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How to promote yourself as a career coach

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In this article, we will help you find ways to promote yourself as a career coach and get clients fast.

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The demand for career coaching is at its all-time high; in fact, its market value will reach over $20 billion in valuation by 2022. Many students and professionals are looking for coaches to help them make the right career choices. 

As a career coach, you will have to reach out to these people, aka your target audience, and tell them how your services can solve their career dilemmas. To promote yourself as a career coach, you need to identify strategies that get you results faster without breaking the bank. 

And that’s exactly what we are discussing here. In this article, we will help you find ways to market yourself as a career coach and get clients fast. 

Launch your career coaching program

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Establish a digital presence on social media 

Having an active social media profile isn’t just a nice-to-have thing; instead, it can feed you constant leads when utilized properly. 

As a career coach, you need to be present on sites that your target audience actively uses; for instance, if you guide students studying in schools or colleges, then Facebook or Instagram works fine; in the same way, if your target audience is working professionals, then opting for Linkedin can be a good choice. 

That’s not it; you also need to let your audience know you are here. You’ll have to build a following and expand your reach over time. Building a following on any social media platform is quite challenging but not impossible; you can do this in the following ways-

  • Create and share relevant content- If you want your target audience to follow your account, you must possess authority in your niche. And this can only be achieved if you create content that solves their problem, offers new insights, is exciting, and cuts through the noise. You can leverage various media options like static posts, videos, live streams, and shorts clips to communicate your content effectively.
  • Keep an eye on social media algorithms- All social media channels work on an algorithm that promotes content that is recent, relevant, and has higher engagement. For instance, if a user has interacted with an account before, the algo assumes that they are interested in their content and then promotes it on their feed when they post something. So, the more relevant content you post, the higher is your chance of getting the attention of your target audience and coming under the radar of the algorithm. 
  • Engage with similar accounts in your niche- When you are just starting, getting engagement on your post is challenging. So, another way to get people to follow your account is to leave valuable comments on accounts similar to your niche. When you do that, your target audience gets to know your views on a certain topic, and they might want to follow you for more updates.
  • Optimize your profile-  Lastly, optimize your profile to get found on social media platforms. Make sure you have included all relevant information in your bio that tells your audience exactly what you do. For instance, as a career coach, you should have this keyword in your profile so your profile is found on top when anybody searches for it. 

Also, when someone hops on your profile, you only have seconds to impress them; you should include a short intro on what you do, your authority in your niche, and how many students have helped till now. This will encourage users to hit that follow button and consume your future posts. 

Launch your career coaching program

Got Your Content Ready? GRAPHY is all you need to get started!
How to promote yourself as a career coach

Launch your podcast 

Launching a podcast is another effective way to promote yourself as a career coach. Podcasts are quite popular since people can get insights on their favorite topics anytime, anywhere.

Also, people spend a significant time commuting, gyming, cooking, or doing house chores, and listening to Podcasts seems quite a fruitful option in their free time. Podcasting will drive your authority in your niche and another channel for potential students to find you. 

Now, here you can do two things: either speak as a guest speaker in other podcasts or start your own channel. If you are new to podcasting, you don’t really have an audience who will listen to your podcast, so start with collaborating with other podcasters. 

Before you pitch your ideas to other podcast channels, make sure you have built a minimum following on your social media channels to look authentic. You can also post on your social media that you are looking for a collaboration to speak on similar to your niche. You never know from where you get an opportunity.

Your next goal should be to find podcasters in your niche and request them if they are interested in collaborating with you. Here, you can tell about your ideas or topics you want to discuss and mention how they can benefit your audience. Anyone who signs up for this will want to know the benefits they or their audience will get from this collaboration. 

Starting a podcast might seem challenging, but the sooner you start doing it, the higher are your chances of communicating with your target audience. 

Launch your career coaching program

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Communicate directly through emails 

Emails are an excellent way to reach your customers in real-time. When posting on social media or doing podcasts, you talk to various people who may or may not be your target audience. You don’t know who they are and what these people are looking for. However, these platforms act as bait for you to drive traffic to your email lists. And, once you build an email list, it becomes much easier to sell your offer and promote yourself as a career coach. 

There are a number of ways in which you can collect your audience’s email addresses-

  • Offer freebies in return for their email addresses 
  • Ask your audience on social media to join your email list
  • Invest in paid ads
  • Run giveaway contests to collect subscribers 
  • Do guest posting on the relevant niche-specific website 
  • Add a squeeze page on your website to encourage them to sign up on your website 
  • Add a form to your Facebook business page

Once people join your list, you send them welcome emails to introduce yourself, tell them about your experience in your niche, and why they should choose you as their career coach. You can then send them daily or weekly emails to share new insights in the field, any useful resources, tips, and tricks, or any learning you want to share with your potential clients. 

With time, you will build a strong relationship with your subscribers and gain the trust needed to take the next step, sales. 

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Mailchimp is a very popular email marketing tool that can help you create email campaigns, track their performance and automate your email marketing process. Plus, you can integrate Mailchimp with Graphy to create a single unified platform to analyze your email campaigns and teach online.

Launch your career coaching program

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Create your online course 

As a career coach, your audience is mostly working professionals or students, and both these people prefer online courses as their mode of learning. After the pandemic hit, students are doing their classes online, and working professionals have shifted their working desks home. The rewards of creating an online course go from financial to promotional and impactful. You can reach so many people at any given time and earn good money.  

To create an online course that attracts an audience, you need to first work on its idea. Then, determine some major problems of your target audience and help them conquer them. But that’s not it; after choosing the right subject matter, you need to validate your content and gather feedback by pre-selling some offers. 

Once done, it’s time to launch your online course to your audience. First, you market them to your email subscribers and social media audience. You can also leverage paid ads if you have the money to spend. Having an online course will help you promote yourself as a career coach, establish credibility and build a solid source of income. 

And, if you are looking to build an extensive online course, then Graphy should be your ultimate option. Graphy allows you to create custom courses with no coding required whatsoever. You can create every type of course here and grow your business seamlessly. Using this, you can also build your branded website and mobile app that help you reach more people. 

Launch your career coaching program

Got Your Content Ready? GRAPHY is all you need to get started!

Wrapping up 

Now that you know how to promote yourself as a career coach, it’s time to implement these strategies. If used properly, these tips would help you build a lead-generation funnel with no dry spells of clients. 

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Launch your career coaching program

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