In this blog, we are going to unveil the best platform on which you can make an online exam website in India.

The online education system is expanding far and wide. Education is no more limited to the four walls of a classroom, it is available at your fingertips as a result of technological advancement. Hence, if you are planning on how to make an online exam website for your learners, you are on the right track.

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How to make an online exam website

A new innovation in online examination

Comprehensive online exam systems efficiently evaluate exam partakers thoroughly via a fully automated system. The process saves quite a lot of time as well as gives fast results. The Online examination system has completely helped to automate the old manual procedure of conducting exams. Usually, you can conduct one through a Web-based Online Examination Software. This process has significantly eliminated the need for monitoring by the invigilators. All instructions are timely displayed on the screen before the tests begin.

From smooth registrations to the swift creation of tests, you can conduct online tests for a number of reasons.

  1. Educating Students
  2. Corporate Training
  3. Training Institute
  4. Onscreen Evaluation System

Features of an online exam website offered by Graphy

With all the technological advancements taking place, the platforms like Graphy allow you to create your comprehensive examination system. Below mentioned are a few most important features of the online test platform created by Graphy.

Prepare learners to achieve extraordinary with a simple to use, highly interactive platform and ease the assessment stage.

Branded Test Platform

Graphy creates a branded course platform under your name where you can launch unlimited courses and tests which represent your brand.

Why branding is important for your online education business?

No coding required

Building an online test platform through Graphy requires zero coding skills. You don’t need to be tech-savvy or spend a lot of money on developing it. Graphy takes care of its development and maintenance.

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Simple to use

One-stop solution for practice quizzes, assignments, and live tests. No matter what kind of tests you want to conduct Graphy supports it all and it’s so easy to operate.


Learners can access your tests on their laptops, tablet, or smartphone. It’s accessible on both web as well your course app.

Launch your online courses in 5 simple steps.

Question Bank

Bulk import all the questions using an excel sheet. Graphy supports MCQ, single answer questions, multiple answer questions as well as fill-in-the-blanks. Once all the questions are accumulated in the question bank, the system can automatically choose a unique set of questions for different learners.

Systematic Analysis

Release instant results or manually publish them as per your requirement. Learners can also view an ultimate combination of detailed methodologies that will help them analyze their skills and grades.

Certificate Rewards

If you want to reward your learners with some sort of certificate for course completion or after securing certain marks in a certain test, it’s possible. You just need to make changes to the certificate template, if you want to alter anything. Apart from it, you just need to make changes to the settings and enable rewarding certificates to your learners.

Multiple validity variants

You can set up multiple tests in different schedules, along with different validity periods. Allot a specific time slot to complete a test and it would be automatically submitted once the window expires.

Pricing Structure

You can price your test series individually or in a bundle. Set up multiple pricing variants for different test packages. Set up a price structure depending upon its validity periods or just choose a uniform one for everything. There are so many options available.

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Secured & Confidential

We take content security very seriously. The content uploaded or insider data will always be protected under an umbrella.

You just need to worry about creating the questions. We, take care of the rest!

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