In this blog, we will understand the meaning of life coaching and how you can start your journey as a life coach and sell life coaching online.

Create online courses in 2022

Professionals are finding ways to help others by setting up their life coaching businesses.

In the world of urban lifestyle, where most people are full of distractions and confusion, people often feel delusional and lost. They require life coaches to guide them in achieving their goals and fulfilling their needs.

There are a lot of people who are witnessing the benefits of learning from life coaches for their personal development. They seek coaches’ help to resolve their problems or deal with challenges in life.

When you plan to sell a life coaching course online, you accelerate someone’s potential through discovery and skill development.

Experts from all over the world, with the zeal to help others are now more focused than ever to create profound benefits for their audience to learn from a life coach. Coaches these days are focused on creating courses that cover all areas related to the holistic health of the body and mind, including life coach training. 

With their life coaching courses online, they aim at providing first-hand experience to their audience.

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They also seek to teach valuable skills that are taught with case studies. As students focus on practicing their knowledge through real-life scenarios.

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But first things first, what is life coaching?

Life coaches are professionals who help their clients to get in touch with the resources available to them to reach their maximum potential in life and achieve their desired goals.They facilitate clients’ growth by guiding them as mentors, advisors, or trusted partners to make right and informed life decisions.

Life coaching is a thought-provoking and creative process that has many aspects to it. Such a method by different coaches helps others to dream big and achieve bigger goals.

As discussed, you will have to specifically follow the following steps to sell life coaching online course of your own.

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Steps to sell life coaching online

STEP #1: Identify your niche

Your niche can be classified as the first step towards separating yourself from the crowd.

To identify your niche you need to know whom you will be helping, which problems you will be aiming to resolve.

To put it simply, your niche is your expertise. It’s that one thing you have mastered and are good at doing.

To figure out your niche, you need to ask:

  • What do you enjoy helping people with?
  • Which kind of issues or topics are you confident about addressing?

You also need to ask several thought-provoking questions to yourself and to the people around you. Post that picks up the most common point that you resonate with the most as your niche.

There is a common misconception around this topic that you need to stick to your niche throughout your journey as a life coach. That is incorrect, especially when you keep growing as a successful life coach.

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STEP #2: Know your audience thoroughly

As a life coach, you need to remember that to sell life coaching online you will be required to attract people. Besides that, you have to provide them with a solution to their problems.

Try to put yourself in your audiences’ shoes and address their thoughts and feelings regarding an issue.

Such an approach to dealing with your audience will strengthen your relations with them. Along with that, it will help in identifying your audience and the challenges they may be facing in a better way.

Step #3: Choose the right platform

In this era when everything has become digital – from buying groceries to learning a new skill, you can leverage the most out of this opportunity by choosing a builder all-in-one platform like Graphy. A platform that is the best fit for you to sell courses online.

You don’t necessarily require any tech knowledge to sell life coaching online courses on Graphy. What makes Graphy the creator’s choice is the branded website and mobile app. Graphy encourages you to build your identity and your brand.

The platform is highly secured, innovative, and cost-effective. It allows creators to build up an online business as lifelong mentors.

When you sign up for our platform, you will discover that Graphy has got you covered with everything in ONE place.

sell life coaching online

Developers at Graphy have ensured that the platform is well equipped with all the essential features that any creator will possibly ever need to build a successful online course.

You can start with Graphy’s lowest plan at Rs. 3,207/month, later at any time, whenever you are ready, you can switch over to its higher plans.

With none of the hassles, Graphy comes across as the most efficient choice you can make. 

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STEP #4: Build your life coaching business

As you begin with your business plan to sell life coaching online courses, you will be required to make it as structured as possible.

In the competitive market of life coaching, if you want to mark your territory, you need to come up with a solid business plan. You need to know your :

  • Specialization,
  • The services you will offer to your audience,
  • Your strategies,
  • Any challenges you’re likely to face, and their possible solutions.

You also need to study your competitors’ business models and pricing strategies before you begin planning to build your life coaching business.

Once you exactly are aware of your business plan, you can begin with crafting your professional life coaching website. Where you will allow people to know you better, and get connected to you as their mentor. 

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STEP #5: Market your life coaching business

As a life coaching expert, you will also have to prepare a strong marketing strategy to sell courses online.

Marketing your life coaching business online is the most crucial step toward generating more revenue.

This will particularly help you find people who’d be interested in your coaching course within your existing network.

sell life coaching online

Successful life coaching experts on Graphy also believe in having a strong website and marketing plan to sell courses online for your business. 

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sell life coaching online

Encourage testimonials

Testimonials are a great source of marketing wherein a person usually associates a positive testimonial with value.

Life coaches on Graphy ask their students to rate them as professional coaches and encourage them to leave reviews on their websites.

On Graphy, they also get the added advantage of managing these testimonials i.e they can show only the testimonials they think are genuine and honest that others can read before signing up for their coaching course as learners.

Conduct events and webinars

Experts on our platform like to connect one-on-one with their audience to guide them better as their life coaches.

They usually send out emails or push notifications to their contact list to provide them with information about such webinars or events happening on the website.


To sell life coaching online courses is a strong business opportunity. As it offers you to generate income for yourself by doing something noble – helping others.

We are certain that the above step-by-step guide will help you start and run your life coaching business successfully.

We need to remember that the life coaching business gets more attention with an online presence.

Thus, the platform you choose to build your business can not be compromised. 

sell life coaching online

With $50 million in revenue earned by creators, 5 million users enrolled, and 3000+ success stories, Graphy is changing the dynamics of online teaching/coaching.

In case you are an existing or a new life coach who wants to start an online business and is looking for the best way to grow, then you should consider Graphy. Choose Graphy for its beautifully designed, mobile-friendly & responsive branded website and mobile application. As a result, it will bring you more leads & conversions for your online business.

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