Are you someone who is finding it difficult to get new coaching clients? 

Or someone who has tried almost everything in their power still, is not able to get consistent leads?

Aren’t you nodding your head? 

Don’t stress! We have got you covered.

But, before moving forward, hold on and appreciate yourself for crossing one of the toughest levels in your course creation journey ie, creating your online course. Many creators are still stuck at the point that you have crossed. 

So, here’s a big round of applause to you! (Endless Claps…)

We understand that scaling up your knowledge commerce business is hard. You have to compete with hundreds of other creators who would be selling an online course which could be almost similar to yours. 

The worst part is that your struggle gets multiplied by 10x if you are a newbie. Since during your initial days you might not have a team to perform multiple tasks, you will be the only one who would be working as a marketer, designer, instructor, accountant, salesman, and what not. Hence, it is easy to feel overwhelmed during the process.

Still, if you have not lost your hopes and are trying to find some new ways of marketing your online course, you have come to the right place. 

Yes, you heard it right! 

In this blog, we are going to share some effective strategies which can help you to get at least 10 new coaching clients in the next 30 days. 

Tips To Get 10 New Coaching Clients In Next 30 Days

Create A Strong Sales Page

When it comes to selling online, the sales page plays an important role. The first thing that your visitors will notice is going to be your course sales page. It works as your portfolio. Hence, you should invest enough time while designing your sales page. 

Your sales page should be about your target audience. It should represent less about who you are, what you do and how you do it, and more about who your target audience is, their pain points, and a solution to end their problems ie, your course.

What an ideal sales page should include?

  • A catchy headline
  • Bulleted points addressing your course advantages
  • Add photos, videos, GIFs 
  • Add CTA’s (If your sales page is lengthy, add multiple CTA’s)
  • Few Social Proofs / Testimonials 
  • Share your story and add buttons to your social media profiles 

Jot down all the above-mentioned points and once you have a rough idea of how your sales page will look like, start working on the final copy. Make sure that your sales page covers all the points and isn’t lengthy at the same time. 

You could leverage flash sale to attract your audience. Add timer on your sales page if you are launching your online course during special occasions or you want to give a special discount to your audience for a limited time period. 

To increase the conversion rate, give a guarantee. Assure your learners that if they follow the roadmap and put in the required amount of effort, they will get guaranteed results. 

Bottom Line: If you design your sales page in such a way, your website’s bounce rate will reduce. Consequently, you would be able to get more sign-ups for your online course.

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Leverage Social Media 

We are in living in the era of the Internet and social media. You won’t believe it but, social media alone has the potential to give you hundreds of new coaching clients without even spending a penny. 

No matter what your course topic is, you would be able to find your potential clients if you have a well-planned social media strategy. Hence, make sure that you are leveraging this powerful tool to effortlessly sell your online course. 

New Coaching Clients

Social media is huge and different platforms have different types of audiences. Analyze which social media platform is used massively by your target audience. Understand the type of content that works on these platforms. Once you have figured it out, start posting engaging and interesting content consistently. 

For instance, we know that people aged 18-29 hang out on Instagram more than any other platform. So, if you are targeting this segment, make a robust Instagram strategy to get noticed by your target audience. Use all the features of Instagram like reels, stories, guides, videos, etc. 

Pro Tip: One of the keys to building a strong bond with your audience is to reply to their DM’s and comments. Make sure that you always do that.  

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Conduct Free Webinars 

Hosting free webinars frequently is a great way to connect with your audience. People feel happy when they get something for free. Whether it’s a giveaway or a free webinar, they will try to become a part of it. Hence, conducting frequent free webinars can help you to get new coaching clients in the next 30 days. 

However, it has been observed that people leave webinars in the middle because they tend to feel bored. But, here are a few things you could do to make them interesting and engaging. 

How to make your webinars interesting and engaging?

  • Get friendly with your audience
  • Ask them to switch on their cameras
  • Learn the art of storytelling
  • Share your personal experiences with them
  • Crack jokes whenever you can, this truly works 
  • Don’t stretch your webinars 

If you want to make a sales pitch during your webinars, make sure that while communicating with your audience, you are addressing their pain points. In the end, give a solution to them to end their pain ie, your course. 

Pro Tip: Though there is no right or wrong answer when it comes to deciding the duration of your webinar, make sure that you don’t stretch them unnecessarily. 

Create A YouTube Channel 

One of the best ways to reach your audience organically is to start your own YouTube channel. 

We know that YouTube by default is installed on almost all smartphones and its user base is huge. Hence, if you are not leveraging such a powerful platform, you are missing out on hundreds of potential learners. 

New Coaching Client

How you can leverage YouTube to get 10 new coaching clients?

  • Give a unique and memorable name to your YouTube channel 
  • Create high-quality videos and catchy video thumbnails
  • Write SEO-Optimized video titles
  • While closing your video, ask your audience to visit your website 
  • Write in-depth SEO-Optimized video descriptions
  • Give a link to your course website in the description

If you incorporate all the above-mentioned things in your videos, you will be able to maximize your reach. Consequently, you will end up getting more subscribers who will eventually become your students. 

Pro Tip: Maintain Consistency!

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Collaborate with Fellow Creators

Collaborating with fellow creators is one of the easiest ways to maximize your reach and build your fan base. If you know creators who sell courses that are complementary to your course, reach out to them. 

Let’s suppose you are a dance teacher and your expertise lies in contemporary dance form. So, if you know a creator who teaches hip-hop dance form, you can collaborate with them. The best part is you both will get some benefits out of this collaboration. 

How you can collaborate with fellow creators? 

Once you are sure with whom you want to collaborate, you can –

  • Ask them to join you on YouTube or Instagram Live 
  • Ask them to write guest blogs on your online course website 
  • Ask them to share about your course in their YouTube videos and share your online institute’s link in their description

Why creators will collaborate with you?

If you are friends with the creator with whom you are going to collaborate, they would be willing to collaborate with you for the sake of your friendship. 

But, if you are collaborating with someone with whom you have a formal relationship, you can ask them to become your affiliate partner. So, when they will collaborate with you, they would be clear about what they will get in return ie, their commission. 

To Sum It Up 

When it comes to adopting new marketing strategies to promote your online course, there is no right or wrong. Since different strategies work for different coaching businesses, you should try to incorporate as many strategies as you can to figure out what works best for you. 

But, the ideal strategy would be to pick one strategy at a time and implement it successfully

Once you think, it has started giving results, pick another one as well. If you do it this way, you would be able to implement all of them without feeling burnout or overwhelmed. If you are still looking for an all-in-one online course platform to launch your online courses, Graphy would be the right choice for you!

PS: The key here is to keep – Experimenting