In this article, you will have a clear idea of how to write strong blog content that actually shares your views and stands out from other articles on the web.

Blogging supports multiple purposes like enabling you to prove yourself as an authority in your niche. When you start a blog, you have the opportunity to highlight your expertise and build a community.

Written content is an essential component of a blog post. Whether you want to start a blog from scratch or remodify your blog page, know that publishing content online is an effective way to share your knowledge.

Here, we will make you understand how to write a blog post – from choosing the proper blog topics to selecting the appropriate format to publish the blog. 

But enough of that – let’s hop on today’s episode. 

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How to write a blog post – 7 step process

1. Brainstorm blog topics

Before writing a blog post, you need to brainstorm on topics you wish to write about and the content that you love to consume online write on those topics. Whether you’re a guest blogger or have your website, finding the correct subject is a must. Relatively try to find the ideal topics by writing down different thoughts that come to mind.

There are several places you can look for new topic ideas:

  • Browse blog topics within your niche and see what your competitors are writing.
  • Research and look at current events and recent news stories related to your field.
  • Use Google Trends to find out trending topics and get new topics ideas.

Find out what your audiences enjoy knowing by browsing online course marketplaces.

Once you find some interesting blog topics ideas online, think of unique ways to write on those topics. Evaluate the various ways you can play around with topic ideas and then come up with original and fresh content.

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2. Use keyword research to search the topic

Keyword search is an essential part of writing a blog post. This crucial SEO practice determines how to search the topics in your niche. To succeed, one must conduct keyword research to get more visibility. Use different keyword research tools to search keywords. If you’re new to blogging, use free tools such as answer the public, ubersuggest, and google keyword planner. While conducting keyword research, look for the more specific phrase it will match your audience’s goal. On the other hand, long-tail keywords tend to have higher search volumes.

However, choosing the right keywords means hitting a balance between high search volume and your purpose. Once you’ve selected your keywords, use them to shape the layout of your content. You can also google those phrases to find out how articles have targeted such keywords. It will inspire you and help you to structure your writing using keywords.

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3. Create an outline for your blog

It is a must and a necessary step before you start writing your blog. However, when done well and having a framework in place allows you to concentrate on word choice and flow while you’re writing. More significantly, an outline helps to keep checking all the crucial points in your post in a rational order. While creating an outline, you can include:

  • All the major headings and sub-headings you wanted to have in your post.
  • Add bullet points for each section, describing what ideas and topics it will have.
  • Add key images and links wherever required.

It also helps to do some analysis during the outlining stage.

Finally, it’s essential to determine that your outline is your key tool. It is a primary road map to refer to when you are writing a blog post.

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4. Start writing the blog post

Actually seating down to write a blog post is an innovative and creative process. Everyone has a different approach overall.

Here are a few suggestions that will help you with how to write a blog post

  • Don’t think of doing self-editing while you’re writing the first draft. You will get plenty of time to go back and make changes. Just get all your ideas down from your brain.
  • Aim to write more words rather than too little. You can always later trim down your written content.
  • This is an important tip, always write your blog’s introduction and conclusion at the last. As writing an introduction takes a lot of time. However, when your entire post is ready, you have a better idea of how to best open and close the blog.

When you are a beginner and confused about how to write a blog post, these tips will boost you to kick-start your writing game.

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5. Edit your first draft

It is the step where a lot of bloggers struggle especially beginners. The biggest mistake many people do is they write a blog post, check on its spelling mistakes, and hit the publish button.

Editing is not about spelling checks, it is way beyond it.

However, your blog post’s quality improves through an intensive editing process. Your first edit is called a rough draft, and you have to go through this process how much experience you have.

Here’s a summary of the most essential guidance you’ll want to keep in mind:

  • Don’t edit right after you’ve finished writing. Take some time, ideally a day or so.
  • Watch out for the basics, spelling, and grammar errors. It may look simple, but it takes time and shows your credibility.
  • Edit the entire post, and look over images, formats, and links. 
  • Give your post a final proofread and final read-through.

You should also keep in mind never to devote too much time to the editing and polishing process.

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6. Optimize for SEO

To include SEO in your blog, having an SEO plan is a must to optimize your content. It includes doing keyword research before the outline phase and including those keywords to shine your final piece.

It begins with spraying relevant keywords throughout your article.

Let’s explain to you in this way – you’ve selected to target the keyword “business strategies.” Use this identical phrase in your headline, in the body text, and in 1-2 subheaders as if it is a natural fit. Next, include this keyword in your meta description. It is the preview text you’ll see for articles on Google. Add the keywords to the URL of your writing and in the alt text to the blog post’s images. Use these SEO features to give your blog an overall performance growth. 

SEO is one of the essential elements when you are learning how to write a blog post.  

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7. Promote the final article

Once you’ve written and posted the blog post, take these essential steps to make sure your audiences read your post. Two of the most useful ways to boost your blog post and get readers are email marketing and social media marketing.

Email stays one of the most dedicated platforms for marketing, as it allows direct contact channels between you and your audience. It is a practical digital marketing strategy that involves sending out customized emails to users, and this helps them to convert audiences into loyal fans. You can even monetize your audience through your email by launching an info product using Graphy.

how to write a blog post

Also sharing your article on social media can help you target more audiences who are interested in reading your blogs. For example, you can promote your blog on Facebook or Instagram, which have one of the largest and most diverse user bases. Whichever channels you prefer, make sure you actively confront followers daily basis. It will assure that you not only write a great blog post but people also love reading your article.

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The key takeaway

These 7 are the most effective steps for beginners on how to write a blog post. Make sure you follow these steps, correct grammar, and have a consistent tone inside your blog. It is the key to maintaining reader attention. Finally, remember that blogging is all about passion, so show your love through your writing.

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