If you are a course creator, this blog will help you discover the top 5 tools to market your online course.

Sell online courses in 2022

If you thought creating an online course was the most challenging part, then you are unfortunately wrong. Even if you have curated the best online course for your target audience that you know will help them achieve their goals, one major problem that still stands strong is visibility. 

How are you going to reach out to your potential buyers? 

There are thousands of online courses available in the market, and adding just another won’t make any difference. Instead, you require dedicated marketing tools that help you scale your online score and minimize your time to complete any tasks.

Marketing tools are tools that businesses use to promote their product or services. As an online course creator, you will require platforms that help you capture leads and further transform them into paying customers. 

Let’s understand the benefits of using marketing tools for promoting your online course-

  • Marketing tools enhance personalization by offering segmentation where you send only relevant information to your audience. 
  • Such tools help you collect, segment, and analyze your customer’s data by offering insightful customer data at your fingertips. 
  • Marketing tools enhance customer experience by going beyond personalization. It tells what your customers like, where they are mostly present, and what they expect from any touchpoint.
  • These tools are quite easy to use; even if you do not know about marketing, this platform will help you nurture your leads to convert them.

 This article will discuss the top 5 marketing tools that you can use to scale your online course.

Best 5 tools to market your online course 

Here is the list of some incredible marketing platforms that you should definitely use while marketing your online course. 


Inbound marketing has proven to be the most effective marketing option for all businesses, including selling your online course. However, the most common objection that businesses face here is that it takes them a lot of time and various software to be able to effectively do inbound marketing. 

And this is where Hubspot can help you. 

 Hubspot is an easy-to-use CRM that helps businesses maximize their inbound marketing efforts. It is ranked one of the best inbound marketing platforms worldwide and serves more than 135k customers spread across 120 countries. 

The platform provides tools for almost everything you can think of when running inbound marketing campaigns. This includes lead capture, content creation, customer relationship management, performance tracking, and sales mapping. 

Hubspot provides all this under an all-in-one centralized platform. So, you don’t really need hundreds of applications to market your online course; you can get all your work done under a single platform. 

Hubspot’s Workflow tab can save you countless hours by automating tasks and systems. For instance, you can build an email list on any criteria for your online course, from different buying personas to awareness levels. 

The Hubspot platform is all about simplifying tasks and making your inbound marketing plan successful. The most dreadful part of any marketing campaign is analyzing numbers, which is also covered by HubSpot, where you can get data on all aspects of marketing campaigns for your online course. 

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Video marketing refers to using video for promoting your product or service. Statistics show that videos help businesses increase traffic by 51%, sales by 34%, and brand awareness by 70%. Therefore, an online course creator should definitely try their hands-on curating videos that help their audience, aka students, better understand how this specific course can help them. 

Videos are a more personalized way of engaging with your audience, and you can post them on your website, social media, Youtube, and even free training sessions. It helps you stand out from your competitors and get more exposure and engagement. 

One such tool that can help you create stunning videos is Invideo. It is a powerful online video editing tool with over 5000+ customizable templates, a music library, 8 million iStock media, transitions, filters, and many more. Using this, you can create content for your Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, IGTV, and other media channels. 

Invideo works well for creators who want to make quick videos without compromising quality and user experience. Using its convert text to video tool, you can turn your articles and social media posts in just a single click with context-matching images, 50+ themes, and a natural-sounding voice that reads out the words. 


Email marketing is still quite relevant and is used by every nine out of ten marketers. So, if you want to reach your customers in real-time and in the most personalized manner, you need to adopt an email marketing software that’s easy to use and affordable.

And the only name that’s ringing in our head right now is Convertkit. 

ConvertKit is an excellent email marketing tool dedicatedly built for content creators. It helps professionals create landing pages and sell products over emails.

The platform has an extremely easy-to-use interface. It offers 4 unique modules on the dashboard, including subscribers, automation, landing pages, forms, and broadcasts. Here, you can see the number of people subscribed to your list, automate emails, create landing pages and send broadcasts to your subscribers. 

Using Convertkit, you can create drip campaigns, where a series of emails are sent over a period of time after a subscriber joins a list. The process isn’t tedious at all. You can drag-and-drop emails to create your campaign messages. 

Convertkit also offers editable landing pages, where you can upload images, change colors, and alter text without writing any codes. This landing also supports lead management and sign-up forms to get higher engagement and collect user email ids. 


There is no doubt that social media is necessary to reach your target audience; however, keeping up with regular posting and engaging with customers’ base together becomes tiring and time-consuming. And that’s why we have Hootsuite on the list.

Hootsuite is an incredible social media management channel, where you can manage all your customer care channels, including social media, SMS, Whatsapp, LIve, all under one platform. With Hootsuite, you can review customer responses, post updates, and connect your potential customers on over 35 popular social media platforms, including Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Foursquare, WordPress blogs, and many others. 

As course creators, you can use Hootsuite to engage with your customers effectively and get insights on how these platforms are working for you. Each week, Hootsuite will send you an email that will contain information on the number of clicks per day, geographical information on people clicking on it, most popular links, and top referrers. 


Before launching your online course, you have to start creating engaging content for your target audience, so that they already know about you and trust your skills. But, it can take you a lot of your time searching for content. That’s where BuzzSumo comes into the picture. 

Buzzsumo is an online content marketing company that can discover thousands of topics around your domain with just a click. The platform scrawls through your competitors’ websites to identify content that has received the most attention. Using this, you can create your content calendar and start posting content without worrying about the topics. 

Not just this, you can also collaborate with industry influencers who can help market your online course. For example, through Buzzsumo, you can search employees of a specific organization through their Twitter for easy outreach. 

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Wrapping up

These were the most popular marketing tools that you should definitely use when promoting your course. The motive for adopting these apps is getting your job done quickly without hiring professionals and spending hours learning all the technical stuff. 

And, if you are looking for a platform where you build your online course, there is nothing better than Graphy. Graphy is an all-in-one online course platform to create, market & sell your online courses. You can schedule your class, host live sessions, and create resources for students. Online creators can also launch their website and mobile app through Graphy without coding. 

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