In this blog, we will discuss the key elements of how to teach a language online to get started with an online language teaching business of your own.

-Create, market, and sell online course

If you are a language expert whose resolution this year is to teach more students globally, you have come to the right place!

There has been a massive spike in the e-learning industry, which has escalated a rise in online courses.

These online courses are now considered a full-fledged educational product that covers almost every industry imaginable.

GlobeNewswire, one of the world’s largest newswire distribution networks, says the e-learning market is estimated to be valued at $457.8 billion by 2026.

While there is a huge demand to teach languages to students all over the world, teaching one online can be a little confusing when you are starting initially.

This is why I have prepared this guide for you.

This guide is best for anyone who is looking to create and sell courses online, regardless of their level of experience.

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Read it till the end to understand the important elements required to teach a language online.

So, without any more delay, let’s get started!

Key to how to teach a language online

Create a solid work plan

Setting a solid work plan that represents a proper roadmap to achieve your career goals is very important.

Athletes plan their everyday workouts to accomplish their fitness goals. Music producers plan their arrangements before producing songs. 

Similarly, to teach a language online, you will be required to envision your goals and plan out the process to achieve them.

create a solid work plan

Visualize your future online class, list down short-term and long-term goals for your online teaching business. Decide on topics to cover, prepare a list of online resources and tools you will use to engage with students, pricing models, and more. Use the list of information to create a guiding document to teach a language online.

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Pick out the right tools

Enrich online teaching by incorporating different methods and the right set of tools required to bring variety to your course materials.

Figure out if you want to record videos for your lessons. In such a case, you’d require tools to edit and make changes to your recordings. Tools like:

  • A tripod stand, 
  • A microphone, and 
  • A video editing tool.

If you wish to add presentations to your online class, you will be required to use software like Microsoft Office or Google slides that allows you to prepare them.

You will have to familiarize yourself with the different digital tools that are essential for you to teach a language online to your students.

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Craft your ideal website idea

A great website is very essential to set the right impression about your online teaching business amongst your students.

You need to study your competition and find out what can work the best for your language course.

If you are not tech or design-savvy, you can choose Graphy to provide you with all the support you need.

With Graphy, you can design and deliver highly secured and scalable branded websites and mobile applications along with good tech support so you can chuck your worries related to course creation.

build a branded website and mobile app

teach a language online

Choose the right platform

While finding a website most suitable to your needs as an online course creator, you need to consider a platform that allows you to present your content in the best way possible.

The right platform should allow you to add whichever type of content you want to your course bundle. Your priority is to look for a platform that has multi-layer security features so that your content and detailed information are safe. The platform should prevent your content to get piracy and unauthorized accessibility.

It should also provide backend, technical, and marketing support to contribute to your growth as an online course creator.

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But with so many options for course creation platforms in the market, I would not be surprised if you get confused about which one to pick.

But don’t worry! I’ll share a golden pick with you.

Successful course creators worldwide choose Graphy as their platform to create and sell courses online that are of high quality and profitability.

teach a language online

Graphy is the best course creation platform that is packed with advanced tools that allow creators to host webinars, LIVE sessions, and incorporate different media and resources such as video, audio, presentations, SCORM, and more to make courses more engaging and interesting through their branded website and mobile application.

With Graphy, you don’t necessarily require any tech knowledge to develop a unique course website of your own. Thus making the platform more time-saving, cost-effective, and also enabling you to market and sell courses online.

teach a language online

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Launch your online courseGet the ball rolling!Bring your unique personality live and present your course in front of an audience who are keen to learn from you.Make sure that your online course is easy to grasp and engaging.

You can spread the news about your online course to your audience across all your active social media platforms.

You can use an innovative method like a webinar launch to get started. 

Such a method can help you to create an environment of trust amongst learners who will get to know more about the course’s value and then make a decision to purchase your course.

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Market your online course

A lot of online creators stop thinking about keeping their income flowing through the online course once their courses are LIVE.

You need to understand the power of targeting the right audience and generating leads. And strive to get more learners even after the launch of your course.

After all, this is exactly why you have started this online course in the first place – to get a good stream of income.

You can run:

  • Early bird discounts, 
  • Run social media ads, 
  • Email potential learners, 
  • Run an affiliate program, 
  • Create a sales page and many more. 

You can also use testimonials as social proof to run your marketing campaigns.

teach la anguage online

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Make the right use of available platforms and ensure that you are engaging with your audience in the best possible way.

And last but not least…

Relax! And let Graphy do the work for you.

If you’re going to invest your time building a course, you should choose a platform that encourages your potential towards becoming a successful online creator and educator.

While starting to teach a language online one can get a little exhausted, but the benefits you will experience along the way will kick all your double thoughts and doubts away.

Choose Graphy to kick start your career as a successful online creator!

teach a language online

Use Graphy’s fully branded platform to design, launch, and sell courses online to students globally.

Conduct LIVE sessions with your students for real-time interactions and solve their doubts seamlessly.

Use Graphy’s in-built community feature to engage better with your students and expand your online community. Use features like:

  • Whiteboard, 
  • Q&A, 
  • Conduct assignments, 
  • Answer emails, 
  • Start a discussion, and more

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Excellent benefits of Graphy

Multiple Payment Options

Charge payments in multiple currencies or implement country-specific pricing to collect 100% payment via various national and international payment options.

Outstanding Course Format 

Include video, audio, PDF, assignments, LIVE classes, quizzes, forms, and more to bring variety to your lessons.

teach a language online

Excellent Marketing Functionality

Use bulk coupon code generators, blogs, affiliate programs, refer and earn programs, online wallets, credit systems, etc to accelerate your marketing strategy.

Don’t be skeptical and confused, rather trust your gut.

We are sure you will be able to shine as an online creator and educator if you hold the right hand throughout.
Join Graphy today and check out how we can be the perfect choice for you in your journey towards becoming the best in what you do.

teach a language online

creator use graphy, join them