In this blog, you will learn about 5 tips that can help you to earn money online as a fitness trainer. 

-create and sell online courses in 2022

Today, earning money online is comparatively easier than earning money offline!

As per the current studies, we can conclude that online content consumption and online sales have increased tremendously especially, after the lockdown of 2020. In fact, online content has taken us to a place where we can not imagine our lives without it. 

Therefore, whether you are a fitness trainer or an influencer who wants to expand their business and take it to new heights by establishing a strong online presence through their online content, this is the right time to do it.

earn money online as a fitness trainer

The biggest advantage of taking your fitness business online is that it will give you tons of opportunities to market yourself and your fitness business all over the world. Which means you will get consistent leads throughout the year. 

At Graphy, we are empowering creators with the highest quality, affordable and scalable education technologies.

5 tips to earn money as a fitness trainer 

Start your online fitness institute

One of the best ways to earn money online as a fitness trainer is to start your own online fitness institute. 

Yes, your own online fitness empire

Starting your online fitness institute might sound a bit fancy but, to maximize your reach and grow your fitness business, you have to take this step. 

Don’t worry about how you will manage things because your online fitness institute will work the same way as your offline fitness institute. The only difference will be that all the tasks of your fitness institute, including classes, payments, and management would be carried out online. 

start your online fitness instituteYour online fitness institute will be a mixture of recorded as well as live sessions. In fact, you can also make money by launching multiple online courses on your institute’s website. For instance, you can launch a 90 days fitness challenge or you can launch a course on how to reduce belly fat within 30 days. 

How can you do this? 

The easiest way to launch your online fitness institute is to choose an all-in-one online course platform like us ie, Graphy. 

We have helped many fitness trainers who have launched their courses on our platform by empowering and equipping them with the best-in-class tools to create, market, and sell their online courses. 

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Host paid online workshops

Another way to earn money online as a fitness instructor is to conduct paid workshops. Honestly, if you are starting out, you cannot have it as a primary source of your income but, it will definitely help you gear up your income capacity. 

By hosting frequent workshops, you can: 

  • Maximize your reach 
  • Help more number of people 
  • Share your expertise and
  • Earn a decent amount of money as a byproduct 

Workshops are not like typical online courses. Being a fitness trainer, you would have developed expertise around many things like weight loss, strength training, and nutrition. You would also have an idea about how a person can be free from various diseases like type 2 diabetes, migraine, etc by following a proper lifestyle and diet. 

So, you can take a specific part of fitness like nutrition and break it down into different topics like-

  • How a person can reverse type 2 diabetes
  • How to have a positive mindset during weight loss journey

After finalizing the topics, decide the duration of your workshop. You can launch your 2 days, 3 days, or even a 5 days workshop.

But, ideally, you should not extend your workshop for more than 3 days. Because asking people to invest 2 hours each day for the next 2 or 3 days is much better than asking them to invest 1 hour each day for the next 5 days. 

To cut a long story short, always try to provide more value to your audience in a short period of time. That’s it!

earn money online as a fitness trainer

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For instance, your workshop should be like: How to reverse type 2 diabetes -2 days workshop or it could be how to stay motivated during your weight loss journey – 3 days workshop. 

Once you are clear about the duration, prepare notes and slideshows. Record your video and analyze how much time you are consuming in explaining a particular topic. If your recorded session is close to your expected duration then you are good to go to launch your online paid workshop. Otherwise, alter your notes and practice till the time you can finish a topic within the pre-decided timeframe. 

earn money online as a fitness trainer

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Launch your fitness app Today, mobile apps play an important role in our lives. Whether it is about online payment, shopping, investing, or learning, we are completely dependent on mobile apps. The same goes for fitness. We can not explain it through mere words about how your potential clients want videos that they can access via: 

  • Smartphones 
  • Laptops/ Tablets 
  • Televisions 

The reason behind the increased demand for consuming content through mobile apps is that they provide a lot of ease and flexibility to the user. It doesn’t matter whether your client is at their home, their friend’s home, or anywhere else in the world, they can easily watch the video and perform the workout. 

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Hence, it would not be wrong to say that you could easily earn a handsome amount of money by launching your own fitness app. 

Graphy understand that launching an app on your own is the same as banging your head on a wall. That’s why we help our creators in building their branded mobile apps along with their institute’s websites.

Consequently, you can focus on what’s more important which undoubtedly is – Creating your online course content. 

earn money online as a fitness trainer
Launch paid downloadable Ebooks and diet charts

Selling downloadable ebooks and diet charts can help you in hitting your income goals. 

Being a fitness trainer, you would have been recommending customized and sustainable diet plans to your clients on a daily basis. Therefore, launching a downloadable diet plan is not going to be a new thing for you. But, you must be thinking about who will purchase your diet plans?  So, let’s discuss it further. launch your ebook now with graphy with just a few clicksMany people know how to perform workouts and exercises but, they lack when it comes to sticking to a diet plan. As the random, fad diets that are available on Google and YouTube are not sustainable and the worst part is they are not sustainable either. So, you can help these people who are looking for a holistic diet plan to –

  • Shed their extra kilos
  • Get rid of certain diseases

Moreover, you can also bundle up your courses along with these diet plans and sell them together. 

earn money online as a fitness trainer

Become a fitness influencer 

One of the best ways to earn money online as a fitness trainer is by shining on social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook. 

Who is an influencer? 

An influencer is someone who has a direct impact or influence on the purchasing decision of others due to their knowledge, experience, and expertise. 

Since you are a fitness trainer, you already would have a list of people who can vouch for your skills and knowledge. You can use their testimonials and reviews to establish yourself as a fitness expert. 

Apart from this, if you want to stand out on social media platforms, it is advisable to: 

  • Share relevant and genuine information consistently
  • Share high-quality images and videos 
  • Share your story – tell people about your weight-loss journey or about how you got rid of a disease 
  • Create specialized content for multiple social media platforms 

Once you become the center of attraction, many fitness and other brands will try to collaborate with you. Consequently,  you can build a successful career as a fitness influencer and get paid for influencing your audience. 

Apart from the monetary benefits, you will also enjoy non-monetary benefits like having a community that trusts you and is always there to support you!

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To sum it up: 

You might feel overwhelmed if you are starting out because you would be competing against your rivals who already would have established themselves as an expert. 

But, instead of feeling stressed out and comparing yourself with others, we would recommend you to become better at what you do with each passing day and launch your fitness empire on Graphy!

earn money online as a fitness trainer