This article is for those who want to create & sell study notes to earn some money. It could be used as a full-time business or just to supplement your current income. If you fall into either of the categories, you have created a great opportunity for yourself. This article will give you an overview of how to create, format, market, and sell study notes online. 

Study Notes are a piece of information presented in a systematic way. Drafting a well-written study note is not everyone’s cup of tea. However, everyone needs them to make their studies smoother, especially while preparing for an exam. Hence, if you have the knowledge of a subject & the desire to share it with students, they will surely be willing to pay for a good piece of content.  

Things to do before creating the study notes

Step 1: Start With an Idea

Whatever idea you do have regarding the subject material, jot it down. If you have multiple ideas in your head, figure out the middle ground from where you can operate. Make sure the subject has a demand in the market.  

Step 2: Research Your Competition & audience.

Once you are sure of the subject, it’s time to do some research. Look for the portals where someone is already selling the notes. Hang out on the forums where your target learners are. Try to figure out their likes, desires, and gripes. While molding the content, address their problems. This will create value.

Step 3: Determine How You’ll Sell Your Lesson

There are hundreds of platforms available to sell content. However, the suitability of each platform varies with your goal & objective. To keep full control, you can create your WordPress website to upload & sell your study notes. But, it requires technical expertise, time, or money. On the other hand, you could use platforms like Graphy for faster, less technical effort. 

Full Guide: Types of Platform to Sell Study Notes

Create Study Material

Step 1: Create compelling content

If you want to create and sell study notes for students, make sure a substantial part of it is written content. The content should be presented in a systematic manner with an easy to understand graphics to simplify the learning process. They can be in the form of a PDF which students can download and/or view anytime.

  1. Make the end results clear.
    List what the students are going to achieve if they buy your study notes.
  2. Keep it interactive.
    Create checklists, worksheets, and assignments as well as find a way to reach out to you in times of confusion.
  3. Get rid of the content which is not essential.
    The whole point of having study notes is presenting a book’s information concisely in smaller chunks. Remove the repeated content and the ones which are not required.
  4. Stimulate more than one sense.
    Highlight the texts, create bulleted points, and use short paragraphs. Try adding videos, images, etc to make content interesting and easy to learn.
  5. Repeat the key learning points often. Summarize the lesson. Repeat the important formulae, points to remember, etc often.

How to create videos for your course content

Step 2: Load Your Course Online

Once you’ve picked your platform and created the study material, upload them. If your chosen platform allows you to customize your website template, add a logo or color scheme, make use of them. Branding your study notes in a unique way would attract more students.

Why Branding is important while selling online study notes?

Marketing your Study Material

Irrespective of the platform you choose, you need to promote your study material. Whether you are selling to earn some passive income or create a full-time income stream, people need to be aware of your existence.

Devise a marketing plan that specifies your targeted audience and the means to reach out to them. Use the word of mouth marketing to promote your study material. If you already have a built name in the market, students would be automatically enticed to check it out. However, if you have an allocated budget earmarked for promotions use social media ads or PPC to promote it online.

While you create a killer marketing plan, make sure to keep in mind a few things:

Keep Your Study Material Up-to-Date

If you are selling the content of subjects such as Law, you frequently need to update them. Staying relevant in the industry is one of the best ways to build your name in the market. Outdated information can get you bad reviews and hinder word-of-mouth marketing.

Rinse and Repeat

There’s no rule that you have to stick to one subject. If there are other subjects you can touch on which relate to your targeted audience, go for it. This way, your current audience can then refer your students to these other courses.

Best ways to promote your study material online.

Ask for reviews and referrals

Creating and selling study notes can be quite lucrative if you’re able to provide value and generate a loyal audience. Ask your customers to rate your study notes online and leave an honest review. Getting students to review you would give you exposure both online as well as offline.

Highlight your USP more often

Your marketing process must highlight your unique features. There are hundreds of tutors selling thousands of study notes Online. You must know why students will choose you over them. Keep repeating the “Why” as many times as possible in as many ways as possible. Just make sure you do it in a way that looks genuine and not spammy.

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Now that you have got the overview of how to create, upload, and market study notes, you must take the leap of faith and begin with your first step. So, without wasting your time anymore, sign up on Graphy today!

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