In this article, we’ll share with you all about membership sites and how to launch your membership site using Graphy.

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Are you an online course creator and wish to have to launch your membership site for your business? This can be a good idea to bring your initial inflow of members and will give your membership acceleration for months and years. However, building a successful membership site takes skill and planning. Fortunately, you can use the Graphy platform to create a membership site. Graphy is a great platform for creating and running a membership site for beginners.

Membership sites are different from traditional online courses. And, creating a membership site on Graphy can be an excellent way to scale your business.

The fundamental factor is to launch a successful membership site using the Graphy platform.

Let’s take a deep dive in.

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4 most successful steps to launch your membership site

Don’t be scared, we’ve got you covered with a step-by-step plan to ensure your launch is a success.

1) Research your target audience

Research and know your target audience before creating a marketing plan for an online course. It is an essential step before you launch your membership site. Don’t skip this step, instead know how to do audience research. 

Let’s start with audience personas. Know your audience’s age, demographics, and interests, and then accordingly laser-target your audience with your course and products.

Refining is a crucial addition in this step.

If you continuously keep refining and reshaping personas, it will help you to grow your business by 166% month-to-month. When you have already done this process, the next step is to create your map.

Create a visual map that is easy for you to step forward to launch your membership site. Finally, use the map to create your marketing and content plan.

Launch your membership site

Got Your Content Ready? GRAPHY is all you need to get started!

2) Outline the content of the membership

Using the Graphy platform, you could include

  • Live doubt coaching calls
  • Doubt clearing sessions
  • Blogs & guides
  • Recorded & live videos
  • Webinars
  • Podcasts
  • White papers
  • Case studies
  • Mini-courses

As per your need, you could create an online course for every module on your membership site. If you are curious about providing value and building a thriving community around your brand, you should create a membership site. It’s a great way to define your authority & expertise in your niche.

After outlining of course content, the next is to set up your membership site.

Launch your membership site

Got Your Content Ready? GRAPHY is all you need to get started!
launch your membership site

3) Set up your site

Now you are ready with your course and have planned the course outline, the next step is to sign up for a free Graphy trial. When done, you will get an automated mail to set up your actual site and then go to products and click membership.

We think membership is the ideal online business model for an online course creator because it offers members good benefits and improved results.

However, you can customize the site as you want to look. Make your site appealing and use a proper framework to add lessons. When your formate is ready, now add a few pieces of content to get started. Add videos, text & downloads, etc inside your posts.

The site is customizable. In case, running out of time, use the pre framework that is already present. Using such frameworks you will save a lot of your time.

However, check out all the elements you want to add to your membership site: your website, emails, webinars and membership events, lead magnets, private forums, and a free app to stay connected. All these features are at no extra cost. Also, you can edit your logo, and course page and make them customized.

Launch your membership site

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4) Set up your checkout page and get paid:

It is the final step but the most crucial step for creating your membership site.

So are you ready for it?

First, set up your bank account. Make your account with automatic deposits when enrollments start. Now, sell your ready offer. Use recurring payments so Graphy will charge your members without you worrying.

It is one of the most beneficial ways to sell your membership site is by offering subscription trials. Offering free trials give you the authority to tackle your customers and also understand their needs.

Now let’s discover the benefits of having a membership site and its usefulness as an online creator.

Launch your membership site

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What are the foremost benefits of a membership site for business

A membership site is an ideal way to offer exclusive content to your customers. It can act as a place to sell digital products like eBooks and courses for your members. So creating a membership site for your business has endless benefits. And as an online content creator, one must opt for it. To launch your membership site, it is also necessary to know the usefulness and benefits of the membership site.

Now, let’s learn about the benefits of having a membership site for your business. And listen to what Graphy experts talk about membership benefits, so keep reading the post.

Launch your membership site

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Helps to provide exclusive content and information 

Every business has premier content and information that can be shared with members. Through a membership site, you can provide an exclusive eBook for members to download, videos and audios of webinars, eBooks with special tips on using specific lessons. Your content you can share in the form of lessons that are quick to learn and understand.

Launch your membership site

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Helps to build relationships with customers and prospects 

To build a network and relationship it is a must to use a membership site. A membership site builds relationships with customers because it is the place where they get help and feel comfortable. Also, you can create a forum where they can share and communicate with each member and you. It is a great way to build a deep connection and rapport.

Provide the possibility to generate a recurring revenue system

Another great benefit of having a membership site is that it can provide the chance to build recurring revenue streams. This is especially important because you want your business to be profitable. By offering some monthly or yearly subscription fees for your membership site, you’ll be able to yield a lot of income over time. Your members will pay this fee on a monthly or yearly basis that you can decide and also provide options to them. Also if required members can renew or cancel their subscriptions as per their needs.

Help to deliver value to clients

Membership builds a relationship and the reason behind the valuable connection is they get value each time. That’s because, within a membership site, you can create courses with content that builds and allows you to go much deeper than you could. Share some introductory courses or mini-courses with the members, that they were looking for. It will showcase you as a leader and deliver value to your royal members.

Limiting access to your stellar content with a membership site can be one of the best ways to improve the value of your top-notch expertise.

As you can see, a membership site on Graphy can be extremely powerful. Launch your membership site today and start creating valuable content for your members. It’s a great way to create a recurring revenue system for your business. As you know, using Graphy to build your online course foundation was so comfortable and easy. So, relax and create your membership sites with Graphy without having any second thoughts.