The teaching profession has mostly been seen uninteresting. However, who knew that this lucrative job could earn you some decent income. In this blog, we’ll share different ways to earn money by teaching online.

Online teaching wasn’t popular until a few years ago when some online learning institutions launched their marketing. However, online learning has gained rapidly in the past few months due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Students seek online assistance because they cannot go to their schools, giving a great opportunity to experts or mentors to earn money by teaching online.

It’s an entirely new concept initially. When it comes to teaching, we are accustomed to sitting in a class with a strict instructor and pointing an object on a blackboard. However, the advent of modern technology, heightened and inexpensive internet connectivity and the introduction of various educational websites have altered our perspectives on teaching.

Ways to earn money by teaching online

Live Teaching

You can login to the online teaching portals to earn money from teaching online. Payments can be made every month or even weekly, bi-monthly, or hourly. Global learning platforms may even make payments in foreign currencies like euros and dollars. In some cases, the platform will count the amount of time you were logged in to the portal and then pay you according to that. Some portals will make a deal and pay you monthly as well.

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Sell Lesson Plans

Is it logical to create your unique lesson plans for the students when you could outsource the work to other people to concentrate on other aspects? Teachers submit their lesson plans to other teachers to utilize them. If you’re a school teacher who had lesson plans created in the past, you could have the materials that you need to earn a profit soon. Alternatively, you can also monetize the materials by creating your own online teaching website.

Youtube Videos

With Youtube, you can monetize educational videos and earn money through advertising. The possibilities are endless. All you have to do is ensure that your courses impact and benefit the students who are enrolled.

Subject Expert Opportunities

Various online based teaching platforms give thousands of students the chance to study outside of classrooms. It is a firm that puts the students at the top of its list. They also allow students to use and enhance their skills by teaching online. You can apply as a “Subject Matter Expert” too if you believe you can master any area. The subjects range from science to commerce to the arts streams. The experts are employed to answer the questions frequently asked by students from all around the world. The pay is based on the number of questions answered. 

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Start a Blog

You may think that blogs are irrelevant now or may not know about them. Whatever the case, blogs are one of the most effective marketing tools you have at your disposal and the most efficient way to become an online educator. Blogs are wonderful as they can be the entry point to other sources. Through a blog, you’ll be able to build an audience that is all your own. It’s essential since once you’ve created an audience consisting of true fans, you have no limit on how much you can make.

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How to conduct online classes?

The most efficient and simplest method is to sign up with an online course platform like Graphy to teach online and earn. You can train and instruct students in a virtual setting and select the subject areas you are well-versed in. It is unnecessary to hold a Ph.D. or a visiting professor for the area. You must be able to comprehend the subject matter and the methods of teaching that students understand. You can chip in your own course platform with Zoom to deliver live classes.

earn money by teaching online

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Advantages of online teaching


Most online learning websites ask you to sign up with your preferred time slots. There is a possibility that you are a busy mother juggling between small children. Mornings can be busy for you, so you can pick the time slots according to your preference. You can select time slots that meet your needs. You can sign up on websites that offer e-learning to students too.

Work From Home

Online tutoring can be conducted at your own home. You don’t have to travel to a coaching center or school to teach. This is a tremendously rewarding freelance job.

No unnecessary expenses

To work online as a teacher and earn money, you don’t need to burn off a large amount of money. There’s no requirement for promotion or creating and distributing posters, leaflets, or renting a venue. You can create your online courses by using affordable online course platform, promote your lectures via social media, and word of mouth will go far. You need good teaching skills, paired with a thorough understanding of the chosen subject.

No Heavy Equipment Required

You don’t need an expensive recording studio or instrument to find online teaching positions for classes in the primary grades and other classes. All you require is a laptop or PC that has internet connectivity and a tablet with a graphic display, and you’re all set to instruct.


Pro Tip: Make sure you are familiar with using your learning management software online (LMS) before your students begin their journey.

It’s similar to how it’s essential to be aware of your physical surroundings when conducting a class. You must become familiar with the LMS you’re using for your online classes before beginning your course. The majority of systems come with mechanisms designed to allow you to upload your schedule and assignments, engage with students one-on-one as well as communicate with your entire class via the chat feature or messaging. 

In many cases, you can advance your tasks and schedule your postings to appear in the LMS on specific days or at a particular time. Learning which LMS the course is hosted in before the start of the semester will help you stay on track throughout the course. You can concentrate on your students and their progress instead of technical issues. Graphy gives you immense support in this area and helps you understand the nitty gritty of the platform.

Things to do before launching your first online course.

Variate the type of lessons you are taking.

Your teaching must include a mixture of synchronous (happening immediately) and Asynchronous (unscheduled or self-paced). Teaching synchronously via video lessons, phone calls, or live chats allows pupils to inquire and develop connection with you and the other students. Asynchronous activities, such as discussion boards and recorded lectures, let your students finish their projects at their convenience and their own pace. Both methods have their advantages and are essential, each in its way.

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Maintain and build a solid presence

Send an email to all students, if you can, to welcome them into online learning and help them feel secure. Utilize video chat instead of the basic instant message to communicate with students. Engage students by introducing discussions and then providing quick regular, consistent, and clear answers. Utilize non-verbal communication, such as emoticons. Make sure to include professional and personal qualities.

Create a feeling of security and create a learning community

Students look for you to establish a learning environment. Display enthusiasm in teaching to reduce anxiety, fear, and loneliness. Encourage your students to customize their homepage. Spend time asking students to provide information regarding what they’ve posted. Engage participants to ask questions to one another, and prompt engaging discussions. Respond to the group as a whole instead of sending all responses to specific participants who are not part of the community.


If you have gone through the entire blog, then congratulations you have a for building a profitable online coaching business.

The best part about Graphy is you can start to earn money by teaching online with zero tech experience through your own branded website and mobile apps, all within minutes!

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