In this blog, let us discuss how to make your reels go viral using Instagram reel hashtags.

Are you using Instagram Reels hashtags to make your videos go viral? If you have not yet started, start immediately. Use hashtags and tell your audience about your content. Hashtags help make your social media content more visible and popular. Yet, Instagram reels are new. But still, adding hashtags to your Instagram Reels enhances your content.

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If you are facing a hard time getting reach and engagement on your reel. Then it’s time to play with your hashtags. Then stop worrying. We are here to help you recommend trending and viral hashtags. That will bring engagement.

Well, in this article, we will discuss and share with you 65 Instagram Reels hashtags ideas. If you want to get more views, likes, comments, and followers, then the Instagram Reels hashtag is the best way.

So let us get started.

Top 65 Instagram Reels Hashtags

Here, let’s discuss these hashtags that can help you go viral. But first, let’s understand what reels are.

What are Instagram reels?

Instagram Reels is a new feature of Instagram. Instagram Reels are for creating short-form video content. In Instagram Reels, you can share creators’ stories in the Reels tab. Creators can add hashtags to their Instagram Reels. This helps to draw the right viewers to the right content. This new Instagram feature is exceptional for Instagram influencers.

Here are the top 65+ Instagram Reels Hashtags for you. Check them out. 

Here, let us discuss the most popular Instagram reels hashtags. Using the right hashtags is a painless way for viewers to find your content. Hashtags are the best thing on social media these days.

Let’s discuss the top 65+ Instagram Reels hashtags you can use to help you go viral.

Monetize your skills using Instagram


Where to find the best Instagram reels hashtag ideas

Here are six key ways to find Instagram Reels hashtags and thoughts to make your content pop.

Find the best Instagram Reels hashtags to use by tapping the magnifying glass icon. It will bring up the search function of trending videos that are popular on Instagram.

Instagram search location

You can tap the topics at the top of the screen to see videos here. Enter you can enter a keyword in the search bar for hashtags, users, and sounds.

In this search, you get to see:

  • On top: Here you can search the top results for your search term which may be different based on your app use.
  • On accounts: Here, search for the most relevant accounts based on your search.
  • On tags: Hear search for the most relevant and popular hashtags based on your search term.
  • Places: Here you can search for the most relevant locations near you based on your search term.

Competitor Research

Another way is by recognizing the most popular social media influencers and brands. It is a better method of finding hashtag ideas if you look for influencers or brands. Once you see them, take a look at their videos. What hashtags are they and how are they using them? Anything you can find out about your competitors will help you.

Monetize your skills using Instagram


Other Social Networks

Instagram Reels is a clever way to scale to the top. With our Instagram hashtag generator, you get some ideas. Use other social networks to research popular hashtags right from the platform.

Social Listening

Social listening and social media monitoring are vital. Well, if you want to get useful information from a very targeted audience. The significant thing about social listening tools is that they apply data to hashtags. Using the right social media, you can stay ahead of your competitors.

Why use hashtags on Instagram reels

First of all, hashtags can help your content. These could be either general or targeted, niche, or brand-specific hashtags. This type of hashtag can help boost interest in your content. Hashtags help to grow your following on Instagram. But there’s no point in your brand if you’re filling it with people who aren’t interested in it. 

When you use the correct hashtags on your Instagram Reels, your posts can be seen by people and they may be interested in buying your products. Even if they follow you, getting your content viewed is more likely to recall your brand. Also, do you know that Instagram has more than 1 billion monthly active users? 

With so many users on the platform, getting your content to the right people is challenging. Thus, hashtags help to do the process. Instagram organizes and collects your posts. It helps to increase your chances with the people who want to see them.

Monetize your skills using Instagram


Do Hashtags work on reels?

The answer to this question is yes, Instagram reels hashtags work on reels. Like the post, users can see trending Instagram Reels on the explore page. Generally, 50% of total users check the explore page for new content. Yet, any business or individual can use trending hashtags for Instagram Reels. They can do it in their niche to get more followers. Use them to gain more views, likes, and comments. Thus, a hashtag for Instagram Reels is a free marketing tool for everyone to use. 

How to create Instagram reels videos

Making, sharing, and viewing Instagram Reels videos are easy and simple. When you have the correct information to share with your audience. 

Here is how to build your Instagram Reels video in 3 steps.

Shoot & edit your video

Go to the camera option on Instagram. Then go to the Reels option.

Make sure to select background music. And you can even record your music or use the Instagram library. Now, you will set the timer. Like in stories, you can use the features of Reels to add special effects.

Then shoot your video. You can also use the speed-up or slow-down option for selected clips.

Monetize your skills using Instagram



After creating your Instagram Reels video, you need to share it. Reels have many sharing options. Reels are shareable on the Instagram Explore Page. You can see it on Instagram Stories, Account Feeds, etc. 

You can post your reel on your Instagram account, add a hashtag, and tag many friends. You can post your Instagram reel on your feed for higher visibility. Instagram has released this feature. They are giving Reels a large boost in organic reach. The Instagram Explore Page showcases Reels at the top. 

To gain the most visibility, you should set your account to “public”. You can also publish your Instagram Reels on your account feed. Digital marketers are using this strategy to reach a broader target audience. 

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Start watching

Once your Instagram Reel is uploaded, both of your followers will be able to see it. This is possible only if you have a public account. Also, on the Explore Page, your reel has higher changes. Your Instagram Reels go under Instagram hashtags, sounds, and effects.

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