In this blog, we will talk about the top free content calendar templates to use free in 2022.

As it’s known that running a marketing campaign almost always involves simultaneously handling several tasks and the most important part of a successful campaign is timing. If you have prepared a well-designed content calendar, you and your team can plan your upcoming content in detail easily.

Want to know more about content calendars? We’ve got you covered!  

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But first, let us explain why content calendars are important.

 Content calendars help you to get your things in order and plan well in advance. Planning will not only help you save time and achieve more incredible things with more time but also gives you overall peace of mind. It makes organizing tasks a lot easier.

Content calendars help in better tracking and can give you a proper overview of what and where you have posted. As the information is available at a glance, it’s easier to analyze your marketing efforts more precisely. It helps in staying up to date with just a glance at your plans.

The top free content calendar templates


Hootsuite is one of the top apps for social media management. You can use it for anything related to social media management, although if you want a tool to help you with the content side, it also offers automated publishing, content management, keyword filtering, multi-account management, post scheduling, and multi-user collaboration. It is a very cost-effective tool if you use it in collaboration with just a few fellow marketers.

This free content calendar template offers a customizable week-by-week template that you can download to plan your content and schedule it in advance. The most useful feature of Hootsuite is that they include a tab for everlasting content for the blogs that do well throughout the year.

Create an online content template


Hubspot is a marketing platform that includes email marketing and CRM. This free content calendar template has a package that includes a scheduling spreadsheet, monthly planning, and social media updates.

Additionally, it features an excellent content collection. You can add your various forms of content here, along with an intriguing bit of information. Having a database of this kind handy can also aid in planning content. By using this spreadsheet, you can check to see if you already have any content that would be acceptable for repurposing rather than constantly having to develop fresh content from the beginning.

A startup guide is also available when you download these free content calendar templates. To make it easier to coordinate various marketing initiatives, you should prepare your content in advance. This will assist you with everything from developing a brand strategy to what to measure and analyze.

Create an online content template


CoSchedule is great for companies that place a lot of emphasis on blog content because its main focus is content marketing. It has a Marketing Suite that is probably out of small businesses’ price range and an editorial calendar that is more tailored to small firms.

CoSchedule provides three free content calendar templates, which is different from the other tools. Along with a content calendar template, it also provides an email marketing calendar template to help you prepare each email before you send it and a social media editorial calendar template to make it easy for you to keep track of all your social media material in one location.

The other two templates are more thorough, however, the content calendar template might be a little too straightforward. The column that allows you to specify your target audience or persona is one of the templates for email content’s appealing characteristics. You can more effectively construct targeted email campaigns in this way.

A column in the social media marketing template where you can enter the time is a helpful addition. Time is a crucial element that every good content plan should contain because it might have an impact on your results.

Create an online content template


A social media management program called ContentCal places a strong emphasis on content planning and scheduling. Its calendar is among the finest for content scheduling since the posts are arranged in a large style so that you can easily read the description and see the photographs properly. Additionally, it employs two rows for additional labeling and color-coding to help you organize the various postings. While the other row can be used to record notes for various team members, the first row indicates the campaign. In addition, it is one of the most economical tools if you are working with a small crew.

They provide a free content calendar template as a lead magnet on their website. After downloading this template, you must respond to four inquiries. Your template will then be automatically created based on your responses.

The fact that this template allows you to specify your content goals for the year is one of its appealing aspects. You’ll be more likely to recall your precise objectives if you include them, whether they are to increase traffic or get more leads. Additionally, they advise limiting it to just five social media platforms. This will assist you in staying on task and make it simpler for you to monitor how your material is doing across each platform.

The colorful boxes at the top of the Excel sheet need to be copied into the calendar after you have responded to the four questions. You can now view your content goals, target platforms, content genres you wish to post, and posting schedule.

Create an online content template

A template for small businesses based on the calendar format they use internally has been given by Small Business Trends, an online journal for small business owners. They offer their template for download in Word, Excel, or PDF formats.

Create an online content template


You can download the Microsoft Excel template provided by Backlinko or open the template as a Google Sheet. This is one of the free content calendar templates which is perfect for those who wish to launch a brand-new blog or for groups who want to expand their present initiatives.

A monthly calendar template, a workflow, and a content list are all included in the download. While the monthly calendar template is rather simple, the content workflow sheet is quite extensive and provides a step-by-step assembly line that will help you meet those impending deadlines.

Create an online content template


Trello is one of the best-known project management software. Since you can quickly add due dates and comments to ensure that everyone on your marketing team is on the same page, it is especially helpful if you operate as part of a larger team. Additionally, with the aid of boards and cards, you may specify the steps required for different projects, assign a task to a particular team member, and organize and prioritize your posts by defining the stages required for each project.

You may monitor the progress of your team members using a checklist, which is one of its significant features. In this manner, you may make sure that your campaign is still on course for a specific week or month.

Create an online content template

To Sum it up

Continuously producing engaging material might be challenging. The hardest challenge is deciding what to write about. However, it is much simpler to make plans for the future based on current happenings with the aid of one of the free content calendar templates.

These free content calendar templates will also assist you in deciding when to post the content so that it does not get lost in the feeds of your target audience. The greatest days to send emails, for instance, are typically Tuesdays or Thursdays. Having this knowledge, you may make sure that these days are set out on your schedule for email content.

Create an online content template

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