The online education industry is on the rise. More and more people are using the internet to learn new skills and upgrade themselves beyond a college degree. However, for those who are yet to embark on an online teaching journey, it might seem like a novel concept. If you are someone who is contemplating how to become a teacher and prepare for online teaching, this article would help you get some clarity. 

According to several published data, the last five years have witnessed significant growth in the E-learning industry. With the easy availability of the internet, it’s understandable when people spend too much time online. This shift to online education has blossomed mainly for reasons like easy accessibility and flexibility.

This online growth has opened up new avenues of income and career advancement for teachers like you. If you are passionate about learning & teaching a subject, you can easily start teaching online. Alternatively, if you already teach offline, or have an audience built, launching an online course would be relatively easier for you. 

Plan Your Classes

Addressing an online audience is different than the ones who are physically in front of you is. As a matter of fact, the students you teach online would be from different time zones, all around the globe. Plan your course module well and avoid surprises at any cost. Before purchasing your online courses, the learners would be checking out your “Table Of Content” where they can view what topics are covered under chapters & sub-chapters. 

Hence, a well thought of course module would be a deal maker for you. Take some time to create an effective & logical order of your course content. Finalize the right combination of multimedia course content. If you are planning to launch a Live Class schedule, keep a timing which would be suitable to most of the students. Keep a backup scheduled if someone misses your classes. 

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Finalize the right Technology to teach from home

If you want a no-fuss online teaching platform, you need to invest in the right software & tools. But, you’ve got this! There are many platforms which allow you to build your massive course platform without fretting about the tech at all. First and foremost, you need a computer that you can rely on and an internet connection which never stops. There are many options out there. Graphy, for example, is an online course platform that allows you to sell multimedia course content on your branded course website & mobile apps. You must do your part of the research and finalize on something that would help you sustain & grow your platform in the long run.

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Set Up An Adequate Working Environment

Working remotely is a challenge. You are your own boss. You follow the ethic that you build. Your self-discipline would speak up for you. Even though you can be anywhere in the world and can be teaching virtually, you must create a perfect environment for you, otherwise, this whole process would be a nightmare for you. Do a little planning. Set up a workspace for you where you would be working every day. Keep this space friendly and inviting where your hours spent can be productive. Moreover, keep your work environment distraction-free. An ideal workspace would be free of noise and people peeping in.

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Innovate And Stimulate Discussions while conducting Live Classes

If you are wondering how to conduct live online classes, then you must know online classrooms run differently than traditional classrooms. These classes have the potential to feel mechanical if not planned properly. Initiate & encourage discussions. Engaging your learners while teaching would go a long way in terms of how your students feel in class. Teach your virtual classroom as a traditional one. Assign reading material, use a digital whiteboard, take polls & surveys, encourage learners to ask doubts while conducting live classes through Graphy. Give assignments to your students regularly. If possible take feedback and keep improving the quality of your Live Class. 

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Conduct Live Classes with Graphy
Conduct Live Classes with Graphy

Communicate Regularly

This is essential for your growth. Online communication would help bring a sense of belonging to your Online Classes. Not just that, a consistent online presence kicks off your marketing efforts too. Make sure you clearly communicate your students with the best methods and times to contact you. Not having a professor physically present could be intimidating for some students. Use Course Wise Forums as well as Discussion forums to ease the process. Answer questions in a timely manner and provide plenty of instructions and call to actions.

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Importance of Branding in your Online Education Business

Motivate Your Students

Just like a traditional classroom, an online class has every kind of students who learn at their own pace. Motivation plays a very important part of the learning process. While some students are self-motivated, some students require that extra push. Create a classroom environment or a course module where every student could make the most out of it. Keeping deadlines can also give an extra push to your unmotivated students. Your goal should be to find ways to engage & motivate your learners similar to what a traditional classroom brings. 

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Ask For Help And Feedback

Beginning with an online course module would not be perfect the first time. There will be constant improvisation needed. Ask four first batch of students to provide you with valuable feedback. As and when you grow up, keep improving your course content and teaching methodologies. This will make sure your learners base grow with time and access the refined version of your content. Besides your students, connect with other online educators in your industry. These connections could prove invaluable in terms of brand building and online educator development.

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E-learning is a wonderful opportunity. It’s a growing market for potential educators, current educators, and giant coaching institutes. Going beyond a physical classroom would bring you the learners you wouldn’t have reached otherwise. It is an exciting and promising career to be in. Do proper research, plan your teaching modules, and take the leap. There is no right way to go about it. Just do your share of research and preparation, to get on the forefront of the online education movement.

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