Whether or not the stereotype is true, yogis are often considered as less tech-savvy. As a matter of fact, if you are the one & want to teach yoga online, you don’t even have to worry about being tech-savvy. 

Yoga is all about detaching from the world & being rooted at the moment. Being a yoga instructor, that’s where your major focus should be. 

Just by putting in a little time and effort towards choosing a course platform that works for you & creating content that works for your clients, you would be good to go! 

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Why You Should Be Teaching Yoga Online In 2020

Yoga has shown the potential of having developed an incredible online community. You might have already witnessed this sudden rise of yoga & fitness online on Instagram and YouTube. It won’t be surprising to know, these instructors are being able to reach millions of people every single day. 

So why do you think it’s happening? Well,…

  1. Students are able to connect with their favourite instructors without timing being a limitation. 
  2. Instructors are able to grow exponentially by connecting with a global community.

Conducting online yoga classes allow you to build a yoga business free from the constraint of a brick-and-mortar studio. Not just that, it puts you in charge and gives you space to focus on helping your audience.

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When you launch your own online yoga platform, you blissfully get exposed to tons of other benefits too:

  1. Bring together a global community under one virtual roof who commit to better health, happiness, and peace of mind.
  2. Gain location independence by conducting live classes & creating videos irrespective of where you are.
  3. Generate passive income by earning money while you sleep, eat, stretch & repeat.
  4. Influence an endless number of people to lead a better life. 
  5. Earn money from the posts you create and share when you Monetize Social Media.

Let’s take a closer look at what that is…

What Is An Online Yoga Institute (And Why Should You Start One)?

Online yoga institutes are like your branded online studio where you launch online yoga courses, conduct webinars & take online live classes. A one-stop virtual place where you can offer premium yoga content to your followers for a recurring fee/ One-time fee.

Simply put:

You create your online yoga course website where you either stream it live or upload videos & make it available 24*7. Either way, it’s a website where you upload all of your yoga resources, tutorials, and ideas.

A course platform like Graphy will help you: 

  1. Build an Online Yoga Institute to create, sell & market Yoga courses.
  2. Build an Online yoga community.
  3. Launch your Yoga course app on android & iOS play store.

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How to Create Your Online Yoga Studio- 4 things to know

In this section, I’ll provide you with a summarised overview of creating your own online yoga studio:

By reflecting on these points, you’ll be able to cultivate an online yoga business which is scalable yet impactful.

1. Reflect On The Niche You Want To Teach

If you happen to be a yoga teacher with lots of hours on the mat, you must be having a good idea of the kind of content that resonates best with your community.

Hence, when you’re moving your business online, you must establish a clear niche for your business. Figure out an area of expertise that will help you stand out from your competitors. 

  1. Are you especially inclined towards mindfulness?
  2. Do you aim at educating students about the nuances of Yoga to help them create their own flows?
  3. Is pre- or post-natal yoga your strong pursuit?

Please remember there is no right or wrong answer. It’s all about your passion, expertise & objective. 

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2. Create A Few Videos To Discover Your Style

Once you are sure of being an online Yoga instructor, experiment a little.  

Dedicate some time to trying out multiple ways of approaching a camera & developing your style which feels comfortable to you! 

You can create a good mix of Live Classes & Pre Recorded Video lectures. If you choose Graphy, you get the support of multimedia course content.

3. Create Your Online Yoga Institute

Your online course website is the storefront for your online yoga institute. It’s a virtual platform where your prospect will visit to check out what you have to offer & decide if it suits their requirement & pocket. 

Hence, it’s imperative that you create a course website that is branded, easy to navigate & attractive. Don’t sweat about doing all those hard work all by yourself. Sign up with a course platform that does exactly this for professionals like you. 

Graphy, for example, gives you the inbuilt tools to make your whole course creation journey a cakewalk. The best part is, you have complete flexibility & control over its appearance. 

4. Create A User Funnel To Build Your Community

Your user funnel is a comprehensive well-defined system that works at constantly bringing in new people into your community & then turning them into paying customers.

After your initial hard work, having a user funnel will give you peace of mind. You will have in place a constant stream of new potential learners visiting your course platform & buying your courses.

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At a very basic level, a user funnel works like this.

Your prospects:

Coming Across Your Brand  > Visiting your site > Your Product/Course Trial > Paying Subscriber

As per my research into online yoga instructors, this approach seems to be working pretty effective:

  1. Share your content by publishing them on Instagram and YouTube.
  2. Create a strong brand message to drive your audience to your website.
  3. You can offer a free trial or give away a few lessons for free.
  4. Contact people who cancel their free trial or their paying membership.

Before you begin, check this step by step guide of creating your first online course.

And, Relax…

Phew! This sounds like a lot to work through, right?

Now that you have the limitless potential of teaching yoga online, just take one step at a time without getting overwhelmed.