Productivity is all about accomplishing more in a limited timeframe, without compromising on the quality. In this blog, we’ll talk about the top productivity hacks for creators.

Do you often feel like you’re constantly juggling tasks on your to-do list but never actually manage to tick them off? If you are feeling conflicted about not being productive in your work, stick along through this post for some smart hacks to put your productivity into overdrive.

Productivity is a habit that all of us are required to master to excel in our careers. Yet, that being said, staying focused isn’t always easy. 

Especially with technology becoming an integral part of our lives and many people being indispensable towards it, it’s quite easy to cave into digital distractions and procrastinate work.

You also need to understand that productivity depends a lot on how you feel. It has nothing to do with the number of tasks you complete. 

You may wake up today to finish off four major tasks listed on your to-do list before the day ends, but because you incorporate smart productivity hacks and complete all of them before evening, you will certainly feel like you have accomplished something. This sense of accomplishment may even drive you to perform better the day tomorrow.

A little planning along with the right routines can be of great help when you are trying to accomplish the goals on your agenda.

Come! Let’s learn how you can be more productive in accomplishing your business goals in a fast-paced environment of online teaching.

You can incorporate these productivity hacks in your daily routine to produce high-quality content with Graphy to market and sell online courses.

Productivity hacks for creators 2022

Productivity Hack #1: Debunk The Myth Of Multitasking

Multitasking is nothing but a myth. In reality, it just means switching tasks in disguise.

Do you go online in between your work to text your friends?

Do you often check your emails during drafting a speech for your next online course?

Well, people who juggle more than one task at the same time, often find it difficult to remain focused. By jumping between two tasks at the same time you’re likely to make more errors in your work which leads to low productivity.

An online creator usually has a lot of things to get done in a short time. They are always on a go-to to get things done. We asked course creators on our platform about how they utilize their time rightly to get their work done within their set timeframes.

Expert course creators on our platform believe that multitasking may be a myth, but most of us may end up multitasking at some point or another. For that reason, they recommend chunking your time.

To simplify, by monotasking, our creators insist on paying attention to one thing at a time and then moving on to another when you’re done. Instead of switching between different tasks in expeditious succession, you can align your attention with your intention for the day.

  • Start your morning to manage your time better.
  • Decide on all the things that are required to be done in a day.
  • Prepare a list of them depending upon the urgency of those tasks.
  • Finally, set a deadline to get it completed within different timeframes.

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Productivity Hack #2: Put The Right Tune On

Based on facts, listening to music while working has proven to provide an edge to creators who are seeking ways to improve their productivity. Research has shown that when you listen to music, your brain releases the ‘FEEL-GOOD’ neurotransmitter commonly known as Dopamine.

Listening to music while working is the best productivity hack that can help you to focus better. You tend to be more productive when you are in your happy place.

However, you need to be quite particular about the genre of music you choose. It is recommended that you avoid playing songs with lyrics in them to remove distractions.

We recommend you to explore commonly preferred genres of music like Ambient, LoFi, Chill, Nature Sounds, and Jazz, to figure out which type of music helps you to maintain your focus and keeps you relaxed in a potentially stressful situation to perform better.

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Productivity Hack #3: Take Breaks To Focus Better

It is imperative to understand that the secret to productivity doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to push yourself to work until you’ve checked off every item on your to-do list.

In reality, working for long hours straight can get you both mentally & physically exhausted causing you to feel demotivated to keep going.

Creators, who have been persistently creating new content on our platform have shared the productivity hacks for creators. As stated by them, they often indulge themselves in quick breaks in between their work hours. They feel that taking breaks during work helps them to avoid mental taxing and provides their mind the time to recover from intense focus.

Take small breaks in between your work to stretch your body a little or walk up to the kitchen to get your water bottle filled. A short interval to chuck the brain fatigue away would essentially help you to come back and work more efficiently.

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Productivity Hack #4: Allocate A Proper Workspace

A cluttered workspace can disrupt your workflow and clutter your mind. You must create a designated workspace that is free of distractions. A lot of online creators like you spend most of their time working from their desks at home.

Researchers believe that exposure to sunlight can boost your mood and improve your productivity. Thus, try to set your desk near a window that can allow the sunlight to get in.

Do you often work late at night?

Is your desk lamp too dim to work under?

In such a case, you should also put thought into investing in good lighting for your workspace.

Online course creators on our platform often conduct hours-long LIVE sessions to interact with their students. Most of our creators’ work requires them to sit on a chair in front of their laptop/computer, that is why they have invested their money to add good sitting support to their workspace.

A productive home office environment takes a lot of experimentation, but you can get started by initiating to add things that are required of you within your set budget.

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Productivity Hack #5: Follow A Work Shutdown Ritual

One of the best habits to develop for optimum productivity is to end your work with a list of things to get done for the next day.

It is usually difficult to stop thinking about work, even after you have set your laptop aside and are done with your work for the day.

By adapting to this nighttime ritual to plan your tasks for tomorrow, you will wake up the next morning with a clear mind and set goals to achieve for the particular day.

It’s a proven method to create momentum to celebrate your progress in your free time, without being worried about figuring out what needs to be done at work.

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To conclude

It’s critical to make the most of each day but you can aim at making the most out of today by joining hands with the best online course creation platform.

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