Smart entrepreneurs understand the importance of affiliate marketing. They are aware that there’s always more they can do to make their business grow, or find an alternate stream of income.

It doesn’t mean that it’s their second business. They are just looking out for a better way to complement their existing business by offering more value to their customers and followers.

Affiliate programs can be considered as one of the most user-friendly and reliable methods of making money online. If you haven’t yet participated in any affiliate program, I think it’s time to reconsider taking advantage of this lucrative revenue stream.

Introducing the Graphy Partner Program, a free-for-all program designed to monetize your audience and create an alternative source of income by sharing the platform you love the most.

We’ll be discussing if Graphy’s Partner Program is right for you, and get started if it is a good fit. Let’s get started with the basics.

What Is The Graphy Partner Program?

 The Graphy Partner Program is a free-to-join platform where you can earn affiliate commissions and unlock exclusive opportunities.

It is a way for you to make extra profits on the side, creating a second income stream by recommending the fastest-growing online course platform.

Unlike other partner programs, we don’t just send an affiliate link your way, we have built up an entire ecosystem around our Partners.

This means you can have a head-on experience of exploring an excellent online course platform to not only build your main business with us but also your Partner business.

Doesn’t matter if you are an industry expert, a coach, a YouTuber, a blogger, as long as you have a strong online presence, you are good to join hands with us with the free partner program for a true partnership.

Hear it from our Partner:

What Makes The Graphy Partner Program Special?

With everything one may require provided in one place, we aim to help you succeed every step of the way.

With no hard selling and marketing tactics, you can help to spread the word and make an amazing income on the side for yourself.

Partnering with Graphy will help you to amplify success by earning over 30% recurring commission on any referral you send their way.

You can expect to earn up to USD 1000 or more. It is a partnership that benefits both parties.

You simply begin with signing up as an affiliate on our website, promulgate through your partner link, and each time a potential buyer signs up our platform using your partner link and makes a purchase, we pay you a commission for it.

And the best part is, the commissions are recurring!

Yes, you heard it right!

As long as they continue paying for their account on Graphy, you will keep receiving your commission for it.

But you may wonder what kind of support you get? Or, if there is a Minimum Payout Threshold? and more.

Well, we understand this critical part of onboarding and thus we provide you with a relationship manager to help track your progress and performance.

The same will be visible to you on your dashboard as we believe in 100% transparency. We will also be sharing product updates, partner events, and other relevant information over monthly emails to keep you updated about everything that is happening.

With a 60-day cookie period, you earn a 30% commission for every activated referral. Additionally, you continue to get the commission as long as your referrals stay on the platform.

The sky is the limit to earn under the Partner Program, but the real question is are you willing to reach out?

Once you register as a Partner on our platform, a unique affiliate link will be generated, which you can share with your network instantly.

Just simply place your link in your product reviews, workshops, events, Social Media posts, and on your website. Each time you refer a new customer who makes a purchase, you earn a commission for it.

Well, now that you have an overview of our Partner Program, let’s talk about how you can get started.

Graphy Partner Program: How To Get Started

Register yourself as an affiliate by filling out the short application form at and that’s it! You will instantly be able to view your Partner dashboard.

Once you officially become a Partner with us, easily copy your referral link to share it with your friends and followers and start earning commissions for the promotions you managed to make for the creator’s content.

We also allow you to customize your partner links using which you can create your links with sub-ids.

You’ll also witness other information related to your specific accounts, such as how many affiliates you’ve referred to, a performance report of your referral links, an overview of your affiliate earnings, and many more.

Reasons To Join The Graphy Partner Program

State of the Art Security

Right from the minute your content is online, we provide a premium security service that ensures the creator’s content remains super safe from piracy with multilayered security options of digital rights protection content encryption, screen recording prevention, dynamic watermarking, SSL authentication, and device restriction.

Most Creator Friendly Platform

We allow creators to seamlessly launch unlimited LIVE and instructor-led or scheduled drip courses which they can launch on their website or mobile application. 

Moreover, we have also made processing payments a lot easier by providing multiple payment gateway integrations, both local and international.

A creator can choose to collect the payments 100% directly to their bank account using multiple payment gateways including Stripe, Paypal, Instamojo, Razorpay, and more.

One can get these payments in multiple currencies or implement country-specific pricing if they wish to. Charge one-time or recurring payments, and automatically can send invoices after each transaction as well.

Around the Clock Customer Support

We provide immediate support to our customers, no matter the subscription tier they come from.

We have a dedicated team of set professionals who is always ready to instantly accommodate you with a call, chat, or speak with you via their 24/7 email support.

Advantages Of Robust Platform

We handle the technical heavy lifting for you, so you can focus on what you love doing the most – creating online courses to share your knowledge.

We help in creating interactive virtual learning experiences with highly engaging multimedia content that a creator can use to market and sell courses online through their own branded website and mobile app.

Create and upload content with different custom designs and deliver them on multiple devices for a great on-the-go learning experience. Add interactive content in various formats like visuals, pdfs, ppts, audio, and lots more with a single click.

Run polls, chat privately, ask questions publicly, allow interactions during LIVE sessions, give assignments, review and mark awards and customizable online course certificates as per performance, and much more.

Create online courses within your branded website and mobile application, host LIVE sessions, Q&As, respond to assignments, answer emails, engage with students, and many more.

We are a fully branded online course platform that allows creators to integrate their domain name & market their course under the name they own.

You can schedule content and launch a drip course to make the content available over a while on our platform.

Send one-time or recurring engaging and interesting notifications using text and images to send out important updates to learners.

Convert learners into affiliate partners to boost sales. Offer them discount coupons, promo codes, free trials, and much more to learners or customers.

We ensure premium and multi-layered security of the creator’s content and data with end-to-end encryption, dynamic watermarking, and device-wise limits to stop credentials misuse.

Receive payments in multiple currencies or implement country-specific pricing. We support international payment gateways like PayPal and Stripe and local payment gateways like PayUMoney, Razorpay, Paytm, CCAvenue, Instamojo, and TraknPay for seamless payments.

With zero hosting hassle, we strongly aim at transforming online learning with the best branded platform to help creators, educators, and institutions to manage, promote, create and sell courses online through their branded platform.

Become A Graphy Partner Today!

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