In this blog, you’ll gather all the required information that is needed to make a quiz in PowerPoint.

Adding quizzes, puzzles, and challenges to your online course is one of the best ways to assess the progress and performance of your learners. Another benefit of adding quizzes is that it helps learners with self-assessment because they get instant feedback on their responses. 

The best part about quizzes is that you can even create them on a hidden gem of Microsoft Office ie, PowerPoint. 

PowerPoint is a well-known tool for creating presentations but, you can do a lot of creative tasks with it like: 

  • You can develop mini-games with animation tricks. 
  • You can create video presentations. 
  • You can create quizzes with strict navigation.

So, if you are searching for tools to create quizzes for your online courses, you have come to the right place! As in this blog, we will share a step-by-step guide on how you can make a quiz in PowerPoint. 

Moreover, we will also tell you how you can create multiple types of quizzes on Graphy and how it can help you scale and build your online teaching businesses.

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Steps to make a quiz in PowerPoint

Create the front page of the quiz

Open a new slide and type in the title of your online quiz. You can also add some additional information if you want to add about it. Choose the color, size, and font of the text as per your choice. 

Then add the background image according to the topic of your quiz. For adding a background image, click on the ‘Insert tab’ and then click on ‘Pictures’. There is also a shortcut to this. Press the right mouse button, and then click on the ‘format background’ button. 

On the right side of your screen, the ‘format background’ setting will open. From there you can select: 

  • Solid fill 
  • Picture 
  • Gradient fill 
  • Pattern fill 

Create the question and answer slide 

To make a quiz in PowerPoint, go to the next slide and put a question in the title box. You can also use unfinished statements, phrases, or mathematical equations instead of questions. Include an image that will effectively show your ideas and aid visual communication.

Include a response option in your question. Click the ‘text box’ button on the ‘Insert’ tab. Start with the top selection and work your way down the list.

In most multiple-choice questions, there is one correct option (also known as the key) and three incorrect options (also called distractors). 

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Create the correct answer slide 

After making a quiz in PowerPoint, add a second slide stating that the learner has picked the correct answer. Enter a congratulatory message in the title box: Correct!/ That’s right!/Well done! etc. 

Add a sentence to the ‘content box’ that encourages students to continue the quiz, such as “Go to the next question!” or “Continue the Quiz!” Let’s get this quiz party started! 

Add this slide after every quiz. This will motivate your learners to go and complete the quiz. 

Create the wrong answer slide 

Use the same steps to make the incorrect response slip, which will appear when test-takers make a mistake. Add a new slide and put the appropriate text in the title box, such as “Oops, that’s wrong…” 

But this time, allow your students to return to the question and attempt it again. To make your learners more informed, give feedback on every correct and incorrect answer. So, that they know what they did wrong and where they were right. 

Level of teaching – Memory, Understanding & Reflective Level

Add navigation to your quiz 

Once you make a quiz on Powerpoint, add navigation to it. Connect the correct and incorrect responses to the appropriate feedback slides. 

To do so, first, click the answer text box, then go to the Insert tab and click on ‘Link’ from the ‘Insert’ menu. A dialog box will pop up. Choose ‘Place in This Document’ from the open window, then select the necessary “That’s correct” or “That’s wrong” slide.

Do the same for the ‘continue quiz’ text and ‘try again’ text. Repeat the same steps for all the slides. After adding links to all of your slides, check them again to ensure if the links are working or not. 

In this way, you can make a quiz in PowerPoint for your online course. 

How can you make a quiz with Graphy? 

Graphy is an all-in-one online course platform that allows you to create, market, launch, and sell your digital courses to a global audience. With Graphy’s power-packed tools, you can quickly create high-end digital products within a few minutes. 

When it comes to adding quizzes to your online courses, Graphy provides a lot of functionality to its users. As you can easily add different types of quizzes to your online courses, like: 

  • Multiple correct answers 
  • Single correct answers 
  • One-liners 
  • Match the column 
  • Numericals 
  • True or False
  • Fill in the blanks 

Apart from the quizzes that you want to add after every chapter or topic, Graphy also allows you to conduct live tests within the course platform itself. It also gives you the same functionality. But the only difference is that 

Live tests can be attempted only during the specified time and their scores can be viewed after the result declaration only. Whereas, learners can attempt the quizzes at any time and can view the results instantly.

Moreover, Graphy offers tons of features that can help you to grow and scale your online coaching business. Some of the best Graphy’s features are: 

  • Branded mobile apps and website 
  • Multimedia courses 
  • Customized landing pages 
  • Integrated payment gateways 
  • In-built community 
  • Robust customer support 
make a quiz in PowerPoint

To sum it up: 

Now that you know how you can add quizzes to your online courses, we would recommend you to choose Graphy for hosting your digital products. 

Because apart from the quiz functionality, Graphy offers many advanced features and tools that you can leverage to take your knowledge-commerce business to the next level. 

So, what are you waiting for? Sign up on Graphy today!

make a quiz in PowerPoint

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