many possibilities with Graphy, we recommend it for teaching dance online. You can give 

  • Live and recorded choices because it’s integrated with Zoom and Youtube. 
  • In-built marketing feature
  • Email marketing, 
  • No restriction on enrollees, it can be 1000-100000.
  • Live-streaming classes, 
  • Recorded classes, 
  • Selling digital products and even subscriptions will all be possible.

How to create an online dance course in 2022

Step 6: Market your course

You should let people know about your course. There is no point in creating an online course if your audience doesn’t even know your existence. If your goal is to reach every corner of the globe then marketing plays an important role. 

You know there are various ways through which you can market your course:

  • Running paid ads on platforms like Google and many more.
  • Influencer marketing
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Referral marketing
  • Discounts or promo codes
  • Wallet and credit 
  • SEO marketing 

There are other ways also to market your course. Let’s see a few in detail.

Make blog posts that tell people about what you’re selling

Education promotion can serve to create credibility, inform, and empower your audience and further drive sales. By creating articles, videos, and continuing to recruit consumers using strategies that have previously worked for you, you may leverage your website to lure consumers to your online dancing lessons.

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Generate social media posts that educate people.

To draw more target users, you can publish social proof, the information you’ve developed on your:

  • Website, 
  • Video clips, 
  • Live class demos, and 
  • Other things on social media. 

Social media content promotion is similar to handing out flyers. Because social media is so frequently utilized, it’s an excellent approach to get the eye of customers who are interested in your content. 

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Create a mailing list

The most impactful form of marketing is email marketing. Creating an email list can help you keep a big number of people updated all at once. You can drop an email informing interested prospects about upcoming course content, industry news, and other useful information. 

Unlike social media, emails aren’t sent to a subset of your audience. So you can reach a larger audience with an email than you can with a post elsewhere. When you have the email of your prospect you can target them with some attractive offers and inculcate the FOMO feature.

Spoiler: Graphy offers advanced marketing tools and features. On the platform itself, it has integrated marketing features. You don’t have to keep on switching tabs. Not just that, it also provides you the integration of third-party tools. Mailchimp integration, for one, helps you in shooting emails to hundreds of users at one go. Even if you are stuck somewhere a dedicated account manager will be just a call away from you. 

Step 7: Make a schedule for your lesson and inform your audience.

Depending on the type of online class you want to offer, you can choose to offer:

  • Live classes, 
  • Recorded courses, or 
  • A combination of the two. 

Following that, you’d tell your audience when and where they can expect to attend your online dance courses.


Taking dance courses online is a terrific opportunity to expand your offerings, provide a flexible online learning alternative for dancers, and generate income. Hopefully, this step-by-step approach has provided you with practical insights that will assist you in getting started with online dancing lessons.

We understand that you have to build your own brand and existence. To keep this in mind Graphy offers you the branded website and mobile app. “Powered by Graphy” will not become a hindrance to your growth, scalability, and success. For your unlimited growth Graphy offers a set of robust tools and a pack of multiple security layers.

How to create an online dance course in 2022