In this blog, you will be learning about how to launch your dream course faster and in a smoother way so that you have a scalable and successful launch of your online course.

-create your online course in 2022

You want to create your dream course but you are unaware of how to launch it. Don’t worry you are on the right platform just like other people.

Well, imagine that you are enjoying your vacation at your favorite destination. You are having a gala time. Chilling and listening to music with your friends and family.

Beep. All of a sudden you see a notification stating that you have earned $200 from another learner enrolling for your course.

Don’t you think it added the icing on the cake?

So now, this can turn into reality if you launch the online course that you have been thinking about.

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I want to launch my dream course Then what are you waiting for, let’s get started step by step! How to launch your dream course faster

Launching a dream course can be overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be.

Firstly you don’t have to have tech knowledge. You don’t have to learn how to code to build or launch your online course. 

All that is required is the right knowledge and ability to express your course in the simplest way possible.

Let’s have a look at the steps now.

Select a niche and validate.

The foremost thing to do is select your choice of expertise. Select a topic which is in demand and also you are knowledgeable about it. Most creators fail in building successful online courses because of the wrong choice of topic. 

Your goal should be to:

  • Select an e-course model 
  • Evaluate your idea and see if it’s fruitful in the market or not
  • Stand out from your competitors

Firstly, you need to decide on your business model. The most straightforward options are to build a one-time course or a subscription-based model

  • You can charge higher if it’s a one-time course
  • For the subscription-based, you can look at the market price and the value of the course

When you have selected your niche you need to figure out the market demand. You need to ask yourself that:

  • Does your idea exist in the market?
  • Do people think it’s worth buying?

When you have figured out the status of your course, look for your competitors. Look what are they offering and then figure out:

  • What makes you stand out from others?
  • What will make others want you?

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You’ve chosen a topic and now it’s time to get down and start writing. This is the most daunting component of the entire procedure for many course authors.

Isn’t there a plethora of choices? Do you want to film a video, downloads, or modules? Are you going to record your screen or talk to a camera if you make videos? Or a combination of the two? What kind of material do you require?

Take a deep breath in and out.

Getting organized is the key to avoiding option saturation when it comes to creating content.

So sit down and also answer the following questions to yourself:

  • For how many weeks will your content sustain?
  • For each week what topic will you cover and complete?
  • Will additional content be a part of your lesson plan?

So decide what kind of multimedia you want to use. There are plenty of options like:

launch your dream course faster
Decide whether you want to add quizzes after every module or chapter. Whether you conduct online assessments after every module just to check the knowledge status of your learners. The best part is a platform like Graphy offers you rich multimedia content. You can be your own king and select & mix match the multimedia content on the platform itself. 

Plan out every possible thing. For convenience jot down the plans in the form of points so that while executing your content it gets easier for you.

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Create an amazing content

Now the actual task comes into the picture. The most tricky part is to create course content. Whether you’re writing or recording, here are some ideas and techniques to help you create great content.

Writing course content

If the prospect of generating weeks’ worth of material overwhelms you, consider hiring a content writing agency to help you out. Although you will almost certainly have to perform some editing, offering an overview can make getting high-quality writing back much smoother.

Contemplate how you might use the stuff you’re creating in the future. Is it possible for you to start a blog and publish a post with identical content? To raise brand exposure, you may utilize it as a feature article on a similar website. This will ensure that your material gets the most traffic possible.

Video course content

Jot down what you’ll say before you record. Practice a few times to ensure you’re comfortable with the material and pace. Time yourself to make sure you’ll be able to manage all of the material in the time allocated.

Don’t assume that recording a video requires a thousand-dollar rig. Some of the most effective video recording tools for creating teaching material are now available as an app or in the cloud, and it is quite economical.

Display recordings are another excellent aspect of online classes; you may find screen recording software online.

launch your dream course faster For creating amazing content you have to follow the above steps. Create bite-sized videos and engaging lessons. On Graphy you can personalize your content. You can add a live quiz, live test, assignments, downloadable content, videos, podcasts, and webinars.

For long and serious learning you can create videos of 20-25 mins. Because nowadays people don’t have that much time to sit for an hour and continuously watch videos.

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Establish the website and choose the right LMS

Once you have created your content it’s time for you to use communication tools. Pick the right platform where you can create your website and integrate LMS. On Graphy you can design, build your branded website and mobile app. It’s a one-in-all platform where you can personalize your content and use advanced marketing tools. Graphy also provides pre-designed fully customizable sales page templates in order to make your life hassle-free. 

Keep in mind that the first impression is the last. So you have to design your website very carefully. Treat your landing page as a first impression.  If your website is not user-friendly then no matter how good your content is, people will judge you. 

You must wonder what makes a good landing page?

To answer this first you need to make sure that you have the right web hosting provider.

Secondly, make a website for the user, so it is a handy and easy-to-understand website.

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There’s good news! You’ve got a digital lesson to sell. Along with that you have got the website with the LMS on which to sell. To do so, you require high-quality marketing material. 

Upload your lesson on the portal and launch it publicly. Make sure that your content is engaging enough. You will only be successful if you will be consistent

launch your dream course faster

Market your course

Once you launch your course you want people to know about your course. So for that, there are various ways to promote your course, such as:
  • Social media: To get people excited about your course, start posting your content on social platforms. Platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc can be used to broadcast your course. 

You can also get in touch with the influencers who are in the same niche. Collaborate with them and get a chance to shine. 

  • Paid ads: You can also run paid ads on various platforms like Google, Facebook. This is the best marketing strategy to spread awareness about your course. But for paid ads, you have to keep in mind to target the right audience. 
Ads should be run only to those whom you are targeting or else it will be a complete waste of resources.
  • Email marketing: you are already ahead of a game if you have a strong email list of your audience. Be sure that they are aware of your course! Consider giving loyal consumers little discounts or additional rewards.
  • Referral program: You can also run referral tactics. It is one of the most effective and less costly ways to market. When referrers start referring to the course, you can give them a commission or a free premium ebook. 
Concerning marketing, people will have trust in you. Word of mouth will establish your reliability and credibility in the market.

To attract much traffic, the optimal marketing strategy will combine high-quality content marketing plans with paid adverts. Your focus should be on attracting visitors and effectively converting them into paying clients.

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Launching your dream course is tough but not impossible. If you have proper groundwork and planning you will have successful results.

And because of this Graphy being an all-in-one platform made it possible to launch your dream course with just a few steps. Have your customized branded website and mobile app with advanced marketing tools and features.