Financial Year 20-21 has come to an end. In 2020, when the Pandemic hit, it felt like the end of the world. However, it also turned into an era of discovering Ed-Tech superpowers. 

When the lockdown announced, like everyone, we were also intimidated & concerned about the safety of everyone in the team. Hence, till the end of 2020, we at SPAYEE worked remotely. Some of us chose to work from up, in the quaint hills, while some of us chose to stay within the four walls and immersed ourselves into the work.

When all of us met again in the beginning of 2021, 

A team of Four had become Forty.

A client base of a Hundred had become a Thousand

An office space of two rooms turned into a 10X bigger space. 

The name SPAYEE turned from a lesser known brand into being covered by almost ALL of the major publications.

And this goes on…….

Hence, when all of us met each other after working virtually, we were in for a treat.

And this time, the treat couldn’t be limited to a lot of food, music, conversations & booze!

We deserved more.

Hence, SPAYEE took all of us for a super fun weekend getaway.

Brownie points for guessing it right!

That’s correct!

We went to the Jim Corbett National Park for a two day fun-filled trip. 

Whether it is a lush embrace of greenery, a turquoise river surrounded by a peaceful setting, the most luxurious of a resort, or the humblest of walks — the world of travel is certainly very beautiful. And especially if you couple it up with a team who are as good as friends and the co-founders who are as cool as our college seniors, it only becomes enchanting to the core! 

We were leaving on Saturday morning, hence we couldn’t help but be overwhelmed and elated throughout the Friday. 

Day 1:

We met at sharp 6 AM the next morning. 

That’s right, all of us actually made it to 6 AM. Including the ones who constantly use the snooze button and have a morning zombie routine. You could sense the excitement in our eyes!

Spayee Team

The thrill started with us hopping on the privately booked bus. The 7-8 hour ride took us to the Jim Corbett tucked in the state of Uttarakhand. 

The journey was all about playing our fav songs on the loudest speaker & dancing to its beats. 

We took a pitstop for breakfast on the way & then finally reached our destination for the weekend.

Kunkhet Valley Resort is a beautifully nested place amid a jungle, away from the hustle & bustle of a city like Delhi (NCR). Upon reaching we could feel what’s called a relaxing & reviving place where you could just rejuvenate and feel all close to nature

We were served a welcome drink, followed by a lip-smacking lunch. Who does not love a seven-course meal followed by absolutely delicious desserts?

Eventually, we got to see our assigned rooms & what a beauty it was. 

Guess what followed next?

A cricket match! We could see the happiness in the eyes of the winning team. 

But, wait! Who doesn’t enjoy a live cricket match, right?

The rest of the evening had every element that you would want on a 10 on 10 trip. From dancing to the beats of fav Bollywood songs, sitting by the mesmerizing river and feeling the breeze, having drinks to making fun of the stupidest life experiences, we have had it all.

Rest of the evening was all about Fun, Food & Laughter. 

Who doesn’t bond over the campfire and never-ending stories.

“We ended the day with a Bang!” is an understatement!

Day 2:

Waking up to this! 😀

Now comes the adventure that we had been waiting for. 

Wildlife Safari! Jim Corbett national park has so much more to offer than magnificent flora & fauna. 

Throughout the whole Safari, we could witness an exquisite piece of beauty which had invited every one of us to discover amazing landscapes with the surprises hidden in the form of wildlife animals!

We somehow couldn’t spot a tiger. But, what we did spot consisted of Jungle Cat, Barking Deer, Elephants, Cheetal, Langurs, and many more! Alongside, we also did bird-watching where we came across Tawny fish owl, Green Bee-Eaters, Red Junglefowl, Crested Serpent Eagles, Kingfishers & much more!

Overall, The place unveiled the new chapters of nature for us.

The whole trip filled our soul & our social media profiles with awe!

Now, we can’t wait to work harder and take a more enthralling trip soon!